Today I wanted to talk a little bit about some observations I’ve recently made. The first observation was this mama hen and her twelve chicks. They live, I’m thinking, right by our building since I see them here all the time. The other morning I saw the mother all nestled into the grass and looking rather ‘large’.

Her chicks were all underneath her. Twelve of them.

Did I mention there were twelve???

As I observed this mama hen, eventually a little head popped out. Then it snuck back under. Little by little more and more would pop out, go back and hide, or start venturing out for breakfast.

I’ve observed the nurturing this mama has with her babies. She shoos them along. Shows them where to eat. Fluffs up and flaps wings when cats come near. She’s quite protective of all those little babes.

It’s been amazing watching her and those cute little peeps over the past week.

I was fortunate to have just come back from taking sunrise photos to capture that rare moment to see those chickees come alive. And so the word for this photo was nurture.



I never in a million years would have thought I’d use the THAT….AND MORE stamp from Away for something like this. But when I was looking for a little accent, I saw that phrase and thought it couldn’t be more perfect! Because hello, there are eight more chicks under there. I also used Brooklyn for the title and the Office Tag for my tag..

Now, for my next observation. On social media, I shared this photo–but this is the unedited, uncropped (ya, it’s a word) version.



As you can see I was standing away from mama and babies. I didn’t want to scare them, just observe them. This is close as I could get with my zoom lens. It was also first thing in the morning, the sun was barely up…and this is the shady side, so it wasn’t very bright. Also, I didn’t want to move much, so I just took my chances with settings and did the best I could. Since my camera has a flip out display I could hold my camera down below my waist and shoot.

I took quite a few photos, but this one was my favorite. That one little chick in the center and the one on top just cracked me up!


But when I edited and cropped in using my phone, the photo didn’t look the greatest. I was surprised because on the display of my camera, it looked pretty good. But I’d used Snapseed to edit it…maybe some Pic Tap Go too. Sometimes I flip between apps depending on what I need.

I wasn’t exactly happy that it wasn’t very sharp, but I still adored capturing that moment.

Well, the next day I had a thought. I wondered what would happen if I used my SD card with my computer and crop in. As you can see in the photo above, it made quite a difference! I was so surprised!

I frequently wi-fi photos from my camera to my phone and edit them–which generally is only a little enhancing. I’ve always been happy with how they turned out, but never when I wanted to crop in close. I always thought the blurriness was something I’d done or that the pixels just couldn’t handle that kind of enlargement.

But it’s the apps I’m using.

So now I know that I can’t zoom in close on my phone and expect it to be good. I have to use a computer to do it.

I’m just glad I finally figured it out. haha