I Love A Good Title

I don't know what it is about words and how they add so much that appeals to me in the most delightful way, but boy, do I love them! Make 'em big and bold? Holy cannoli...I swoon. The graphic presentation of it all is divine! So imagine my delight when I saw this from Miss Marcy!       Isn't that just yummy??? And I'm not talkin' about the eggs...although those are pretty too. ;) The Brooklyn XL stamps used here were a limited release, but you can still make an awesome title from other KBS alphabet stamps!   Let's see [...]

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New Stamps: A Favorite Classic

I love just a clean serif font. A classic. One that stands the test of time. And throw in an italic version? Be still my heart! This is a style you've seen in my stamps and art throughout the years...and now...we are announcing La Grande and La Grande Italic!     The letters are just over half inch tall. You can use them close together or spread them apart. They look amazing when paired with sentiments from the other KBS stamps too! And it may not be a secret, but the italics are my fave. ;) I'm a bit excited [...]

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Stamp It Up!

I am passionate about stamps. Passionate about stamps that are mostly in the form of words. I love that you can quickly add a sentiment or add a plethora to make a statement--and oh boy was I just playing with the plethora option for April stamps! So excited! But you're gonna have to wait on that one. ;) Stamps are an embellishment that's never ending and you can pick whatever color you need (if you have the ink pad, of course--haha). And the gal that brings it all together so well is none other than our lovely Melissa Morelli!   [...]

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My Motto: Get Off The Beaten Path

A couple years ago I decided I needed to reprioritize my life. I needed less 'work' and more 'life' in my days. There were way too many days in my week that I could work 12 hours and not even bat an eye. This change of attitude has made a world of difference to me! It was greatly needed after so many years. And part of this new way of living includes going outside more, going to the mountains, taking the road less traveled...all of that. Well, I had some recent experiences where we were lost-ish and off that beaten path [...]

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Getting Ready For Spring

Okay, so we were having spring-like weather, with temps in the 60s...and then winter decided to show up. Nighttime temps in the teens and lots of snow? That's December + January weather. March will be here in two days! And did you see the snow in Rome yesterday? Crazy! With spring comes planning for many people. Lots of vegetables and flowers to be prepared. I've been seeing some seed-sowing posts lately even. And today, we get to see a bit of planning from Marcy!       [ Stamps | Farmer's Market ]   Loooove her list making combined with [...]

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Valentine's Day was just one week ago. Do you have some documenting to do? A little love to share in paper form perhaps? Well, then maybe this darling spread from Paige will help you give you the much needed inspiration!   I have a new layout to share for the Kerri Bradford Design Team featuring one of the images in her Just My Type set paired with my Pick-Me-Up collection!     I started by die cutting the title from the Just My Type set using my Silhouette Cameo 3 and the B-side of Paper 20 which is a very light blush pink ledger paper - usually I cut everything from white cardstock so [...]

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52 Favorites — Laura Style

There's quite the rage going on right now with a 52 Favorites project started by Paper Issues. And many-a peeps are using their travelers notebooks to document said favorites. Even our Miss Laura has now joined the TN craze and is documenting her 52 favorites in one. Yay Laura! Take a look at what she's been up to!         [ Designs | Background Basics (circle background).  Stamps | Brooklyn Etc. / One Fine Day / Gather Together / Thankful ]   How fun is that??? Love how there's continuity, yet each page is unique in its own [...]

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Paris: What I’m Taking To Document

  We may have a little time still before our romantical 30th anniversary trip to Paris, but preparations have begun--the researching, the booking, the plotting of days... All that fun stuff you get to do before a trip, right? You all know I love to travel. I love taking photos and experiencing new places. And I’ve created many-a travel journals for these journeys. Most often, I take small handful of supplies to document while I’m there.  But truth be told, I never get much past the first couple days. I will type up my thoughts of the day, but getting [...]

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Feelin’ The Love

Happy Valentine's Day one and all! This is such a sweet day...and I'm not talking about all the candy. It's the one day a year that we celebrate love. And today we're celebrating some love with a brand new stamp set available for preorder. Say hello to  Feelin' The Love. I know we're a little late and all since January was not kind to me, but I still wanted a fun 'love' set of stamps this month. :) A couple of these phrases--like love you the mostest--are something I've said to my kids since they were little. So there's a bit of personal [...]

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A Little Love

All my kids are now in their twenties--with one being married and living away. As they got older, it became tradition for me to get them a 'made from scratch' Valentine cookie or on occasion a Cravings cupcake because...who really needs all that candy? The girls especially didn't want a bunch of candy around. (wink wink) On occasion I'll find some other sort of token. This year, some super fun socks caught my eye. And now all I'm thinking is how cute would they be in these card holders that our Miss Maggie made!     Now that my kids [...]

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