First off, I just have to ask, for those that have signed up to get blog posts to your email, did you guys get the blog post yesterday? Because I finally did! It’s been a few months, but I think it’s working again! Yay! In fact, it sent several posts at once because it hasn’t been working. I think switching to the new hosting company has done something for me. And as long as the things are good, I’m a happy camper!

Here’s another question for you. Do you guys prep cards and tags and such to have on hand? I often cut several of one thing at a time. If I’m cutting one, I might as well cut two…or three…or four. ;)

Laura loves to make the same card in a variety of styles. It’s such a wonderful idea. Take a look.




Love the simple design and all the texture going on here! Lovely. And what’s so awesome about this is that you can set this up to recreate whenever you need to whip up some more. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Here’s Laura to tell us about it:

When I saw the flowers on the new Plant Life stamp set, my first thought was that it would be fun to create my own “patterned paper” using the digital version of the set. I used two digital flower stamps to fill a small canvas within Photoshop, varying the sizes and orientation of the flowers so that they didn’t all look the exact same. My plan was to use this floral “patterned paper” as the background for cards, so I created the canvas in the exact size that I needed for my cards. 

I decided to keep the flowers black, although it would be fun to add color to them as well. Once I was happy with the design, I printed them out onto white cardstock. I wanted to soften the look a little, so I also layered a dry embossed piece of vellum over the top of the floral “patterned paper”. 

I used the Happy Mail #2 stamp set to create my “happy birthday” tags, matching the ink colors for each stamped sentiment to the colored cardstock die cut frame that I used on each card. Simple metal brads in each corner helped secure the vellum to the card, and a coordinating piece of ribbon helped embellish the sentiment tags.