Celebrate With His+Hers Cards

I am the biggest fan of not reinventing the wheel, especially when it comes to crafting. There's no reason to be original with everything you create. That's why, when it comes to cards, you can simply make a slight tweak or two, but essentially use the same design to quickly create a card. Perfect example? Oh, that would be our Miss Laura with her Celebrate cards!         [ Designs | Life Additions: Backgrounds / July Four (celebrate) / Funky Flowers (free download!) / This & That: Family [just shapes] (star).  Stamps | For You ]   Love that with [...]

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A Little Love

All my kids are now in their twenties--with one being married and living away. As they got older, it became tradition for me to get them a 'made from scratch' Valentine cookie or on occasion a Cravings cupcake because...who really needs all that candy? The girls especially didn't want a bunch of candy around. (wink wink) On occasion I'll find some other sort of token. This year, some super fun socks caught my eye. And now all I'm thinking is how cute would they be in these card holders that our Miss Maggie made!     Now that my kids [...]

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Day 9 | Deck Your Halls + Envelopes

I started a new tradition a few short years ago. Well, I guess it was technically Dan that started it when he bought a Christmas wreath from our local nursery. It was one of those hand-to-the-forehead moments when I wondered why we hadn't ever done it before...to bring in that fresh pine scent since we no longer do fresh Christmas trees. So from that point on, on Small Business Saturday, I've loved going and getting a wreath. Sadly, this year's isn't lasting as long. Not exactly sure why. But you know what won't wither and brown? die cut wreaths. ;) [...]

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Day 7 | Home For The Holidays

This is the first year of our lives where we have children that live away and are coming home for the holidays. Seems like such a weird concept. But how exciting is it to have people come to your home for the holidays? Parties, dinners, family, friends...there's nothing like being at home for the holidays. Can ya feel the love? So today we have a little bit of home-ee type items going on. Let's do something in the party realm with our darling Miss Maggie!         How stinkin' cute are these invitations?! My creative team constantly wows me. I [...]

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Day 5 | Add That Touch Of Hand-Lettering

Hand-lettering is all the rage right now. And as I recently took my very old iPad out to do today's hand-written freebie, I dreamed about what it would be like to some day (soon) have the iPad Pro to letter on (I was suppose to have it last year...semi-long story for another day). I've been using my almost eight-year-old iPad for nearly as long to do my handwritten words. I feel so archaic now. But soon I shall join the masses and get more creative with hand-lettering. I feel like I'm going from a rotary phone to an iPhone. I can't [...]

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Day 4 | A Little Christmas Giving

Christmas is all about the giving--from the biggest to the smallest to the gifts of the heart. And at this time of year it's always fun to have something ready for just such an occasion. Take a look at these wonderful cards that Nichol has made using the Christmas Greetings 1 and Christmas Greetings 2 stamp sets!         I love the simplistic elegance of these cards! Similar, but each one being unique. And wow...the embossed phrase! I love that! Let's hear what Nichol has to say: Clean and simple cards bring the focus and attention to the [...]

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Christmas Greetings

This time last year was not my best year in the land of work. As a result, most of my time was spent working on a new site, but additionally, I had my son's wedding to prepare for. His (at the time) soon-to-be mother-in-law asked if I would design a large print of a quote she loved for the wedding. During the process, I thought, 'Hmm...this would be a really fun look for some Christmas songs.' It was coming up on the holiday season, after all. I whipped up one to see what it would be like and that's as [...]

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Deck The Halls Stamps

We have another great showcase of the brand new stamps for this month. This time Paige is showing Deck The Halls off in fine fashion!       Oh what fun it is! I loooove this! This is freakin' adorable! Here's Paige to tell you how it all came together: I began by die cutting three Office Tags from smooth white cardstock and the hole punch part from kraft cardstock. For the floral wreath tag I stamped a whole bunch of leaves, pine cones, and holly berries in their usual colors (greens, reds, and browns) onto smooth white cardstock. Instead [...]

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A Birthday Surprise!

This weekend I said hello to 51. What? I surely can't be that old. I swear I'm only like 31, right? I can't believe how fast time flies! I had a lovely weekend with my family. Friday night Dan and I went out to Chilis on Kass. Saturday (the official day) we all went to see a movie. I had to work a little and prepare a lesson for church, so it was pretty much like every other day. ;) Sunday Jordan made curry for dinner and we had chocolate cream pie for dessert. And Tuesday I go out with [...]

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The Final Summer Freebie | Gift Card Striped Envelope

Labor Day has come and gone and summer is officially over--regardless of the 98 degree temps we seem to be having. Someone needs to tell Utah that this is a fall month and those are July temps. I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm over this summer's Weekly Freebie. It's been so incredibly fun to see thousands of you stop by this summer to pick the freebie--it's like my own little virtual vacation spot. So many people from so many countries have taken a 'summer vacation' here. People have visited from the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, [...]

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