Get Your Tags Ready!

  You all know how much of a fan I am of tags. I love store-bought tags, but I also love cutting my own! When you cut your own, you get to pick the color or style of cardstock, you get to pick the size, and you get to pick any 'accessories' that may accompany it. One of my favorite tag designs in the store is the classic Office Tag with the curvy reinforcement. And with all the fun holidays coming up quickly, this is the perfect tag to cut out a bundle to have on hand. To make a [...]

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Hello October. Hello New Stamps!

Oh boy! I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. Holiday stamps are always one of my favorites and we have two beauties here for you! Say hello to Hocus Pocus and Deck the Halls!   If you're thinking that Hocus Pocus isn't 'new', it's because we did a preorder on the stamp set at the beginning of September so that we could make sure that those who wanted to get one of these limited time only stamps, could. Now that we're at its official release date, we have a limited amount available to purchase. We will not restock [...]

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Commercial Licensing

  It's that time of year when many of you start getting all holiday crafty and many of you want to sell those homemade crafts at local boutiques and fairs. So much fun! And I thank you so much for those of you who want to use KBS designs for those crafts. Wow. I have to say that, hands down, Jingle All the Way has been the most popular craft for both personal and [limited] commercial over the past four years since it came out.     With all this in mind, I've been a little busy over the weekend. [...]

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Signs of Halloween

Alright, now before you start thinkin' I'm all jumpin' the gun for fall, just hold on a minute. like...whoa.  I actually had this mostly done last fall, but with all the [insert expletive here] that went on last year here in the land of KBS, I never got it finished much less added to a store that didn't exist. So.... Since I needed to finally get a pillow case made for a friend's birthday--who happens to be a Halloween nut, I decided to get it all wrapped up and in its final place. I present to you, Signs of Halloween. [...]

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Christmas In July Starts NOW!

Oh this is going to be one very merry week! This is the time of year many people start wanting to get ahead of the Christmas game and get a little preparation done while in the lazy days of summer. And boy do we have some great stuff all week long to help you there! The first item of business are two brand new stamp sets: Better Not Pout and Oh What Fun!         What I love about some of the options on these two stamps is that you can mix them up. For example, there are [...]

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All You Need Is Love Frame

Love is in the air. The love of sunshine. The love of slightly warmer temps. The love of a spark of color. The love of love. The big love day will soon be here and I thought it would be fun to make Valentine's Day version of the Jingle All The Way. A quick little somethin'-somethin' to make with just a frame, some shiny gold vinyl, and a few wooden hearts...and a little paper and sequins too, of course. Here's the main pieces of what I used. Click on the image to take you the website. Frame from Michaels, Hearts from Amazon, and the variegated paper [...]

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Don’t Just Count-Write Your Blessings

Thanksgiving. Turkey. Stuffing. mmmmmmm..... The countdown is on, my friends! Are you looking for a little something to help your family or guests count their blessings? Well Miss Maggie is here to help you with that! [ Designs | Digital Stamps: Thankful ] This idea is so amazing! And I love that she didn't use the conventional 'thanksgiving' colors. It's bright and cheery and just plain happy. Here's what Maggie as to say: Wow! Thanksgiving is already upon us! I'm so's my very favorite holiday...and it's the start of one of my favorite seasons. Each year I try to [...]

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