Could someone please tell me where the last three weeks went? Because I swear I only went to Kauai last week. And somehow…I’m home?

How could three weeks go by so fast?

I tell ya what, I’m also working on stamps and I’m usually a little bit out. I’m thinking fall months and that totally blows my mind because summer just started! But if my past three weeks are any indication, summer will be done tomorrow. ;)

And oddly enough, I have a wonderful fall-themed page from Laura that she’s sharing with us  here today!





Laura has used the digital stamps in the most fabulous of ways! The way she’s combined them with the Hello November printable cards is just awesome!

Here Laura is to share all the little details that she’s done.

While I love physical stamps, I find that I tend to use digital stamps way more often in my projects. At first glance, I wasn’t sure how I would use Kerri’s new Homegrown and Plant Life stamp sets, as we’re not big gardening people and we don’t have many flowers in our yard and not a single plant in our house. But what we do have is lots of leaves! 

I was reminded of several photos I had taken shortly after moving into our new house last fall, and I knew I could incorporate some of the new stamps into a layout documenting our wild and leafy tree (and leafy neighborhood!). I started this project with the intention of doing a 6×12″ pocket page spread, so I set out to create 3×4″ and 4×6″ cards to slip into the pockets along with my photos. I eventually decided to turn it into a layout instead, which was so easy to do using these same cards. 

I created a title card by pairing up “wild”, from the Plant Life digital stamp set, with “leafy trees”, taken from a phrase in the Hello Summer digital stamp set. I used several printable cards from Kerri’s older Hello November kit, so I matched the colors for all of my digital stamps with the colors on those printable cards using the color sampler tool in Photoshop. I added the diagonal striped border along the bottom of the card, by copying it from one of the 3×4″ printable cards, and added a few leaves along the left side of the card using the Gather Together digital stamp set. 

I thought the tree stamp in the Hello Summer digital stamp set would tie in nicely with the theme of my page, so I added it to one of the printable cards (after I removed the phrase that was on the center of that card), sizing it to fit between the middle three striped rows. I also tweaked the polka dotted printable card, so that I could fit a digital stamped phrase along the top of the card. I used the “how does your garden grow?” digital stamp from the Plant Life set, but took out the word “garden”, and replaced it with ‘leaf pile”. 

So cool, right? So many itty bitty details going on and making those cards…and even the phrases…all her own.