Organization Tip #35: Making Lists

By the title you would think I have 34 previous numbered tips, but it's just a random number pulled out of a hat. Surely I must have shared at least 34 tips by now. ;) Setting the Stage For years and years, I used notebooks to carry all my ideas in one location. They are quite handy and were so awesome to hold many thoughts in a given location. Composition books are a favorite as far as notebooks go. Small. Bendable. Comes in so many colors and patterns. Dreamy. I have an addiction on those really. I don’t think I [...]

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The View

Nope. I'm not talkin' about all the broo-ha-ha going on in daytime television. You won't find Rosie or Whoopi here folks. What you will find is a wonderful 'perspective' coming from Laura. It's a fabulous idea! [ Designs | Pack Your Bags (the view) / Storyboard Instagram Style (photo template) ] Here's what Laura has to say: A while back, I had been searching thru Kerri's cut files in my Silhouette library and came across one from the Pack Your Bags kit that said "the view". It might have come from a travel related kit, but it immediately gave me an [...]

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Sharing Some Love

Nothing says 'I Love You' like a printed word strip that actually says 'I Love You'. :) Which brings us to today's brand new kit: These are set up just like the Merry Little Words. So here’s how they work: There are three styles, white, colored and distressed. The first two come in the form of cut files (and PNG) so you can change the colors to whatever tickles your tinsel. It comes with a ‘frame’ file for Print+Cuts so that you don’t have to rely on the boxes to cut. Because if you do use the boxes, you’ll get [...]

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Where Are We Headed?

We’re a few days into our new year already. (And I will neither confirm nor deny that I was looking for sandals the other night.) There is so much to look forward to for this brand new year (like spring, ha ha), but there are things that didn’t get done before the last year ended and need to be rounded up now. What on earth am I talking about, you say? Well, to say the last three months of 2014 were challenging is putting it mildly...especially the last five weeks of the year. I won’t go into details, but needless [...]

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Hello New Year…and Last Year

As you may have noticed, I love numbers and words. They 'speak' volumes to me. And including a date on a page is not only informative, but it can be a wonderful embellishment! For the past few years, I've made a 'year' kit. Something happened in 2014. I don't even know what, so don't ask. But I never got one made. So this year, we're doing a little two-fer with a kit honoring 2015 and 2014. Not only is there quite an assortment of things to choose from to use all by their lonesome, but they work together too! Here's [...]

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I Have A Problem

I can admit it. I have a 'creative A.D.D.' issue. It's a result of having too many ideas in your head that are bursting to come out. Or because when you're working on one idea, you're sparked with another idea and 'the other' is something quicker to create, so you do that first. Welcome to my life. Here is today's ADD moment:   I couldn't help myself. It had to be done. And you probably think I spent a lot of time creating a hand. Well, here's a little trade secret: It's my real hand. Took a picture of it in front [...]

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Hello 2015!

It’s here. A new year is upon us. I’ve been contemplating this moment for quite some time now. What do I see for this brand new year? What will my home life be? Will I finally get it organized? What will my kids be doing? What new happy things will be coming to my business? What do I want out of 2015? What’s next? That’s a big question. Each year Ali Edwards does her One Little Word and while I have never participated in her workshop, I still pick a word because I think it helps give the year a [...]

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Sorry, we’re closed. Back Monday (ish).

This week I’m taking the entire week off and focusing all on my family and home. Without going into details (because it’s personal), we’ve had some rough times in our neck of the woods that began the day before Thanksgiving and has affected our family this holiday season. Truth be told, it’s been hard for some of us to get into the spirit of Christmas. When an event like this happens (it isn’t a typical situation), it just makes you want to be surrounded by the people you love and hold dear and appreciate every little moment. And that’s what [...]

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Last Minute Card Idea

Nothing says joy and fun like confetti, does it? Just one look at it makes you giddy. Especially when it's wrapped up in a little 'package' and you can shake it around and see where it goes inside. Colorful. Bright. Shiny.  It's what Laura's card is all about today. [ Designs | Santa's Workshop: Toys Only (envelope) / December Twenty-Five (do not open) / Confetti (confetti) ] I adore this idea! I love that Laura stitched at transparency on the front of a petal envelope to contain all that fluttery fun. What a great idea! Here's what Laura has to say: Now [...]

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Pretty Little Packages

Be still my heart. If you are looking for some last-minute gift idea, look no further because Miss Nichol has some of the most amaaaaaazing ideas right here. [ Designs | The Pillow Box (pillow boxes) / Santa’s Workshop (box, bow, snowflake) Can I just say *squeal*?! I'm absolutely giddy. Who wouldn't want a gift wrapped up in shiny gold packaging…it's just ever-so dreamy. I think this is gorgeous just 'as is' too…put it under a little tree, just for fun. Nichol always has fabulous packaging going on every year, and this year is just absolutely beautiful!  Hmm. I may just have [...]

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