I would love your thoughts! You guys have always offered up awesome travel ideas and I’m here to ask for more. My girls, stepmom and I are going to Amsterdam in the fall. Yay!

Considering we bought our tickets a few months ago and we don’t leave until fall, we are anxiously awaiting the trip.  Not only that, ever since Kass and I went for my work when she was 15—12 years ago—we’ve loooonged to go back. We only got to spend a few hours in Amsterdam before heading out to Egmond Aan Zee, the cutest little beach town!

We did get to see the Anne Frank House, which we loved. I would love any recommendations for eating, best area to stay, and adventures. Looks like the outdoor Market is going the weekend we’re there. Yay!

I saw there’s a lighthouse about 20 minutes out of town. Looked kind-a cool to see. I hadn’t planned on renting a car, but maybe it might be fun to rent one for the day and explore beyond Amsterdam. Thoughts?

We’ll be there six full days. Welcoming all suggestions.
Can’t wait!!!