April Showers

It's been a long time since we've had rain 'round these parts. But today and yesterday have been rainy and cool. We're talkin' upper 70s and low 80s for the high. Yay! The respite won't last [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Bestlovers

I have been in a total retro mood of late. Thinkin' lots about the 70s. Heading to the Oregon Coast as kid. The clothes. The music. The style. The simplicity of it all. As a result, [...]

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Documenting Senior Photos

Believe it or not, it's that time again. I'm starting to see back-to-school commercials and I know our schools start about five weeks from now. Some in the nation do year-round school and will start back [...]

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Love You Girls

June is coming to a close folks. Two more days until July.  Can you even believe it? How am I gonna get all the trips done that I want to do? Okay, so maybe most of [...]

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We’re Back…And Better!

OH.EM.GEE!!! I think we're back folks! We have switched hosting sites and I can see that several of you have ordered the freebies already! Wow! And the coolest thing...the site appears to be running faster. Yay! [...]

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27 | Sheree Forcier

We have another treat for you today from Sheree Forcier! Sheree first dazzled us with her gorgeous travelers notebook spread featuring the Travelers Pack: Splendid kit (here). And now today she has another amazing creation using [...]

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Mickey Mouse | Kim Jeffress

Is it really the last day of the week? Say it ain't so! Does anyone else's summer seem to be flying by, yet it seems like we just barely started? I feel like I've crammed so [...]

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Team Heidi | Kim Jeffress

It's another beautiful day with another beautiful page from our guest designer, Kim Jeffress! Aren't her pages just amazing? Take a look at today's....and those ginormous roses! (Yellow roses are my favorite, in case you didn't know. [...]

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