Weekly Summer Freebie | Pine Tree

You can never have too many trees. My dream job would be to live on property where I could grow trees for people and just exist with them all around me. Wouldn't that be dreamy? Alas, I'll just have to get my fix from the trees around me, whether it's near home or far into the mountains...or here as a cut file with a bonus little print.     You can pick up this awesome skinny pine tree today in the STORE. It's free all week long...until Sunday night. I'm now looking forward to making my way to some far-off trees [...]

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Guest Designer | Sheree Forcier

This is a mighty fine day folks! We have a visitor in our little KBS world and I'm just a bit excited about it! Everyone say hello to Sheree Forcier! I've been admiring her work on Instagram and was so excited when she said yes to wielding her magic with KBS goodies. Take a look and ooh and ahh just like I did. Love this TN spread!           Here's a bit from Sheree: Traveler's Notebooks have become one of my absolutely favourite ways to record moments I want to remember.  This spread is all about Mother's Day this year. I [...]

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Cascade Springs

It's amazing how much there is to do in such a short distance along the 20-mile stretch of Alpine Loop that travels from Provo Canyon, through Sundance, up and over and out American Fork Canyon. And one of those pretty little things is Cascade Springs.   Each day seven million gallons of water reach the surface through the impermeable rock to form the springs. They are small in height, but grand in its natural design. It's kind of amazing to see so much water travel down a hillside--finding any path it can to make it's way down. Depending on the [...]

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White On White…It’s Pure Delight!

White on white is my favorite color combo. Is that really a considered a color combo? Well, it is in my coloring book. And today we have a most excellent execution of said color combo from our Miss Paige. Will take your breath away, it will.             Here's Paige's process: This is one of those times where I didn't have an exact idea in my mind when I started, it all just sort of evolved from one step to the next! I keep a few of my favorite cut files in a folder on my [...]

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Weekly Summer Freebie | Dandelion

It's true folks. I had the most glorious and refreshing week camping and hanging with two of my dearest friends and the girls in our family--including our daughters, daughters-in-law, granddaughters and girl friends of daughters. It's a tradition we've been doing since 2009. Lots of love (and food) here. Love of all these amazing women and the love of the magnificent land where we live. My love of this world and all its offerings is no secret. So with a week like last week I was obviously inspired to make a dandelion for this week's summer freebie.   You can [...]

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Kick Off Summer With A Weekly Freebie + Sale!

Oh my goodness gracious! I've been waiting so long to say this.... Let the summer begin!   The anticipation for summer days can be agonizing! You look forward to summer breezes, days at the pool, garden vegetables, being outdoors, no schedules...that's the summer life.  And while I was always excited for summer to come when my kids were in school, I think as I've gotten older the winter blues have expounded that desire for summertime and getting outdoors. So we're kicking off our summer here in fine fashion! Every Monday through Labor Day there will be a new Weekly Summer Freebie [...]

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The Uintas + Provo Falls

The Uintas are a mountain range about an hour east from where we live. The 40-mile Mirror Lake Scenic Byway goes from Kamas, UT to Evanston, WY and it is beautiful! You can only drive it through the warmer months, from about June to October. I have visions of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers when they finally exclaim 'the pass is open!' The highest point of driving is near Bald Mountain, which is 10,000 feet. So it's up pretty high. Our California sea-level nephews found the oxygen a little lacking when hiking around a little farther down at Provo Falls. [...]

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The Alpine Loop

Our next stop on the KBS Adventure Tour is The Alpine Loop. This 20 mile stretch of road that goes from American Fork Canyon, up over to Sundance and out to Provo Canyon (or vice versa) is one of the most beautiful drives you'll ever take! It goes along the backside of Mt. Timpanogos (what you take in yesterday's post) and into the Sundance Ski Resort. There's so much you can do in this area, including camping, hiking, horseback trails, four-wheeling trails, waterfalls, fishing and such, but I thought I'd focus on the loop itself with a couple other little nuggets [...]

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Scout Falls…aka…At Least We Tried

I think that when most people think of vacationing to Utah they plan on the 'Big Five' National Parks, which is fantastic, but there is soooo much to do up north folks! Especially if you like hiking. And if you're visiting in the summer? Cooler than Zions. ;) And if you're visiting in the fall? Holy spectacular! The foliage is amazing! This beauty that is known as Utah?  Wow, right? Well, today our next stop on the KBS Adventure Tour is our attempt at Scout Falls.   ABOUT THE HIKE I read up on this hike, it seemed like a somewhat 'easy' [...]

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Grotto Falls

From the red rocks of southeastern Utah to the mountains of northern Utah, the next stop on the KBS Adventure Tour is Grotto Falls. As much as I love the southern+southeast landscape, these mountains will always hold my heart. We may never have camped all together here (separately though), but we have spent so much time outdoors here along the Wasatch Front (mountain range). And the camping wasn't for lack of trying--I had all the stuff when the kids were little, but Dan often worked on the weekends in those days and we never could get out to camp. I'm making [...]

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