What’s On Your Itinerary?

I think we live in a time of lists. Things to do. People to see. Agendas. Planning. Food. I don't think there will ever be a time when we don't make a list for something. And hubs hates it when I 'text him a list' for the grocery store. ;) That's why I think it's great way to document what's going on in your life--include all  the lists and itineraries and agendas. Check out what Miss Marcy did in her journal here!     [ Stamps |  Travelogue ]   Here's what Marcy has to say: So, I’m not the most technically [...]

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Send A Card Today

If there's one thing that spring brings, it's color and freshness. My mind and soul actually crave it. I mean, how can you blame a gal after a few months of dull and grey. You want those pops of color again--inside your home, what you're wearing, outside everywhere you look...and even in your mailbox. How lovely would it be to receive a card like one of these from Miss Nichol! [ Designs | Borderlines #3.  Stamps | Fresh Air / For You ]   It's like a lovely breeze just drifted through your home if you opened one of these! [...]

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Hand-stitched Holiday Cards

Hand-stitching is something I don't have the patience for (okay, maybe it's that I don't have the skill for it too). This look adds such a charming element to so many mediums, including paper. And nobody does hand stitching on paper better than our Miss Paige! Take a look at the amazing work she did on these holiday cards!   Here's what Paige has to say: I just LOVE the Better Not Pout and Oh What Fun holiday designs and chose one image from each set to turn into handmade cards. I used my Silhouette Cameo to draw the images onto [...]

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Creative Holiday Giving

If there's one thing for sure, bags and cards are a much needed item around the holidays. And strangely, even though we're sharing our December projects from a couple months ago right now, this would actually be the perfect time to make some and really be ahead of the game! And today, we have the lovely Laura sharing to tell us all about her amazing holiday creations! While photo cards have become a favorite of mine when sending out Christmas cards to family and friends, I always like to have a few handmade cards on hand to add a more [...]

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Hello There Card Adaptation | Bees Knees

Remember yesterday how I said that my brain was swirling with Valentine adaptations for cards in the Hello There class (that's on sale until Thursday). Yup. this happened.   Using the soon-to-be-released bee stamp image with my Minc. A lovely combination, if I do say so myself! One note. I might Minc it before doing your Silhouette Print+Cut. I did it after and so the cut affected the toner on the bee. In the end I'd prefer a nice smooth gold, but in the essence of conserving my precious gold ;), I opted not to redo it. hmmmm.....now what else [...]

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 11 + Another Giveaway!

Another Friday has arrived during our little 12 Days event and that means another giveaway is afoot! Today we are giving away a stamp set of your choice in three social media places: here on the blog, Instagram and Facebook! To enter here on the blog, just leave a comment with a favoritist (yeah, it's a word) Christmas gift from your childhood, like this post on FB below, and we'll draw a winner Sunday morning. Now go check out the other two places for more chances to win! And we still have this going on for today only. This is the [...]

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 9

  I think our wheels are spinnin'...thinkin' of all those gift-giving ideas right about now, wouldn't ya say? Just about two weeks until Christmas! What are you getting everyone on your list? Well, for just that little somethin'-somethin', especially gift cards, jewelry or chocolate, check out all the awesomeness that Layle whipped up for the dudes on her list! So stinkin' cute! I have 2 teenage boys.  Their cousins are teenagers.  Their friends are teenagers.  Let's face it, gone are the days of wrapping up a box of Legos or a Barbie for Christmas.  Teenagers want cash.  Cold hard cash! [...]

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 7

  I have been loving all these wonderful ideas that everyone has been sharing! Can you believe we're on Day 7 already? It's all going so fast! Today, we have Miss Jamie Pate--who's visiting the KBS house for the holidays--to help you out with some beautiful ideas for sending sweet holiday notes. Check 'em out! One can never have too many cards this time of year. I always need a stash ready and handy to jot a little note and send it on it's way. What recipient does not love a hand crafted note purposefully made with love? I love the [...]

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Take Time To Stop and Smell the Embossing Powder

I've been in the middle of a big project. It's exciting. It's nothing 'creative' in the 'buy me' sense, but it's huge and thrilling, nonetheless. Yesterday I decided that I needed to stop what I was doing and create something. I was having too many choices thrown at me and the decision making was overwhelming. I decided I needed to do something simply. I had purchased these tags from Thatch and Thistle on Etsy and they were screaming at me to make some Christmas tags! minimalist. With the help of some KBS stamp combos and some American Crafts embossing powder, [...]

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Send A Card To Brighten The Day

In this world of ever-increasing technology, the art of sending letters seems to have gotten lost. That being said, I've seen a resurgence of people sending pretty cards and letters and pocket letters. How delightful! So the next time you need to tell someone something--whether they live 'round the corner or 'round the world, try sending them something that will brighten their day, like these lovely cards that Miss Laura has made! gorgeous. love. Take it away Laura! I recently cleaned out a bunch of my handmade cards, and randomly sent a bunch of them off to friends and family. [...]

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