This Is Our Happy Place

Do you have a place where that complete happy feeling just washes over you? I know I have a few, but one of my favorite 'happy places' is our front room where--especially after dinner on Sundays--we move into and just chat forever. Sometimes it's about politics, family, reminiscing of trips past or dreaming of new places to go. I need to do something like this in that room with today's Phrase A Day design.     What is your happy place? _____________ Phrase A Day is a personal writing challenge in the month of January to help me learn more about my [...]

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You Do You

If there's one thing that I believe in whole-heartedly, and have taught my kids their whole lives, it's you do you...and it's today's Phrase A Day.     I think that now, more than ever, with the likes of social media and comparisons, that it is so important to teach our children the value of loving who they are, not comparing themselves to others, not worrying about what others think of them, and doing what speaks to them. And it's something we need to keep in mind ourselves too, I'm sure. ;) This little phrase would be awesome to hang as [...]

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Twenty Eighteen

The holiday hangover, so to speak. Does anyone else not want to go back to work today? ;) I've so enjoyed having the last week or so off, but it's back to business for reals today. I've got some emails to get to today for sure. I still can't believe we've reached a new year. Last year went by so fast! And right now it's not even feeling like January with these unusual 40+ degree temps. Feels more like spring. We better get some good snow soon. We need it for sure. Today's Phrase A Day had to be the [...]

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And So The Adventure Begins

Hello 2018! Can you even believe we are here already?! After having a rather strange year last year--with little going as planned, I'm looking forward to this brand new year with new creative adventures. The ideas are swirling in my head. :)     As part of this exciting new year--and because I finally got my new iPad Pro 10.5 (yay!), I decided to do a Phrase A Day all through January and test out some writing skills as I learn about this new software, Procreate, and each new phrase will find its way into the store. You can find [...]

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Last Two Days of the Jolly Holiday Sale

  I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season! I've been enjoying this week off spending time with the family, working on puzzles, reading, getting the house back into shape, and playing with my new iPad Pro. Yay! :) I wanted to also remind y'all about our final two days of the Jolly Holiday sale. Stamps are already discounted and use the code JOLLY for the rest (some exclusions apply). I can't believe we're almost at 2018!!!

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The Curious Case of the Diabetic Cat

  Well, we are six weeks into the diabetes regiment with Sam, our cat (read the story). It’s been rather a process getting his levels down during the first weeks. We started with one unit of insulin, then went to two and eventually to three when it finally came down to more of 300, but it still fluctuated up to the 400 range. Still, he was feeling better, not hanging out by the faucet and therefore not peeing gallons and actually started hanging out with us again on our beds. Shocker. But we still needed to get that glucose level [...]

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What Can You Do With A Bread Tag?

Just a little bit ago I challenged myself to see how many bread tags I could decorate for Christmas from the Attach It kit. I'm a big fan of cutting multiples of things, so I made myself a sheet of different size tags, cut them, got my stamps, and stamped away!         The square and smaller rectangle tags are 1.25" wide. The large tag is 1.5" wide. I used a combination of stamps and embossing for simple and creative looks. The problem was having to stop. ;)     I think this may be my favorite tag. [...]

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Day 13? It’s A Baker’s Dozen.

Alrighty. We actually have one more project (no freebie, sorry) to share for our 12 Days of Christmas. A sort of Baker's Dozen, if you will. :) Marcy has this loooovely packaging idea to share today!       That color scheme and layering of this package is amazing! Like...seriously. It is absolutely divine. I never would have thought to layer all those tags in different sizes like that. I absolutely love it! Here's what Marcy has to say: As soon as I saw the word art stamp from the Believe stamp set I knew it would work great as a belly [...]

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Day 12 | Our Last Day

Oh my! I can't believe it's our last official day of the 12 Days of Christmas! It's been quite a ride, hasn't it? Our creative team has knocked our socks off, our holiday guests have wowed us to the tippy tops, and thousands of freebies have found their way to your homes. It's been an incredible time and I thank you all for making it so great. A huge thanks to our creative girls for sharing their talents too. They are just remarkable! So now we are at our last freebie, our Merry Little Christmas Cars print.     You [...]

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Day 11 | Words Are The Best Element

I've said it a bazillion times (okay, maybe not a bazillion, but close), words are truly my favorite element. They are the perfect way to accent your page while 'saying' more about your page. What can be better than that? If a photo speaks a thousand words, at least more words can help it along, right? So when I saw this final project from our holiday guest, Kim Jeffress, I was in heaven! Words everywhere!           perfection. I don't even know where to begin. Just look at all that eye candy! All the details. The mix of [...]

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