Pretty Paper Swatches

I love keeping memories in my travel journal. Love the blank canvas. I've been a white background girl for many years and this format is so up my alley. But just because I love that blank (neutral) canvas, doesn't mean I don't like splashing a bit of color. In fact, that's why I love the blank canvas--because it makes that splash of color, photos and journaling shine. And my girl Marcy? She does this in most excellent fashion in the neutrals kraft and white. Take a look.     [ Stamps: Side By Side (good stuff) and Ashland (numbers) ]   [...]

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Weekly Summer Freebie and Halloween Stamp Preorder

Can you believe summer is coming to an end? September. Hello. Friday. I can't even believe it! Not too long ago my daughter pointed out to me that Joshua Tree National Park is about 1-plus hours away from where my dad lives. All this time. I had no idea. Never really looked at where it was and so it never occurred to me to go there.     Well, guess what we're gonna do next time we go down to visit! I've had this place on the brain and so this week's freebie is in that 'desert''s a Succulent. [...]

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Timpanogos Caves

It's funny how you live near things and never do them...or go years between doing them, like I did with Timpanogos Caves (located in American Fork Canyon, Utah). The hike itself and going into Timpanogos Caves is one of the most gorgeous things you'll ever do. If you are taking a trip to this area--or live close by, I highly recommend it. THE COST It doesn't cost anything to hike the trail, only to go into the caves. The cost ranges, with the adult tickets ending at $8. I'd highly recommend purchasing your tickets online. That way you can be assured [...]

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Plan It: Fundamentals

  Well. It's finally happened. I officially had to join the ranks of the planner world. It's not like I've never had a planner or used one. Heck I even designed specific planners for our team at WordPerfect back in the early 90s. But overall, I've always been able to keep track of things in my head. I'd write some of the kids' events on the calendar over the years, but really, I've never had a need for a planner. Not to mention, I always felt like it took more time than it was worth for me. These days, planners [...]

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Weekly Summer Freebie | A Good Book

  With school starting and the fact that I haven't read for a while, books have been on my brain. I need to read a book. I have a couple that have been waiting for me. And if anyone needs something to read, you should check out my daughter's room. She's got her own little library going on. So this week's freebie, A Good Book, is for all those who are trying to get in their last bit of summer freedom in reading at the beach or in the backyard lounge chair...or for anything school related. :) And are you [...]

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Weekly Summer Freebie | That Summer Feeling

  I've done my best to enjoy the last little bit of that summer feeling, both in atmosphere and in creativity. We took a quick trip to California this weekend to visit family and to drive back with Jordan, who was working in the horse program at a Girl Scout Camp in Big Bear, California. Oh, and we may have rented a Honda CRV to go down through Kass' work. I wonder what car we might be buying next. ;) Today's freebie, That Summer Feeling, comes in the regular cut files and PNG file, but also includes a bonus watercolor print, [...]

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Weekly Summer Freebie | Lazy Days Background

  When I hear words associated with summer, they immediately put a smile on my face--except hot or heat. Those don't do anything for me in the smile category. I don't do heat. So I thought it was only appropriate to make a background with a plethora of happy summer words. The Lazy Days Background kit comes in 12 x 12", 8.5 x 11" and Travelers Notebook (4.125 x 8.25") sizes--in SVG, DXF and PNG file formats. There is much to do with these fine little backgrounds in all your summer keeping memories.   And on another note, I apologize for [...]

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Behind The Scenes | Maggie Massey

Oh my goodness gracious! It's Friday already! Where has the week gone? Can you believe we only have two more days after this of the sale? If you were unaware of the sale and were missing the natural endorphins released when saving, stamps are 20% off (discount already applied) and downloads and classes are 30% using the code BIRTHDAY7. It all ends Sunday night. Now, today brings the magical space of our last Creative Team member, Maggie.     I've been memory-keeping for as long as I can remember. I used to keep little pieces of memorabilia (gum wrappers (yep, [...]

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Behind The Scenes | Laura Vegas

I've tried many a-thing when it comes to organizing. I started out with a couple cheap tables and rolling carts underneath. Moved on to a Danish desk+hutch (before IKEA). Felt closed in and removed the hutch. Added tall narrow cabinets, more plastic bins, and more plastic would have been surprised at just how much stuff I could hold. After remodeling, I finally I scaled down to where I felt comfortable with the items I had and felt good with the organization of it all. That being said, I feel like it's always evolving. Always cleaning. Always thinking of other [...]

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Behind The Scenes | Marcy Penner

I've been in this industry a looong time--almost 20 years now. For several of those years my studio area was so full of 'stuff' because I worked with Lisa Bearnson creating pages and managing a team of girls for QVC and my little 12x12 space was crammed. Over time a lot of that whittled away by giving product to so many people. In those days much of what I had sat on my surface space because I wanted what I used out where I could see it and access it freely. Well, about 3 1/2 years ago, that all changed [...]

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