The Alpine Loop

Our next stop on the KBS Adventure Tour is The Alpine Loop. This 20 mile stretch of road that goes from American Fork Canyon, up over to Sundance and out to Provo Canyon (or vice versa) is one of the most beautiful drives you'll ever take! It goes along the backside of Mt. Timpanogos (what you take in yesterday's post) and into the Sundance Ski Resort. There's so much you can do in this area, including camping, hiking, horseback trails, four-wheeling trails, waterfalls, fishing and such, but I thought I'd focus on the loop itself with a couple other little nuggets [...]

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Scout Falls…aka…At Least We Tried

I think that when most people think of vacationing to Utah they plan on the 'Big Five' National Parks, which is fantastic, but there is soooo much to do up north folks! Especially if you like hiking. And if you're visiting in the summer? Cooler than Zions. ;) And if you're visiting in the fall? Holy spectacular! The foliage is amazing! This beauty that is known as Utah?  Wow, right? Well, today our next stop on the KBS Adventure Tour is our attempt at Scout Falls.   ABOUT THE HIKE I read up on this hike, it seemed like a somewhat 'easy' [...]

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Grotto Falls

From the red rocks of southeastern Utah to the mountains of northern Utah, the next stop on the KBS Adventure Tour is Grotto Falls. As much as I love the southern+southeast landscape, these mountains will always hold my heart. We may never have camped all together here (separately though), but we have spent so much time outdoors here along the Wasatch Front (mountain range). And the camping wasn't for lack of trying--I had all the stuff when the kids were little, but Dan often worked on the weekends in those days and we never could get out to camp. I'm making [...]

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Capitol Reef National Park

Last week I discovered something. I went looking for a couple posts on some of our Utah excursions--particularly from last year--and I realized I never did share them on the blog. Instagram+Facebook? Yes. Here? No. What??? I've been getting quite a few questions about places to go and see here in Utah, so I thought I might share them just a little more--with everything being Utah related under the category of Utah Adventures. So this week it's Adventure Week here at KBS!  I'll be sharing some of those fun+pretty places we've been from the past couple years--and not shared here--so not only [...]

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Guest Designer | Melanie Blackburn, Part 2

Oh boy, oh boy! More goodness from our guest designer, Melanie Blackburn is happenin' here today. Have I said yet how much I love her travelers notebook spreads? ;)     [ Designs | Travelers Pack: Splendid.  Stamps | Oh Yeah + By The Numbers ]   This page is just fantastic! I looove the super large date. Big numbers on a page has always been a favorite of mine! I can remember picking up a ginormous 3 and a 9 diecut from a trade show to put on a page (when I was 39)--before the days of a Silhouette. [...]

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Guest Designer | Melanie Blackburn

I'm so excited to have an amazing guest designer this week! Everyone say hello to Melanie Blackburn! Melanie first caught my eye with her wonderful traveler's notebooks on Instagram. I'm so glad we connected because when I saw what she did with a bit of  KBS goodies? gasp! I was in total awe! Check it out.       [ Designs | Travelers Pack: Splendid.  Stamps | Oh Yeah + By The Numbers ] I looooove the By The Numbers stamped background! I'm gonna have to do that someday. And the combination of all the little word stamps combined with words [...]

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New Stamps | Long Story Short

Sometimes you don't need a lot of words to sum up a story. That's where the Long Story Short stamps can help you! A group of simply-stated stamps to add flair to your documenting.   I can't help but think of the song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious--how when you don't have a lot to say you can say that word. But with Long Story short, you can be a little more concise. :) And on a side note, thanks to Cathy Zielske, The Enabler, I'm now a proud owner of a Misti and used it for the first time. Pretty cool! Especially when [...]

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Pretty In Pink…And Gold!

Did you happen to catch the new Hey Mama! kit on social media yesterday? It's here just in time for your Mother's Day. I decided to have a little fun with them last night and whipped up these cards in swift fashion and Minc'd away!   You turn anything shiny and it doubles the pretty factor, right? :) Want to make some of your own? It's super easy. Get the Hey Mama! kit (haha). Download both black borders here. These come from and the original color versions can be found here and here. I modified it a little and [...]

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Time is fa-lyin' folks! Can you believe Mother's Day is this Sunday? I've been excited for the warmer weather, spending time with my family outdoors and going on adventures, but my goodness, come this weekend we'll be at the middle of May already! What plans do you have for Mother's Day? What do you give your mothers, mothers-in-law or the special women in your life? Have you ever thought about a framed layout? Perhaps something like this from Laura?     [ Designs | Background Basics #3 (floral), Grateful (happy life) ] gasp! Right? That is so pretty and such a [...]

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And the winner is….

...but   I just hate posting without a photo. And since Sunday kind of got away from me for announcing a winner, I thought I'd share a little of what distracted me during the day. So this was actually morning, but Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day! It started off by looking out my window to see the gorgeous morning light and shadows on the neighbor's snowball bush--that happens to hang over onto our side of the fence. ;) Add a little class prep for church, church, making BBQ chicken sandwiches (these turned out really good) and cabbage (ramen) [...]

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