Two-Fer Tuesday | Happy Camper + Happiness

As you may have heard, this last week I spent the week with my dear friends Lisa Bearnson and Kristy Banks and our girls camping....uhhhh....I mean glamping up in the wilderness (*ehem* five minutes from civilization) up past Midway, Utah. It was a lovely little spot and we had a grand ol' time playing games and talking and eating and even staying an extra day. Last year we made these sweatshirts, and so I thought it only appropriate that we continue our shirt-making tradition this year. Last year we used the iron-on transfer, but this year I thought I'd try my [...]

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Our Last Day Of The Party

Can you believe our birthday week has come to an end? Our Creative Team has shared some wonderful stuff, have they not? It's been such a fun week and we still have one bit of amazingness to share from Miss Laura today. She had a vision to create some great home decor items that you can use for your own home or make pieces for your friend and give them as a gift. She asked if I could write her some delectable words for this project and I was happy to oblige...and the Tasty kit was born. Check it out! [...]

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Gifts for Teachers

School is coming upon us. Shut the front door. It doesn't affect me so much these days...having three kids in college...wait...maybe I take that back. It does affect me in other ways due to three college kids in college. Oh the agony of paying for it all...  Okay, so they do help out, but still........three kids in college.  Anywaaaaaay, I think some kids have started school and most will be starting soon. Crazy, right? Well, now would be a great time to start thinking of gifts for teachers--whether it's a birthday gift, a first day of school gift, a Christmas gift [...]

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Friday Freebie + Giveaway!

Oh my goodness. This has been such an amazing week so’s Friday and we ain’t done celebratin’ either! We still have a couple more days of goodness coming from our incredible creative team, but today it’s all about what’s free! It’s Friday and you know what that means. Summer of the Friday Freebie continues! I have been inspired by my week at our girls camp, I do believe. We’ve had such a great time hanging out that we even stayed an extra day. That’s what friends are for, right? So this could be fun to put on a page that I know [...]

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Maggie Massey: One Great Birthday Gift

I told you we just might have a surprise for this week. It's a KBS birthday just for me...and you! I think this is one of my best KBS birthday presents ever.  Last week Miss Maggie Massey came to visit my 'house', and now, I need to clean out a room because she is movin' in and here to stay! I am so excited to have her here as a KBS Creative Team Member. I can't wait to see what great things her creative little mind will come up with. Wait...I don't have to don't have to wait...because she's got something [...]

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Keep It Real Pillow Case

The KBS Birthday party continues with another fabulous gift idea from Miss Nichol! And having just ventured into the art of stenciling on fabric, I was fascinated to see Nichol's way of doing things. Let's check it out: [ Designs | Something To Say ]   Perfect for the teenager in your house, right? I think it's awesome! And I love the fabric she chose for it as well. Here's what Nichol has to say on making this lovely item: I love the look of painted text on throw pillows and I absolutely adore the handwriting in Kerri's Something To [...]

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Today Is A Good Day Frame

Woooowee! We are having some fun! This party is just a-rockin'! If you haven't entered for a chance to win some yummy gift cards, do that in yesterday's post. I gave my girls the assignment to think outside the birthday box for this party. I gave them the challenge of making a fun gift or packaging or cards or anything that would be awesome for a birthday for that special someone in your life. Layle asked if I could make a phrase for her project: Today Is A Good Day To Have A Good Day. I, of course, was happy to oblige...because [...]

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Four on the Fourth

Four years ago today was a very exciting and monumental day for me. I remember it well. Not only did that day we have lightning hit right by our house--at 5 a.m.--knocking out two televisions and a cable box, but it was the very first time I sold a kit. Which leads me to this big event for today. Can you believe it's been FOUR years already? It seems like I only started this last year. It's crazy! But before we get this party started, it’s time for a bit of pause and reflection, because that’s what you do on [...]

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Friday Freebie • Going There

The summer of the Friday Freebie continues with a travel-themed freebie....a sort of continuation, if you will, of the Beautiful Somewhere  kit that was released on Tuesday this week. To download this--forever free--click HERE. Of course, this can be used for soooo much more than something travel-themed. You could use it for positive affirmation, going to an event...anything. You could even add other specific words about where there is. :) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and... sure to tune in Monday because there's some fun stuff going on next week! 

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Maggie Massey, Part Deux | Find Joy Album

Maggie Massey is still here at the KBS house and is sharing some delicious stuff for 'breakfast.' :) Take a look at this yummy album! [ Designs | Weathered Door Alphabet / Find Joy in the Ordinary / Tiny Details (tags) ] I think the way Maggie incorporated the Tiny Details cards is genius! Love how she made a flip card with them! And I also adore the way she cut the giant number outlines and overlaid them onto her photos. It's just fan-freakin'-tastic! Here's what Maggie has to say: I love making albums and pages that include photos of my kids and their [...]

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