If you hadn’t heard the news (haha), I’m in Kauai right now for a little bit while Dan is working on a movie project for our church. We’ve known it might happen for some time, but I would never actually believe it until he actually had a ticket in his hand. ;)

So for some time, I’ve had Iz’s version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow in my head. And oddly, it seems that I’m seeing rainbows everywhere. I’d had plans to make a cool rainbow cut file for our summer fun, but when I started seeing them everywhere, I opted to do something a little different.

Something like this:



It is, of course, the perfect addition to the Kauai  word book I’ve been working on while I’m here. :) Under the Instax photo, I wrote my journaling about the magic of being here.

There are three 3×4 cards, two patterns and this sentiment. You can pick it up HERE.

A little info on the other items used on the left page…Brooklyn SM (title) and Beach Vibes (subtitle). On the right, the background paper is something coming super soon. I also used last week’s Tropical Leaves with the Newport stamps and a phrase from Scenic Little Words.

Additionally, because you know I love the retro art, I made a version of this song as another kit. You can find it HERE and it looks a little something like this:



This will be making it into my book somewhere along the way.

And obviously I had to Minc it in gold. :)