Oh boy what a past couple weeks I’ve had! A tooth that needed a root canal redone, Jordan in town, changing hosting companies, mixed with a little family reunion in Idaho has made life interesting to say the least.

It’s been hard having my site down the past few days, but I needed to switch hosting companies. I’d been struggling with my one hosting company, who thought my rather large site was using too many resources and so they’d suspend the site until I’d say hey, turn it back on!  So frustrating and extremely unprofessional.

I thought the transition would go smoothly, but there were some glitchy things happening once the site transferred over to the new hosting place and I could not figure out why.

Here’s your little PSA for the day:
Always make sure you’re up to date on your browser.

After switching, I’d cleared the cache of my browser and tried doing some things on my site and they just wouldn’t work. It was so frustrating! After a day or so of troubleshooting, I had a conversation with my hosting company and they could do what I could not. What??? I finally had a thought to update my actual browser to see if it would make a difference…and it did!


My site was working fine on the old hosting company, but with the new one, it needed a current version of the browser, I guess. I would never have imagined!

I mean, if my customers are having issues with my site, I usually tell them to clear the cache or try a different browser. I know that an outdated browser can cause a conflict with any site.  I just never thought it would happen to me personally. (haha)

Lesson learned.

So after all that hullabaloo, we are back in business, my tooth was fixed Monday, and I’m actually sitting back in my brown chair after holing-up in my bedroom for almost two weeks.

And now here is today’s freebie, Butterfly.
(I feel like it’s so anti-climatic after waiting for so long. haha)



This butterfly has two styles are pretty much the same, except one has lines and the other you fold over two create the four-part wings. It’d be fun to put in a tiny strip of foam tape into the curve to give it a rolled dimension. And cutting it in two-sided paper would be awesome.

And I love the idea of the flair lines of the other butterfly option. I thought it would be fun to create a style more unique than what you usually see in a butterfly.

So there you have it.

It feels good to be back on all counts!