Friday Freebie: Dragonfly

I knew I needed a dragonfly for a Summer Friday Freebie. knew it.  And when I started making it, my mind wandered to making a Project Life style card, because, let's face would be cute in a little pocket, right? So here is today's freebie for y'all. To download this--forever free--click HERE. I also needed some text with it too. And 'there is beauty all around' seemed only fitting. Of course you could change it up and add your own text. Or make it a 'thank you' card (or some other sentiment) to send someone. So here's my little [...]

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Layout a Day + KBS Webinar….and it’s FREE!

That Lain Ehmann. She is such a hoot! If you don't know who she is, she is the queen bee over all things True Scrap. I marvel at her creativity and wit with each new event that she plans. I'd like to know where her mind goes at night....or maybe I wouldn't. ;) If you've been part of those events, you know I've done a couple make-n-takes for it, which have been really fun. And when she asked if I'd do a webinar....or excuse me....scrapinar with her, of course I had to say yes! So here's a peek at what [...]

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Two-Fer Tuesday | Photo Templates + Tiny Details: America

Did y'all have a good Fourth of July...or Canada Day? I don't know about where you live, but we still have people doing fireworks. Like I mentioned before, we have a 24th of July holiday that 'requires' fireworks, so they pretty much go all month long, even though they aren't suppose to. :) Well, if you have some photos to scrap, like I do, these Tiny Details will come in handy.  There are some that are more generically loving the country rather than Fourth of July specific. That way you can use them for the holiday or if you go on a [...]

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The County Fair Has Come To Town.

Ever since summer started and we started getting brochures for the upcoming summer events for our local city and county, the fair or carnival has been on my mind. The rides. The food. The games. The craft booths. It's just a grand ol' time, is it not? And that is what inspired me to make this kit.   Lots  of fun possibilities here. You know me and variety. :) And on those lights? There are two versions--one where you can layer colors on top of a base and one where you can cut vellum circles for a translucent look. And [...]

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Friday Freebie and a KBS Fireworks Display!

Lots of fireworks have been going off 'round these parts this week. Seems to keep going until much later at night than it should, I think. Maybe it's just that we're getting old. ;) But today is a day of celebrating this country that we love so much and the freedom we enjoy that has come at great cost to many over the history of this nation. I am truly grateful for all the sacrifices made. Lots of fun happens on this day too. Parades. Picnics. Family. Friends. BBQs. Fireworks. It all makes for a very exciting day. And we [...]

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Station 22

So the other night, we had the question that we pretty much hear every night: What's for dinner? Oh, how I detest that question. If I was organized and had meals planned, it probably wouldn't bother me so much. Well, this night  we opted for eating out. It was Jordan's pick (she only gets special treatment for so long though) and the three of us just couldn't stomach the thought of going to Zupas (which we used to like). So instead she picked a place she enjoyed going to with her friends: Station 22   Believe it or not, I [...]

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Two Fer Tuesday: Minus One, Plus One

Gotcha confused by that title? Well, today's Two-Fer is minus one Two-Fer. Which meeeeeaaaaaans, that there are sale items, but no new kit. And that's becaaaauuuuuuse of the 'plus one' in the house. This cute little twink had to come home from her mission in Jacksonville Florida  for health reasons. It has been quite the whirlwind these past few days. We found out on Wednesday that she'd still been struggling to get healthy over the past month and that it was a strong possibility that she'd have to come home to get better. On Thursday we found out that she [...]

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finding joy in the ordinary

This is my motto that I pretty much live by. I don't take anything for granted and enjoy even the smallest of things or moments. It's what I feel creates a happy life because you're always appreciating....well....everything. Perspective is key to a happy life. And that's why I love this page from Layle that showcases her backyard and the peacefulness it brings to her. I can relate to that. Okay, not my backyard because the dog owns it, but I have other places that do the same thing for me. [ Designs | Find Joy In The Ordinary / Life [...]

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time well spent

Hey all! It's a little crazy here in the land of Bradford. It's been a really weird week--and that was just by Wednesday yesterday. I'm a little nervous to see how the rest of it turns out. ;) So I'm just popping in real quick with a layout share from Miss Naomi.   [ Designs | Well Traveled (sunset) / Happy Stuff (time well spent + good stuff) ] Lots of great fun words to showcase this summery beach-themed layout!And a wonderful idea to make a border of words down the side of the page! Okay, now let's hope my [...]

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