It’s a big day here on this first day in July. It’s Monday, so that means the One Day Monday Summer Freebie is here and it’s the first day of a new month and that means new stamps are here!

What shall we do first?

Maybe let’s start with the freebie since it’s Canada Day and since the Fourth of July is just a couple days away. :) And on these days, Sparks Will Fly.



There’s a 3×4 card, a ‘ticket’ and some word strips for both the American and Canadian holiday this week. Of course, some of it can be used if you’re of another nation too. :)

Now….on to the new stamps for today! We’ve got Hey Kiddo, Chunky Stripes, On The Grid, and All The Time. All four are on sale today and tomorrow too…as per usual. :)



So here’s a little ‘behind the scenes’ on Hey Kiddo. I’d say probably 90% of the time when I call my dad, he answers ‘Hey kiddo.’ One time he said it and I though, I need to make that the base of a new stamp set. And voila! That’s how this came to be.

It’s designed with children, in general. From the littles to the ones a little older. And you know, I’ve thought about using welcome to the jungle on a page from Hawaii. ;)

All The Time is a tiny compilation version of Day By Day and About Time.  It’s replacing the old Time set so that all handwritten days+months are the same across all the sizes. This will be great to use in your planners!

And, of course, I had to add some more backgrounds to my stash with Chunky Stripes and On The Grid. I think there is some serious fun (is that an oxymoron?) to be had with these! I think it would be awesome to use the stripes to create a lightly colored set of journaling lines. Make them rainbow perhaps.

Or, use them to create a decorative edge like Melissa has done for us today!