This time of year is a great time to gather your story for the year as a gift for parents or grandparents. Or perhaps you just want to document a composite yearly story.

Another idea would be to create an album with a particular topic that you document month to month.

Today, Laura is here to do just that for our Color Cast Designs + KBS collaboration.















It’s just beautiful! What a fantastic idea to create a general layout and use it for each month. Each page is unique, but ‘the same’. Continuity flowing throughout, but individuality still in play. Wonderful! And oh my gosh…that floral wood veneer album from Color Cast is divine!

Here’s Laura to tell us all about it:

Hey everyone! I was so excited to hear we’d be teaming up with Color Cast, and couldn’t wait to play with some of their awesome products. One of the items that I picked out was the gorgeous wood veneer My Story” album cover. I tossed around a few ideas for what kind of album I wanted to create, while browsing thru Kerri’s Travelers Templates kits. I knew I wanted to include a collection of little stories in this album, so I looked for templates that had room for lots of journaling. When I came across a template in the Travelers Templates: Holiday Style kit that had room for a single photo, a good space for journaling, and had the option to add the months along the top, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

It’s been almost a year since we sold our house and moved into a smaller home, along with closing up my home daycare business and starting a new job outside the home. There’s been a lot of emotions along the way, as we all adjust to these changes and how they trickle into big and little parts of our lives. I wanted to focus on a few of those changes/emotions that I personally have dealt with over the last 12 months. I went thru my photos for each month, picking out a single photo for each month that could tell a story. 

I started by creating all of my photo/journaling pages, using the Travelers Templates: Holiday Style kit. I added my photos, selected the correlating month, and typed up my journaling before printing all of them out on photo paper. 

Next, I picked out a few patterned papers to pair up with white cardstock to create the second half of my pages. I die cut several rose clusters from white cardstock, using Kerri’s Roses kit, as I thought they would tie in nicely with the wood veneer album cover. I adhered these die cut roses to several of the pages, tucking them under the top of the patterned papers.

I laid out all of my pages in order, so that I could work on embellishing them all at the same time. I’ve always been a fan of the acrylic pieces from Color Cast, and had picked out the “view from here” piece and the “this feeling” piece, and luckily, they worked within the theme of this album perfectly. I started with those 2 pieces, as they went to specific photos/stories. I love the wood veneer frames, as they’re super thin (and I love that they have adhesive on them!), and picked out which pages I wanted those on next. The ginormous acrylic stars are awesome, and I added those to several pages, adhering them to white shipping tags. 

My last step was to add some stamped phrases to several of the pages, using Kerri’s stamps. I gathered several of her stamp sets, and searched for words/phrases that tied in with my stories, adding them to the centers of the wood veneer frames, as well as stamping them onto the black labels that I printed out using Kerri’s Labels kit. 

I love how this album came together, and love that I took the time to document some of the feelings and changes that I’ve gone thru over the last year. 

[ Stamps: Gather Together, Thankful, One Fine Day, Long Story Short, and Oh Yeah (n/a) ]