Valentine's Day was just one week ago. Do you have some documenting to do? A little love to share in paper form perhaps? Well, then maybe this darling spread from Paige will help you give you [...]

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Feelin’ The Love

Happy Valentine's Day one and all! This is such a sweet day...and I'm not talking about all the candy. It's the one day a year that we celebrate love. And today we're celebrating some love with a [...]

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A Little Love

All my kids are now in their twenties--with one being married and living away. As they got older, it became tradition for me to get them a 'made from scratch' Valentine cookie or on occasion a [...]

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California Soul

California Soul is a song I love to listen to. Great song. Great lyrics. We were definitely groovin' all day long on our excursion through parts of California we'd never seen before. If you're unfamiliar, use the [...]

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This Is Us

February is the perfect month to capture the relationship between you and your significant other or you and your family. A special photo, a special time, what you love about them...anything to express your gratitude and [...]

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The End Is Here

Well, it's the last day of January--end of the month and end of my Phrase A Day endeavor. Sadly, what I'd hoped to achieve with this personal challenge did not necessarily happen. I'd wanted to learn [...]

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Living Our Best Life

What would it be like to have a 'perfect' life? hmm.  I'd venture to say it would be pretty boring, wouldn't you? It's the downs that make the ups so sweet. The important part of life [...]

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Happiness Can Be Found

Admission time. I love Harry Potter. I own all the movies, yet when it's a Harry Potter Weekend on cable, I'm so excited! Am I the only one? My favorites are 3, 5 and 6. Although, [...]

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Capturing Graduation

Graduation of  a child, particularly for high school, can be an overwhelming time. So many things happening that I think that we can forget to capture little details. That's why I love this spread by our [...]

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You all know what a big fan I am with nature. Even sitting here in my chair (rather than laying bed this past week) where I can see my beautiful mountains on these gorgeous clear days [...]

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