On social media I’ve been sharing pages that I’ve been making while in Kauai. Eventually I will be sharing them all here on my blog as well in one post when I have a nicer setting. ;)

I created some designs–including the freebies–before I left so I could use them here. And one of the things I knew I would want to use are some labels. I just wanted to have a sheet of labels in various sizes that I could print quickly. I mean, I have the Label Maker stamp set, but I love just running off some labels and poof I got ’em. I also love being able to print them and MINC THEM! :)

So today’s Labels freebie is a whole page of the various size of same-style labels. It also has six colors they come in. I chose black, mint and then printed another black and Minc’d them.



They’ve been the perfect addition to this project!

Most of the printables on the right page come from A Travelers Pack: Paradise (not the flowers). I also used the Kramer alphabet to type my Word observation for the page.

Be sure to download the Labels free today, because come midnight, poof!  :)

Now, there’s been another item that I’ve been sharing secretly too. I’ve had this hankerin’ for some time to make a set of papers that are simple background papers. I’m kind of a simple gal and I’m always leafing through all my papers for just some subtleness, often in black or grey.

Much of what I create is a result of a personal need.

Therefore, say hello to Simple Staples.



There are 25 designs, many variations on a theme because you never know what you might need. Options, right? Also included are six colors that coincidentally match the Labels.

And just to show you them in action, here’s some pages I’ve made while here in Kauai. You may have seen them already, but now you know where the paper comes from. ;)





I’m super excited about these Simple Staples. And ya…expect some papers to get Minc’d. ;)