Please Welcome……Miss Marcy Penner!

oh. my. goodness.

oh. my. goodness!

I’ve waited for this day for quite some time now!

I have waited and waited (very impatiently, mind you)  to be back up and live to announce this and do it right….because she sooo deserves to have it done right!

The ever-so lovely and my simple-journaling sistah, Miss Marcy Penner, has joined the KBS Creative Team!!!


I’m so excited!

Take a look and you’ll see just why this gives me such joy.

[ Stamps | XO ]

First off, puppy….sooooooo cute!

But the traveler’s notebook spread?


There is such great art in simplicity…and this girl has a talent for it for sure!

I can’t believe how lucky we all are to get to see Marcy wield her magic with us on a monthly basis now. It’s going to be so exciting to see what she does! I’ve also loved using her TN printouts!

I thought it would be fun for Marcy to introduce herself.
So Marcy…take it away!

  • I live in a white farmhouse on the Canadian prairies.  I’m a total introvert and homebody so living out in the country fits me perfectly!
  • I homeschool two of my three kids and my oldest graduates this year!  Eep!
  • I crave simplicity.  From my home to my journal… keeping things simple is key.
  • I am currently obsessed with my chickens and dreaming about my future garden (says the girl who hasn’t had a successful garden yet).
  • All my memory keeping and planning takes place in my notebook.  I’ve moved into one book for everything this year (again… simplifying) and it’s just so stress free!
  • All I need for documenting is my notebook, washi tape and stamps.  That’s all I need.  For real.
  • I live in jeans, plaid shirt and a sweater.  Summer, winter, whatever.  The wardrobe’s always the same.
  • I would love to travel more, but only where I can get by car.  Planes give me the heebie-jeebies.

I look forward to getting to know Marcy even more as she plays here and shares all her beautiful work. This girl so speaks my language and we’ve even been known on occasion to share the same brain. Isn’t that right Marcy? :)

So happy you’re here!!! It’s official! 


To see more of Marcy’s amazing work, check out her website here.

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Oh me, oh my!

Wow! It has been a crazy few days here at the all-new KBS! I just want again say thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks and transition ourselves into our new home!

If you want real-time updates, please check out our Facebook page.

We started sending codes out to those classes affected by the import glitch (see Friday’s post below). The rest should go out today. They need to be staggered a bit because it causes an unusual high amount of traffic on the site, as you can imagine. :) Makes it run a bit slower when that happens.

And because I don’t like posting without a photo, I thought today would be a great day to share another weekly spread out of my travel journal.

[ Designs | Snowflake. Stamps | Ashland (alpha) + Thankful (now).

I used some drafting tape like washi tape and stamped over it. Funny thing is, no matter how much you practice for a perfect stamp, it always seems to mess up when you need to do it for reals. Doh.

I also cut the snowflake out of vinyl so I could transfer the delicate shape into the book adhesive-free. Love vinyl! And sometimes I like to type my text, print it + trim it, and adhere it on a page. I like variety, plus it keeps it even more simple than handwriting.


And great news! The sale on kits and classes has been extended through Presidents Day! Use code HELLOAGAIN at checkout to save 40% on orders of $15 or more.

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Happy Love Day + More

Now that I have a blog again, I can wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day here! Yay!

And it couldn’t come at better as I wanted to express my love to you all. To say that I am overwhelmed by the love and support–and patience ;) — over these past few days is a bit of an understatement.


deeply touched.

I have appreciated all the wonderful comments and emails of encouragement and happiness that you have shared with me. You make this part of my life a joy to do–even when insanity is about. :)

Go give your loved ones a hug now and enjoy the day.

Big smooches to you all.


FYI:  To keep everyone updated, class codes for those ‘import glitch’ classes listed in Friday’s post should be going out today and tomorrow. Please be sure to add the email addresses listed in that same post to your Contacts so you don’t miss the emails.

Thank you! :)

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Is This Thing On?

oh. my. gosh.


I am so excited to be live again!

I don’t even know where to begin!

Let’s talk fun stuff first and then we’ll talk about the crazy stuff. ;)

The Fun Stuff

A New Look

Shortly after I got my new site up four years ago, I decided I wanted a more clean and simple look. Short version, I could only change my blog and couldn’t ever get anyone to change the store and message board to match. But that’s a story for another day. Now, I LOVE that I have full control over aesthetics because I am a tweaker. ;)

I wanted something that was a reflection of my style in my new home. If you’ve followed me over the past ten years, you know how much of a white background fan (fanatic?) I am. I love a clean, fresh palette sprinkled with color. Simple, with a little bit of character.

And that’s what you see here now in the site I’ve always wanted.

Just like my personal pages, I want my focus here on photos and words. No blog sidebar. No popups. No chaos. I don’t like distraction.

I’m very happy about this refreshing look!

A New Brand

The upside to being down (haha) all this time is the opportunity to contemplate.

Where do I see myself going?
What do I want to share from this little cyber home?
What’s important to me?

And the biggest answer has been my new mantra:
live. write. repeat.

Many people think that being self-employed is a dreamy profession. Don’t get me wrong. It definitely has its perks. Even as I type I’m sitting comfortably in my Lay-Z-Boy chair in my pjs–sans bra, of course. But what many people don’t realize is that many self-employed people put in more hours in their workday than your average person. Many hours. And the guilt that comes in the evening when you do something frivolous when you know you could be being productive? The struggle is real folks. I have battled with this for as long as I’ve worked from home….until about a year ago.

Last spring I was simply burned out. Too many hours of sitting in my chair, longingly looking out my giant window and dreaming of being outside. The pressure for work was never ending.

I decided it was enough. It’s taken some mental reprogramming–and the guilt is still there–but I am out to live my life. Summer was amazing with my quest to see waterfalls. I got out and hiked. I made the effort to enjoy life. I started crocheting…for reals. And with my new one little word for 2017, illuminate, I started reading.

My soul has been rejuvenated.
I have new focus.
I have ideas.
I feel creative.
And I’m making time for me to live.

But what good is living if you don’t write down these stories? The day-to-day life, the weather, the gratitudes, the memories, the every part of you. Therein lies the second part of the motto.


For almost twenty years I have scrapbooked without any consistency. Project Life should be simple enough for me to do, but I could never make it work. But for a year and a half now I have written daily snippets in a journal. For some reason, the simplicity of the traveler’s notebook journal has worked for me. Can I get an AMEN!

I type a minimal amount of sentences on my computer every day and then transfer them to my notebook with a photo or two for the account of the week.

The important part has been to keep it simple and get it done.

I’m on a mission with that concept and even have my best friend doing it now and she’s loving it! It’s gotten her excited to document and take more photos. I’ve also heard from many of you who have started this and have expressed similar feelings.

It’s wonderful!

I am deeply passionate about this and so I’m sure you will see a lot from me on this subject over time. :)

So how’s about we take a little video tour here through the site now!


Now on to the next subject….

The Crazy Stuff

All of you that have been a part of this crazy journey with me these past few months know a little about what it’s been like as I’ve kept you updated. But there is so much that goes on behind the scenes of building a new website–particularly one that’s already been established–that most don’t even know. It seems simple, but it’s not. It’s seems like it should be quick, but it’s not. Heck, I had my own timeline and it was shot to heck with the unexpected. I had to laugh at an email that I received from MCP Actions (selling photoshop actions) a short time ago. They mentioned how they thought their new website would be a three-week gig and three months later, they finally had it. I get that. Oh boy, do I get that.

Building a brand new website in general isn’t too difficult. But when you’re already established and you throw in a classroom environment with a dozen-plus classes on top of that, it throws in many other wrenches.  And while building and preparing the website itself seemed to come together in a fairly timely fashion, it was getting in the thousands of customers and those thousands and thousands of orders in to coordinate with the hundreds products that became the major story in this huge delay. The short version: an outside company was hired with a promise of two weeks to complete (before Christmas), and several weeks later they finally got it done. I could use some words here, but I’ll keep it professional. ;)

In a perfect world I would have built the site while the other site remained going strong. But life isn’t perfect and you have to work with the cards you’re dealt.

As with most things, nothing can ever be perfect, and our new little home does have a few hiccups that we need to work out. Part of that is some of the orders. Rest assured, orders made over the years are still accounted for on our end, but some either didn’t transfer or the links may not work. It’s easily fixable with a quick email to us at

Here’s what we know:

  1. You will need to create a new password for the login email used on the old site. Please make sure you also add to your list of contacts, specifically,, and to avoid correspondence going into your junk mail or getting rejected by your email server.
  2. A few of the classes didn’t transfer in properly. We can see that it was purchased on our side, but it won’t be in your list of classes. For those customers we will be sending emails with a class-specific, one-time-use unique code so they can ‘repurchase’ it for free. The classes affected by this are: The History Project, Hello There, Oh The Places You Will Go (retired), Designer Edition: One (the original using v2/retired), Weekend Workshops: The Pocket Book...aaaaand any classes purchased in combo packs. I know. Crazy. If you’re in a super hurry to get back into any of those classes, feel free to drop us a line. Otherwise, please wait for an email to arrive over the next few days.
  3. Any one that purchased something where there was a commercial license option for it (whether it was commercial or not) probably won’t see it in their orders either. We might see if we can do the same thing here as the classes, but again, you can always email us and we can get it added if you can’t find the download on your own computer.
  4. All History Project students are now in one classroom for the sake of consistency and a one-stop classroom. If, by chance, it’s not listed in your My Classes, shoot us an email.
  5. We are aware that some download links for products from the old store work and some don’t. We have no idea why that happened–there’s no rhyme or reason that we can see, but we are fixing it.
  6. Links to products within blog posts (like the supply lists) will need fixing too. Please bear with us we correct them.

I would have preferred to have everything perfect to launch, but sometimes it’s just out of your hands. I believe this will take care of the bulk of the issues. That being said, I have a feeling we are going to receive more than the usual amount of emails these first weeks of our new site as we work through the hiccups that will inevitably occur. Hopefully we’ve accounted for solutions for the bulk of the issues, but please be patient as we work through the rest. As much as we test to make sure everything works, there are always scenarios that sneak up on ya. Please give us 48 hours for an email turnaround.

For live updates on issues that may arise, please check out our Facebook page.


What does the future hold?

Good things. Oh so many good things. Since I now have major control over this new site (as opposed to the old store), there’s so much more I can do. I look forward to properly incorporating gift cards, for starters. You will also see aesthetic changes as time goes on, I’m sure. The Message Boards for the classrooms will hopefully be up and going soon too. If you have a class question, don’t hesitate to email it to us.

On another note, I just want to thank you all for your patience. I know it’s been frustrating not being able to access your classes. But we are now back on our way to many new adventures in a wonderful new home.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

And, as part of a thank you and a celebration combined, all kits and classes are 40% off on orders of $15 or more through President’s Day!

Sharing my love for you all. :)

Use code HELLOAGAIN at checkout. I’m still trying to figure things out with this new setup, so if you wish to order stamps or the two classes that are retiring, please do it in a separate order as I cannot figure out why it doesn’t like it if they are in the cart too. :)

here. we. gooooo!

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Say Hello To 50

Another decade of my life has passed.

I’m moving on to the 50s.

Today is, in fact, my birthday.

The big 5-0.

I thought that I might feel or write something big and profound, but ya know, I think I might be in denial that I finally reached 50. It always seemed so way off in the distance all my life…until about a month ago. And then reality set in.

And, as my daughter told me yesterday, you’ve lived half a century! Thanks for that Jordan. It’s just what I needed…not.

I mean, with the 50s comes more freedom, I suppose. Kids are grown. I can leave for two weeks if I want to (like last year’s cross-country trip). I don’t feel any different than when I was 30, to be honest. A few more aches and pains and vision issues. But that all happened in the 40s too, so really, what’s the difference?

And, I always told my kids I could never be a grandma before 50. I do (finally) have a child getting married in a couple months, so the children listened and have accommodated my grandma timeline. Thank you.

So to celebrate a bit of this rather monumental day, I’m doing something that will only ever happen once in my lifetime.

fifty-fifty sale.



Because I am fifty, you get to save fifty percent on orders over $10 for one day only.

(No code needed. Cannot be applied to previous purchases.)

This birthday shindig ends at the strike of midnight on the first day of my fifties. 

Better spread the word, because this monumental day will never happen again. :)
(But when I turn 60 will I have to do 60% off? ;) )

Now where’s my cake?

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Personal Time vs. Work Time. The Struggle Is Real.


I’ve been self-employed or worked from home pretty much since Jordan was 3. And now that I do the math, that’s nineteen years. She’ll be 22 in November.

I’ve always had the hardest time choosing to do something creative or relaxing when I know that I could be being productive. Even something as simple as watching tv–when technically ‘work hours’ are through for most people–isn’t easy. Laptops, ya know? It’s easy to type up a blog post or answer emails or make some designs as you’re listening.

I’ve struggled with finding balance between personal time and work time. You’d think that after 19 years I’d have found a way to get rid of the guilt associated with shutting the computer and shutting off the brain. That’s not to say that I work 24/7, so to speak. I do take time off. I will go to lunch with my bestie or run errands with my family, etc.. But it’s stuff like this, taking a few hours to read a book or like in my latest endeavor–crocheting this afghan–the guilt of knowing that I could have been working inevitably sets in. And now that I’m processing what I’m saying, it’s particularly the guilt associated when I do something that only involves me. A personal, singular activity.

How do you allow yourself to say it’s okay to read a book or crochet and not design or scrap (in my case)?

How do you shake that guilt?

Am I alone in this boat?

What do you do to change your mindset?

Is it just a matter of doing it and letting go of it all? Will the guilty feeling just naturally start going away when you say your work hours are done?

Are we just so hard on ourselves that we’ll always feel that?

I don’t wanna always feel that. But seeing the nineteen year record….apparently I haven’t learned how to get rid of the guilt and know that it’s okay.


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Hellooooo September!

It’s my favorite month of the year.

It may have something to do with my birthday being this month.

It may have something to do with the whole ‘starting school’ thing.

It amy have something to do with fall appearing.

It may have something to do with Earth, Wind + Fire. Do you remember?

It may have something to do with all of the above.

It’s just an awesome month, really.

So to say that it’s finally arrived….well….giddiness has ensued.

I’m also giddy over the brand new stamps for the month!

Inspired by my summer ambitions in wanting to just get away–mostly to the mountains and to see waterfalls. I just had all these words needing to get out and express themselves to go with all that needed to be documented.


Digital stamps can be purchased in the store HERE.

And speaking of digital stamps, had a little bit of fun using images and a little text to create these two cute tag variations–all Minc’d up and ready to go.

I love the idea of having gold on a kraft postal-style cardstock and had  to try it! It may not have been smooth enough, but the black flecks where the Minc didn’t take actually add to the ambiance of the subject. Pretty cool.

And that little bottom section of the stamps? Yeah. They can do something like this. Fun, right?


And if you  want to add your own phrase, just draw a line under You Can Find Me and fill in the blank.

This set has some of my favorite words ever. I think it’s been a really good summer for me. ;)

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Take Me Away

Paige Evens is singin’ my tune today in sooooo many ways! I think my permanent life motto is take me away. I love to travel. I love all things bright and happy. And I love creativity that I never would have thought of.

So….check this out!

Take Me Away by Paige Evans
Take Me Away Detail 5 by Paige Evans
Take Me Away Detail 1 by Paige Evans
Take Me Away Detail 4 by Paige Evans
Take Me Away Detail 2 by Paige Evans

[ Designs | Digital Stamps: Wanderlust (globe) ]

Oh the layers and paper of it all! She makes KBS designs look so amazing with her own Pink Paislee Take Me Away collection! What gorgeous combination and amazing idea!

Here’s a bit from Paige:

I’m back with my August layout for Kerri Bradford Studio! She has so many amazing digital stamps/cut files in her shop, it’s a limitless array of possibilities!

I saw the globe from the Wanderlust digital stamp set and toyed with the idea of cutting all the little parts from different patterned papers…and so I did!

HOW TO: Die cut the globe from black floral paper and adhere the globe holder piece on the left side of the colorful mini triangles paper. Die cut the squares from patterned papers and use the black floral globe as a template to adhere the pieces in place. Use a sewing machine to stitch around and through the globe. Curve the title around the globe and create two clusters – one on the top right and the other with a photo on the bottom left. Journal and add stamping to finish.

JOURNALING SAYS: Can you see the ice-cream stained shirt and dirt-skinned knees? So typical Jane. This was taken as we were walking around Pisa, Italy. I hope you remember these adventures!

I know. I know. Say it with me: amaaaaazing.

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Life Well Traveled | Beauty …. And A Freebie!

There is one thing that was instilled me from as early as I can remember–and that is a love for this land all that it has to offer. That there is beauty in everything you see, from dead trees to the bloom of a thistle, the drifts of snow or the colors of sunset. There is beauty everywhere. It’s something I never take for granted.

I have my grandpa–and my mother–to thank for that. And I hope that I have instilled that in my children as well. I think I have. ;)

That’s what’s been on my mind of late. One of my favorite things I remember doing as a child was going up in the mountains with my grandpa to explore. He could tell me the name of any plant and what it could be good for. Those were amazing moments.

And that’s how today’s addition to my Life Well Traveled came about.

mtn life beauty web

I printed photos using a combination of two templates from Snapshots 3 so that I could get the 4-square collage and an ‘Instax’ photo all on one 4×6 sheet.

I cut out the word beauty in cardstock, adhered it and added the stamped word everywhere from the Travelogue stamp set. It actually says let’s go everywhere, but I just inked the everywhere part and stamped that.

mtn life beauty 2 web

I made a pocket out of my photo collage and printed text on two Office Tag shapes filled with a beige color. I then stamped THEN and NOW from the Yesterday stamp set. I thought it was the perfect way to tie in the two memories. I did extend the bottom lines of the tags to make them longer so I could fit all the text I wanted.

I also typed out all the verses and chorus to For The Beauty Of The Earth and made that a background page to the right side. I know, right? How perfect is that? :)

Here is my journaling:

This could be a picture straight from my childhood. Many trips over hill and dale with my grandpa at the helm. I miss those days.

I remember summers going up to the Pomerelle area when visiting my grandparents. A picnic. Exploration. And the occasional sliding down of a snowbank on your behind. I remember spending many moments–in mountains, valleys, desserts and farms–exploring with my grandfather. He instilled in me a love for this land. Having worked in the Forest Service and for the BLM, he could tell you the name of every plant. I can’t tell you how many times he’d pull from an Indian Paint Brush bloom and let us suck on it. While I did enjoy those times as a child, I never fully appreciated the wealth of knowledge and his love for the land. Your perspective of what you have in front of you differs from child to adult. I miss his sweet words and his quiet little laugh.

He–and my mother–instilled a great love of this land. To appreciate the beauty in everything. Even a weed can be beautiful. Have you ever looked at the blossom of a thistle? Milk weeds are wonderful for bees. Dead trees have beauty. Then there are the sunsets, the fruit and vegetables harvested. Even a dirt path lined with trees is beautiful.

Feeling the need to revisit a love from my own childhood, I made it my quest to go to the Sawtooth National Forest (Pomerelle area) with my own family for the Fourth of July one year. Sheree and Alisa and their families came too. We made a picnic and took it up to the mountains. We hiked around in various places and truly enjoyed where we were. The smell alone just took me back to being a child. It smells like no other place in the mountains I’ve ever been. It’s a sweet smell. I’m sure my grandpa could have told me what made the smell for sure, but we always called them cabbage leaves. Don’t know if that is really what it was or not.

+ + + + + + +

Now it’s your turn. Here are some questions to help you get started:

  • What does beauty mean to you?
  • What do you love most about being outside?
  • What do you see that makes you appreciate where you are and what you have in front of you?
  • Did you have someone help you learn to love the beauty in all?
  • What do you want to tell your children about beauty?

+ + + + + + +


And now here are a couple of beauty-ful things just for you!


The beauty cut file/image is free for you!


And here’s a little tutorial on how you can combine two different templates to make a template to print the photos you need.


A Life Well Traveled is a journey of thoughts, perspectives, and memories in visual form based on events in your life. A play on words, it can be anything from actual travels and afterthought perspective to personal journeys and lessons learned in your life.    

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Bring On The Sports!

What with school coming back around and the olympics on, I feel like sports is all around us. And I miss the days of Friday night high school football.

So I guess until we have grandkids of our own (that’s still quite a few years away), I’ll have to live vicariously through others…like this fantastic page from Miss Laura!


[ DesignsStoryboard: Instagram Style / Life Additions Backgrounds (circle background) / Weathered Door [all] (Lady Buffs) / July Four (celebrate) / Simplicities: Best Thing Ever (tab). Stamps | For You ]

What a way to capture a season, right? Wow! Look at all those photos! I love it! I especially love how she kept everything balanced–in design and in the photo templates. I always took a heckuva lot of photos and this is an awesome way to include a bunch of them on a two page spread.


And check out that title. Laura incorporated the ‘Freakin’ Awesome’ stamp with other letters. What a cool idea!

Let’s hear what Laura has to say:

I’ve had sports on my mind lately, when it comes to layouts! One layout that I’ve been wanting to make is this one here, documenting an awesome season – a freakin’ awesome season – our high school girls varsity soccer team had. Our school mascot is the buffalo, so the varsity soccer players are referred to as the “Lady Buffs”. My youngest daughter, Sarah, was part of this team that accomplished so much this past spring. Seeing as how they took home not one, but two major championships, I knew I wanted to create a layout filled with photos taken throughout the season. 

All but three of my photos are cell phone photos, taken by either myself or my daughter. I had this thing going, where at the start of each game, I would snap a photo of the team getting ready to take the field. I would Instagram them each time as well. So I managed to collect a good amount of photos by the end of the season. I was able to get Sarah to send me some photos she took during the season as well, with a little begging and pleading. I gathered up all of these photos, and arranged them into two collages using a template from Kerri’s Storyboard: Instagram Style kit. My two main photos, both taken by the newspaper photographer, were printed as 4×6″ photos to include on either side of the collages. All in all, I’ve got 24 photos on this two page spread!

I’m sure you all know by now that I love creating white-on-white backgrounds for a lot of my pages. Since I only needed to cover about half of each page with the die cut background, I was able to use a smaller sized background from the Life Additions: Backgrounds kit. Usually, I just cut full 12×12 backgrounds, and then save the extra parts I don’t use for other projects. But it was nice to be able to use just two 8.5×11″ pieces of white cardstock for my two background pieces. 

For my title, I turned to the Weathered Door [all] kit for the “Lady Buffs” part of my title. This kit comes in so handy when you need a word that Kerri doesn’t have in kits. I went back and forth on the first part of my title, and finally settled on “celebrate”, from the July Four kit. I had every intention of using small alpha stickers for the middle part of my title, the “an amazing season”. I’m glad I stopped, just before adhering my stickers, and checked out Kerri’s stamps I have on hand, because the “freakin’ awesome” was perfect for this title! I knew I wouldn’t be able to stamp it directly to the page, with my die cut background, so I stamped it onto a scrap piece of cardstock and simply cut it out and adhered it in place. 

That page packs some serious punch!
I love it Laura!

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