If there’s one thing the Fourth of July (or Canada Day) is known for, it’s food. All that yummy summer goodness comes out in droves for these big days. And after coming back from a Pie+Cake contest that my daughter-in-law entered–and won (yay!)–I saw a commercial on tv that said, Bon Appetit. Bam! I knew I needed that word.

And of course you need a fork, knife and spoon to go with it. ;)

I’ve used the title here with just the fork on this page of Shyanne winning for her Salted Honey Pie.




For the background, I Minc’d a printed-on-vellum stripe paper from the Simple Staples kit. It did pretty well, although I think it could have done better. When I took photos I didn’t realize how much it would look like the wooden background it sat on. :)

I also used Found (delicious) and Yesterday for the rest of my accents. And because I get asked this frequently, you can find the number stamp I used for the date HERE . Love this creative alternative to a date stamp!



Now let’s talk about that little fork and its whopping 1.625″ height. So teeny tiny, right? I always enjoy testing the limits of my Silhouette. I really thought I’d be asking too much for my machine to cut this, but I’m always willing to try it out. Usually I’d go for my American Crafts cardstock–especially for cutting delicates, but I like this color of grey. Again, always willing to try instead of just dismissing it.

I also like to cut two or three at a time just in case one doesn’t work. I cut two vertically and one kind of worked and the other got stuck on something. So I tried changing to a horizontal orientation and it worked much better. It wasn’t perfect…one didn’t really cut well and the other had a tiny bit of the tine missing, but I just trimmed a tiny bit off the t