A couple weeks ago Dan had a quickly announced week off from work. After finding out, we decided in a couple days’ time to head to Bend, Oregon for a little R+R. It was probably the most spontaneous big trip we’ve ever done. And it was oh so worth it!

I was born Oregon and lived in a few places growing up, but had never been to Bend. And oddly, I never in a million years would have thought we would travel to Oregon twice in one year. Yay us!

It fills my soul, people.

You all know…any time I get to spend outdoors is time well spent. Pine trees, streams and waterfalls recharge me. I get to enjoy all this while Dan is fishing. It’s a win-win situation. :)

So, for my Color Cast collaboration contribution (I just wanted to see how many ‘c’ words I could do there–haha), I thought I’d work on my Bend album.

I’d picked out an acrylic album, some acrylic phrases+icons and wood veneers for my project. I had plans for something else with it, but decided to use it for Bend after we’d gone.



Now let me tell you, I had seen the colorful ‘Go See Do’ here and there on Instagram and absolutely loved it. I was so excited to get it and do something fun with it as well. Imagine my surprise when I got it when the colored centers popped out and the phrase could be white! There may have been a gasp and some giddiness involved. I love my white on white!



I stamped trees from Feel Free  and stamped my location using the Chicago and Annie (n/a) stamps.

Still giddy over that white on white title page!

I also used an acrylic geo tag on top of the digital Oregon/title elements from PNW on the photo. I would have stamped it, but I decided I needed the elements to be a little smaller. And since I was printing the photo anyway….

At the bottom I used a phrase from State of Mind and added a date using my favorite number stamp underneath it.



On the right page I used a paper from Simple Staples and a photo template (trimmed to 4×6) from Travelers Templates #3. I made a pocket from the photo, printed my journaling on a narrow piece of cardstock and topped with a wood veneer phrase from Color Cast. Perfect accent! I love these because they are pliable. I’m not afraid of breaking them like I’ve been with others.

I’m kind of excited to get this album put together. This was a really fun trip. I could have spent way more time there and explored further out. Some day we’ll go to places like Crater Lake and see more waterfalls. ;)

Now I just want to thank my girls, Jessica and her awesome team for all the great ideas that have been shared during this week of collaboration.