Friday Freebie | Lucky Us

  It's been a long time since we've had a Friday Freebie and with today being St. Patrick's Day and all? Lucky's the perfect time for one! Three sweet little 3x4 card choices. Use them as a card in Project Life or trim them square and add them to your planner or traveler's notebook. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

March 17th, 2017|freebies|8 Comments

Photographing the Littles

Recently my dear friend Lisa Bearnson asked if I'd take pictures of her 11-month old niece, who hadn't really had any 'professional' photos taken of her as of yet. Now, I am by no means a 'professional', but I can do okay. I know enough to get by, but in the photo world, I believe I'd still be considered an amateur. And it's been years since I've photographed a child this age. Whew! It's a workout! So today, I thought I might share a few tips I used get some photos of this cutie.   Gotta keep up. This is [...]

March 15th, 2017|photography|3 Comments

Moab. A Grand Adventure….In One Day.

A couple weeks ago I was getting quite stir crazy. Lots of gloomy weather about with hints of a spring day here and there. Just enough to get you excited only to be dashed with a blizzard the next day. And we'd already had a very gloomy January and February and this sun-deprived girl was getting a little anxious. Dan and I had been talking of going to Moab, Utah (three hours from here) for some time. We'd celebrated our 29th anniversary last month and thought this would be a fun getaway. We were waiting for a warmer couple of [...]

March 13th, 2017|travel, utah adventures|7 Comments

Send A Card Today

If there's one thing that spring brings, it's color and freshness. My mind and soul actually crave it. I mean, how can you blame a gal after a few months of dull and grey. You want those pops of color again--inside your home, what you're wearing, outside everywhere you look...and even in your mailbox. How lovely would it be to receive a card like one of these from Miss Nichol! [ Designs | Borderlines #3.  Stamps | Fresh Air / For You ]   It's like a lovely breeze just drifted through your home if you opened one of these! [...]

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A New Line: Travelers Notebook Themed Kits

As part of this fresh, new KBS direction-- live. write. repeat.--I personally want to focus more on documenting simply and share those ideas with you. And part of that is creating components as part of a system to help you--and me--to do that. A couple months ago you may have seen the 'Instagram-minute' video I shared on what I'm doing with my traveler's notebook (and a little peek at this new kit). I'm actually going to do something a little more in-depth here soon, but one of the fun techniques I'm doing is binding my book with  a Midori rubber band rather than the staples.. [...]

March 10th, 2017|printables, travelers notebook|5 Comments

Take Note

While fall seems to be the time to document what you are grateful for, spring is the perfect time to take note of the favorite things in your life. Everything is fresh and new. You want to freshen up your wardrobe with new spring clothes--I know it made me feel good the other day. ;) You buy new bins and tools to organize your home. You want to watch the new buds grow on your lilac tree. Spring is a perfect time for documenting what's new. Take a look at what Marcy did with a favorite item of hers. From [...]

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Spring. A Time of Change.

Before we get started with today's loveliness, I just wanted to remind you of the Spring Fling sale going on right now. You can save 40% on THESE spring designs on orders of $5 or more by using the code:  SPRING. ___________ If there's one thing that spring does, it's change. Adding new growth to decade-old trees. Bulbs buried deep in the ground change and allow new life to come forth through the dirt. Grass turning from a matted brown mop to a luscious green carpet. It's all about change.  And that's one thing we've seen in the scrapbooking world. Change. Styles [...]

March 8th, 2017|digital shapes, pages|1 Comment

The Birds Are Back!

One thing I've noticed the past few [warm] days is the significant change in the bird noise level. Yay! It's a beautiful sound, is it not? A wonderful sign of spring. And when more birds flew my way via Paige Evans, I was all a-flutter! Like....mind....blown. Take a look: Tell us all about this Paige! DESCRIPTION: Jane is OBSESSED with birds. Mostly pigeons. She called them "chickens" from about the age of 2-3.5. This love of fowl must be documented. JOURNALING: You are fascinated with birds and love to chase pigeons in every city we visit. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7!" (inside joke ;) Maybe someday you [...]

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Fling Into Spring!

Even though a snow storm roared and blizzarded (ya, it's a word) its way in to us yet once again last night, I did manage to spend a few glorious first days of March in the beautiful sunshine! The days are getting longer. The temps will rise again this week. And we change to Daylight Savings Time this weekend. All glorious signs that we are flinging into spring! Yay! So with all this going on, it's the perfect time for us to have a Spring Fling week! with our creative team! Aaaand, on top of the beautiment (ya, it's a word) [...]

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Hand-stitched Holiday Cards

Hand-stitching is something I don't have the patience for (okay, maybe it's that I don't have the skill for it too). This look adds such a charming element to so many mediums, including paper. And nobody does hand stitching on paper better than our Miss Paige! Take a look at the amazing work she did on these holiday cards!   Here's what Paige has to say: I just LOVE the Better Not Pout and Oh What Fun holiday designs and chose one image from each set to turn into handmade cards. I used my Silhouette Cameo to draw the images onto [...]

March 3rd, 2017|cards|1 Comment