Find The Beauty In The Simplest Of Things

If there's one thing I'm pretty darn good at, it's appreciating the beauty in even the simplest of things. A laugh, my daily Dr. Pepper, fresh air, a spontaneous drive....there are so much beauty and things to be grateful for in everyday life--so much to be joyful for. You can find it anywhere. And that's what brings us to today's Phrase A Day.     It's just amazing how your perspective on life can change when you look for what's good in it rather than dwell on what's not going right.  

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Happiness Can Be Found

Admission time. I love Harry Potter. I own all the movies, yet when it's a Harry Potter Weekend on cable, I'm so excited! Am I the only one? My favorites are 3, 5 and 6. Although, in the 6th the movie it ends when Harry and Dumbledore go off to the island to find the horcrux, In my world, Dumbledore doesn't die. ;) We often quote this movie in our household...all of us being HP fans and all. And so I thought I'd do a Harry Potter quote for today's Phrase A Day.     Not only would it be [...]

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Capturing Graduation

Graduation of  a child, particularly for high school, can be an overwhelming time. So many things happening that I think that we can forget to capture little details. That's why I love this spread by our Miss Marcy!       This is such a sweet moment, forever displayed in her traveler's notebook. I know it never occurred to me to capture my girls 'primping' for the big moment. This is so simply and beautifully done! love it.  Here's what Marcy has to say: I’m proud to say that keeping my memory keeping simple is a mantra that has followed [...]

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Brand New Sizes For Brooklyn Stamps

Something very exciting has arrived in the land of KBS! If you are a fan of the stamps By The Numbers and Brooklyn, then you're gonna love theses!     Say hello to Brooklyn XL (right) and Brooklyn SM (center). Brooklyn XL is the same size as By The Numbers. The letters are 1.5" tall and come on a 6x8" sheet. Soooo many of you have asked for an alphabet in this size and now we have it. It is, however, LIMITED QUANTITY. Once it's gone, it's gone. Please do not wait to order this if you think you may want it because [...]

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Always Stay Humble

If you've never heard the song Always Stay Humble And Kind by Tim McGraw, you are missing out. It is the most amazing music and lyrics. It touches me every time I hear it. The world could use more of this. And it's today's Phrase A Day.     And if you need to hear it like it is.  

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You all know what a big fan I am with nature. Even sitting here in my chair (rather than laying bed this past week) where I can see my beautiful mountains on these gorgeous clear days in January has got me loving what I'm seeing, even though I'm not out in it. It's so true, even the smallest dose can change the way you feel. Nature is the today's Phrase A Day.    

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Hello Clothes

What is it about new clothes that make you feel so good? I mean, the 'old' clothes were new once too. They should make you feel good still, right? Some may, some may not. All I know is I've been down that 'feel good' road a bit myself after getting new jeans into the wardrobe...daughters approved jeans even. It may have snowballed from there, but I will neither confirm nor deny that. And it looks like our darling Laura has been on the 'feel good' road trip too recently! Only I wish my road trip was for the same reason [...]

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I Want To See The World

Oh boy. My Phrase A Day goal has hit a rough patch due to this darn cold that apparently ihas started a round 2--and much worse than it's beem. Feeling pretty miserable and sleeping very little the past two or three days. But I did finally manage to get another phrase done. Yay!     Today's phrase, I Want To See The World, comes from one of my very favorite songs by Jason Mraz. These words just speaks volumes to me. There's something magical about experiencing travel or life with someone else. To be able to see it through someone [...]

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Destination: Yosemite

I admit it. I am jealous. I am jealous of Melissa and her trips to Yosemite. :) I watch her adventures on Instagram and see her photos in her traveler's notebook and I want to go so badly! One of these days...I will get to see what she sees. In the meantime, take a look at her latest adventure there.       [ Designs: Tiny Details (adventure tag). Stamps: Travelogue (digital+physical), Wanderlust (digital), Go, Away and Annie. ]   I love how Melissa pretty much sticks to black and white...and stamps. It creates this totally cohesive look in her album in [...]

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