Brown Paper Packages | Christmas Style + Yet Another Giveaway!

Wednesday already. Three days in to our little Brown Paper Packages event. I can't even believe it. You know what I can't even believe more than that? Those cute girls over at Eighteen25 shared a '100 Days 'Til Christmas' ABC Family photo on Instagram yesterday. What the french toast? It's comin' folks. It'll be here before you can say 'Bob's your uncle.' I know there are tons of you getting ready for Christmas, whether it's decorations or gifts, there's been a lot of Christmas stuff flying off the ol' KBS shelves lately. ;) Well, this week is the perfect time to start [...]

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Brown Paper Packages….or Bags + Another Giveaway

Well. It's happened. Goodbye 47. Hello 48.  I've been digging my 40s. Not had a problem with them at all. It's a good time in life. Kids are a bit older. The pace of life begins to slow down a bit...kind of. It still has its moments, but that may be more self-inflicted due in large part to owning my own business. At any rate, other than this funky shoulder and getting 'older vision', I can't complain too much. It's 'turning 50' that I think will get to me somewhat. I always looked at those people in my neighborhood that [...]

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Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String + Giveaway

This song has literally been in my head for months. Months. At the beginning of this year I bought a roll of brown postal paper. Oh, the thoughts I've had in my head for using this. Hence, the song. I see the roll. I see something in kraft. I hear the song. I knew I wanted to personally do a post around this theme, but could never seem to get my 'packages' in a row. Until now. There's a reason for everything and I'm so glad I could never make it happen just for me because it just got sooo much [...]

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Flash Friday | Buy 2 + Save

It's Flash Friday and the perfect time to stock up on some This+That kits. Buy any two or more kits from the whole line--full or just shapes--and save 35% on the bunch. Use code THISANDTHAT at check out.(Discount applies only to This+That purchases.) This is a flash sale and it's available for today only. Have a beautiful weekend!

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Living in a World of Mixed Emotions

We are all unique individuals. We all handle situations differently. To be able to express--or not express--our feelings and emotions is how we cope with these situations. Neither way is right or wrong. It just is. It’s who we are. It’s what makes us these incredibly unique creatures living here on this earth. Recently, my sweet friend, Cathy Zielske, sent her first child off to college. Sending your first child away is hard...period. And it has been tough for her like for so many of us. I have sent two children away under much stricter circumstances than college. Sending them [...]

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Mix+Match | This+That School and Project Life

  Y'all know what a big fan I am of maximizing my art, right? Well for the past couple weeks or so, all I could think about is what could I do with designs from the This+That: School kit (on account-a it is the season), a few 3x4 rectangles and a little bit of text. And this is what came to fruition. (The large clock face is a printable and comes in the full kit. The rest of the designs are cuttables or PNGs and come in the full kit or the 'Just Shapes' kit.) Um. I don't think it can get much [...]

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Who’s That Knoooocking At My Door

Okay, if you could only hear my grandpa  singing that song in a high-pitched voice upon our arrival at the farm, you would be smiling like me. We have a new visitor here at the KBS house today! Say hello to Nicole Reaves! One day, not too long ago, I was having a little fun Instagram hopping and I came across this very creative girl and I just knew I needed to have her over for a visit. I was beyond thrilled when she said she could come! If you've been looking for some great ideas for your travels this [...]

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Flash Friday + Family Love

It's a fabulous Friday here at KBS! After having the summer of the Friday Freebie I was feeling a little like I was going through withdrawals or something. So I thought it might be cool to still have some Friday fun all through September! Each week there will be some kind of fun sale happenin'. So be sure to check in so you don't miss out. What's on sale today, you say?             Save $10 on these individual classes. Price is already reflected in the store.Remember, this is a one-day only sale! __________________________ And now we [...]

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All That Glitters Is Golden

Gold is the rage right now. Have you noticed? It seems that everywhere you turn, there's some sort of twinkle in the yellow-colored genre. In my house, I've had the MME Market Street paper pack staring at me for a couple months at least ( may have even been longer than that considering I got it from 2Peas). Yeah, I know. I haven't put it away. But when you have something like this staring at you constantly, it's just too pretty to put away. Well, constantly seeing that beautiful shiny gold combined with a recent addition to my arsenal of [...]

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A Labor of Love • Sale • One-Day Only Freebie • New In Store

I've never really given much thought to Labor Day. I know why we celebrate it, but in my mind, it's usually just the end to summer. Or better yet, the day that signifies the last time you can wear white. Because we all know what a fashionista I am. This year, I kind of took it to heart. What is Labor Day?It's a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers. Well, I think that pretty much applies to everyone in the work force. But it hit me deeper than that this year, being the 'CEO' of my [...]

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