The one thing that I love about the Newport and Newport XL alphabet is that not only does it feel current, it feels retro. Retro is current, is it not? What once was is always again? And I think we often see that in our children. Is it because of us? Or do the adults of today make consumer variations on what we had and loved as kids? Who’s idea was it to bring back bell bottoms and culottes? ;) If the permed frizzy hair and claw bangs come back, someone will have to answer for that. haha

Today Maggie is sharing a very artistic spread on her daughter and I’m sooooo digging it!



Isn’t that stamped title just amazing?? And I love the sweet addition of definitions from Defined. Wow!

Here’s Maggie to tell us about it.

I had been messing around with a photo editing app on my phone and had created some looks I loved using a photo of my daughter, so I decided to print them all and use them in this spread. I think they look sorta 70s-ish, so I thought it would be cool to design these pages to resemble those awesome 70s/80s-era travel tshirts.

You know the ones…muted earth tones with stripes and a super-cool typeface (like Newport XL!) that always looked a bit worn and vintage-y…even when they were brand new?  

I added my photos to my pages, pulled out the ink colors I wanted to use and got to work.

I started by stamping the “16” (Outnumbered One XL) and then added the “TH” (La Grande) and “happy.” I rarely (read never) measure out my designs so I figured I could adjust my letters to fit on the page, as long as the numbers were placed properly.

After I had stamped each of my numbers/letters, I went back and added a second color to each impression. For some of the letters, I added a different color just slightly offset from the original letter, and for some I inked up only the edges of the stamp with a different color and added it directly to the top of the first stamped image.

A few linear sentiments from Kerri’s Defined set help to add some balance to the decidedly top-heavy design.

Oh yes. I think you nailed the vintage t-shirt vibe, Miss Maggie! What a great idea for stamping!