This spring I was able to go see the local Tulip Festival in this neck of the woods. I hadn’t ever been because it’s kind of pricey and I refuse to play that game. haha But Kass has been working for this company and so I was able to go for free with her.

I don’t think it’s quite like your conventional tulip festival, but it was still pretty. And for it being the very end of April, it was also rather cold too–but both sunshiny and cloudy. Always a mix of the weather here.

I was recently looking at photos of all those mass amounts of tulips and it inspired me to make today’s Tulips kit.




This ensemble comes in all individual pieces, some combined pieces and this lovely border…which I cut at about 1.5″ tall. Yup. It’s true. Always testing the boundaries of my Silhouette. :) It was almost perfect, just one tiny little stem didn’t cut quite right, but other than that? boom. done.

Additionally this kit includes a handwritten tiptoe through the tulips with me because it had to be in there, right? ;)

I also used the Brooklyn SM letters to  make my title.

Keeping the page simple and sweet. :)


For tips on cutting delicate items on your Silhouette, check out THIS post.