Life Well Traveled | Go With Your Gut

  Today, it's my turn! It's been a long time since I've added to my Life Well Traveled album with everything that's been going on the past several months. But that's not to say I haven't been writing down thoughts as they come to me. But I actually had a more recent encounter that made me want to get something in my album while it was really fresh in my mind--and that is to go with your gut, or your inner voice, or on the church-ee side of things...promptings from above. While I have had many situations that support my personal [...]

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There's nothing funny about creator's block. The agony of it all. All you want to do is pop something out and your mind is just...blank. What do you do for creator's block? Pinterest? Shopping? Browsing blogs? Read? Our sweet Paige found herself in this very predicament. Her solution? Playtime. And holy cannoli, this is what comes from her creator's block? Talk about gorgeous.     [ Stamps | Kramer Outline ]   Here's what Paige has to say: I have been in major scrapbooking rut this week. I had a requirement to make four layouts for a big project and after [...]

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What To Watch

Our week of inspiration for (i)NSD continues with something very entertaining from Miss Laura!               [ Designs | Travelers Templates / Travelers Templates #2 / Travelers Pack: Splendid (days of week paper) / The History Project Class (television).  Stamps | A Big Day, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Etc. ]   Oh. My. Heck! I loooooove the tv paper she made using a design from The History Project Class Extras!  (Only available to purchase for limited times throughout the year.) And I love the idea of documenting shows! What a slice of life! My current television primetime lineup consists of only [...]

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What’s On Your Itinerary?

I think we live in a time of lists. Things to do. People to see. Agendas. Planning. Food. I don't think there will ever be a time when we don't make a list for something. And hubs hates it when I 'text him a list' for the grocery store. ;) That's why I think it's great way to document what's going on in your life--include all  the lists and itineraries and agendas. Check out what Miss Marcy did in her journal here!     [ Stamps |  Travelogue ]   Here's what Marcy has to say: So, I’m not the most technically [...]

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(i)NSD Week Kickoff!

Happy first day of May y'all! This Saturday is (inter) National Scrapbook Day and we here at KBS are tickled pink to help you get ready!     All week long we will be sharing amaaaaazing ideas from the KBS creative team. And to top it all off, there's the week-long sale! If you're looking for a great project to do on iNSD itself, check out the Weekend Workshop classes. They are the perfect project for a Saturday! Today we are kicking off the Ideas portion with Miss Maggie and her incredible stamping skills! Take it away Maggie!   Hello, hello, everyone! [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Hello Stockholm

  Goodness gracious ladies and gentlemen! It's been quite a while since we've had a Fab Font Friday! I'm so excited to have it back 'round these parts now and again. Yay! Today's font is a really great brush script style. Take a look.     You can download the Hello Stockholm font--free for personal use--from HERE. Ordinarily I refrain from downloading fonts that require an email...because, why do they need it? But I really liked this font. It spoke to me and I kept coming back to it...and so I succumbed. I'm a little weird in that I decided to create a [...]

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Lilac Obsessed

Lilacs. They are one of the most gorgeous, fragrant, short-lived, springtime pleasures. And last week I just couldn't get enough of them....which was why it was such a focus in my journal for the week.   The smell. Oh my goodness! I had to bring some in since it's been too cool to open the windows. I strategically planted the bush by the window where I sit most often and usually get to benefit from them, but this year...not so much. And my white-edged lilacs, which corner the the other end of our house, inspired the four-petal flower design in [...]

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Everybody Needs A Big Pineapple

So a funny thing happened after my Sunday afternoon nap. I wasn't really even thinking of my Kauai album when the thought of this giant pineapple popped in my head.   And so yeah...this is what happens when a large pineapple pops in your head! As always, my objective in my traveler's notebooks is to keep things simple so I can get them done. And this one came together in about thirty minutes. Sometimes I have a tendency to over-think and mull things over. With this....I just let it ride. Here's how: Cut pineapple by tracing the PNG image from [...]

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April Showers Bring New Designs

  Spring is my second favorite season. Love the new life. It's like every day is a mystery as to what will pop up or out next. It's such a wonderful feeling seeing more and more color every day. Of course, this time of year it's also a mystery as to what weather we'll have. Rain? Snow? Sun? Major wind? All of the above in one day? Yup. That pretty much sums up the Utah 'sprinters'. All of this had me inspired to create this cute little kit under the umbrella (haha) of April Showers bringing May flowers.     [...]

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Travelers Notebook Tips

I get a lot of questions about how I use my traveler's notebook and templates, so today I thought I might share a few of those using this little spread here.   For those of you that have been with me for a while, you know how much I love laying out my page. While I do use Illustrator to do this, you can do it just as easily in Silhouette Studio.     I also have the luxury of using my actual stamp image...'cause...well...I make them, but you can simply draw a blank rectangle where you'd want to place those type [...]

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