You Do You

If there's one thing that I believe in whole-heartedly, and have taught my kids their whole lives, it's you do you...and it's today's Phrase A Day.     I think that now, more than ever, with the likes of social media and comparisons, that it is so important to teach our children the value of loving who they are, not comparing themselves to others, not worrying about what others think of them, and doing what speaks to them. And it's something we need to keep in mind ourselves too, I'm sure. ;) This little phrase would be awesome to hang as [...]

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Twenty Eighteen

The holiday hangover, so to speak. Does anyone else not want to go back to work today? ;) I've so enjoyed having the last week or so off, but it's back to business for reals today. I've got some emails to get to today for sure. I still can't believe we've reached a new year. Last year went by so fast! And right now it's not even feeling like January with these unusual 40+ degree temps. Feels more like spring. We better get some good snow soon. We need it for sure. Today's Phrase A Day had to be the [...]

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And So The Adventure Begins

Hello 2018! Can you even believe we are here already?! After having a rather strange year last year--with little going as planned, I'm looking forward to this brand new year with new creative adventures. The ideas are swirling in my head. :)     As part of this exciting new year--and because I finally got my new iPad Pro 10.5 (yay!), I decided to do a Phrase A Day all through January and test out some writing skills as I learn about this new software, Procreate, and each new phrase will find its way into the store. You can find [...]

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Day 10 | Oh Deer!

We are on our 10th day of Christmas folks! Can you even believe how fast this has gone? Just two more days! You guys have been so awesome. Your love for this time of year here is why I do what I do. I appreciate each and every one of you. mwah! And now I have a any of you still get excited when you see a deer? Granted, I know that many people don't live where the deer and the antelope play, but there are many that do. And you would think that seeing a deer would finally become [...]

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Day 9 | Deck Your Halls + Envelopes

I started a new tradition a few short years ago. Well, I guess it was technically Dan that started it when he bought a Christmas wreath from our local nursery. It was one of those hand-to-the-forehead moments when I wondered why we hadn't ever done it bring in that fresh pine scent since we no longer do fresh Christmas trees. So from that point on, on Small Business Saturday, I've loved going and getting a wreath. Sadly, this year's isn't lasting as long. Not exactly sure why. But you know what won't wither and brown? die cut wreaths. ;) [...]

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Day 8 | Before Christmas

There are so many activities happening before Christmas. So many place to go, people to see, food to eat, Santa...all that.  Festivities abound. Such festivities might include seeing Christmas decor around town, like lights or a giant Christmas tree, like our super creative Paige Evans here! I'm gonna let Paige tell us all about.... I've got a new layout to share today using a pretty wreath cut file from the the Kerri Bradford Studio Christmas Calendar!     First I die cut the wreath from plain 12x12 white cardstock as well as these patterned papers from Turn the Page: Paper [...]

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Day 5 | Add That Touch Of Hand-Lettering

Hand-lettering is all the rage right now. And as I recently took my very old iPad out to do today's hand-written freebie, I dreamed about what it would be like to some day (soon) have the iPad Pro to letter on (I was suppose to have it last year...semi-long story for another day). I've been using my almost eight-year-old iPad for nearly as long to do my handwritten words. I feel so archaic now. But soon I shall join the masses and get more creative with hand-lettering. I feel like I'm going from a rotary phone to an iPhone. I can't [...]

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Food, Glorious Food.

I do love me some glorious food. And with the holidays just around the corner, I can't wait for all those tasty bits that only seem to come 'round this time of year. We often take pictures of the big Thanksgiving feast or Christmas dinner. But I also love documenting about food all through the year. I often include what we make for Sunday dinner or where Dan and I go to eat out--I think it's incredibly important to include in your story. It gives your posterity a little 'taste' of your life. ;) That's why I'm totally in love [...]

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Deck The Halls Stamps

We have another great showcase of the brand new stamps for this month. This time Paige is showing Deck The Halls off in fine fashion!       Oh what fun it is! I loooove this! This is freakin' adorable! Here's Paige to tell you how it all came together: I began by die cutting three Office Tags from smooth white cardstock and the hole punch part from kraft cardstock. For the floral wreath tag I stamped a whole bunch of leaves, pine cones, and holly berries in their usual colors (greens, reds, and browns) onto smooth white cardstock. Instead [...]

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A Birthday Surprise!

This weekend I said hello to 51. What? I surely can't be that old. I swear I'm only like 31, right? I can't believe how fast time flies! I had a lovely weekend with my family. Friday night Dan and I went out to Chilis on Kass. Saturday (the official day) we all went to see a movie. I had to work a little and prepare a lesson for church, so it was pretty much like every other day. ;) Sunday Jordan made curry for dinner and we had chocolate cream pie for dessert. And Tuesday I go out with [...]

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