Otherwise entitled, I wish some of the blankety-blank things would grow. I don’t know why some things take to growing in the front flower beds and some things don’t. We watch for the whole ‘sunlight’ thing. We water. We add fertilizer. And gosh darn it all, some survive and some don’t.

Gets frustrating.

So while Jordan was here during the week of the 4th, the girls went to the nursery and picked out some fresh meat…I mean…flowers. Let’s hope more take than not. ;)



I whipped up this page that I’m thinking will be a flip side within the spread of the week of the Fourth of July. I had thought I’d journal on it, but I may just do it all within all of the weekly text.

Here’s a little tip: I cut the bottom section of the calendar found in the Wanderlust set to make a skinnier strip. And everything except the polkadot paper ad the tiny puff heart are all stamps.

Stamps: Plant Life, Homegrown, Wanderlust (calendar), Time Again (july) and Chunky Stripes / Plan It: Fundamentals (buffalo check paper).