(i)NSD Week| Spring and Summer…Here We Come!

After a week of gloomy, cold + rainy weather, yesterday's taste of spring and hope of summer has swept me away. It swept me away high in the mountains with my husband at Strawberry Reservoir where he went fishing and I sat in my reclining camp chair...and didn't do a darn thing, even though I'd brought work and even a book. I basked in the sunlight, feeling the warmth on my face. I listened to the sounds of the birds--particularly enjoying the Canadian geese and loons. The sound carries for long distances, so you could even hear the guys chatting [...]

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Get Ready for (i)National Scrapbook Day with Sales, Ideas and Brand New Stamps Today!

Oh me, oh my! We are going to have a grand week starting today as we get ready for (i)National Scrapbook day! And today is rockin' it all! First, we have brand new stamps for all those fun little trips you're gonna be taking this summer! Say hello to Found and Vacation! So many delightful words and phrases on these two little stamp sets! I showed you a sneak peek of the Vacation 3x4 stamp on Friday (previous post), but take a look at some of the combinations you can do with the Found 4x6 stamps! They look awesome when you [...]

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The Heart of Life is Good | Giveaway + Freebie

I’ve been very troubled over the past couple of months hearing the craziness going on in our country. Like, as in scared. A lot of it seems to stem from the political side of life, which I won’t get into or share my feelings there. But I will say that I’m afraid for our country. I’m afraid how people are acting...and that people think it’s acceptable. Every day it seems like there is something terrible going on or being said. Where did our kindness and respect go for one another? Normally I try not to pay attention to all the [...]

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All You Need Is Love

I love it when a plan comes together. One that you didn't really have any intention of starting out with, but that somehow serendipitously turns into something else or a new way of doing something....as what happened with Layle's page making story here: Have you seen Kerri's new XO stamps? Holy cow.  Sold out in 4 days.  WHAT?!  Since I didn't have a chance to snatch up a set before they sold out, I thought I'd use the next best thing - the XO Digital Stamps.  And you know what?  I'm glad they were sold out.  Glad because it forced [...]

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We're on the countdown for Thanksgiving folks. I can hardly believe it! Soooo looking forward to the turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy….and all the other fixins. mmmmmm….. There are many friends and family pages to come from this holiday season and so I felt inspired to make a kit about being together and being grateful and love for this time of thanksgiving. Here is Grateful. Eleven words+phrases that are individual, so you can stack them up like this + weld them together to make one cut, place them in a line or add them as an overlay [...]

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Hello October

Just three months left in the year. I know I say this all the time, but seriously...flying by. That's all I'll say. So in honor of October making its first appearance in our lives this 2014, here's a brand new handwritten kit for all your fall splendiferous projects...and then some. Several of those words can be used for many other projects. And at the risk of sounding cheesy... happy fall y'all. :)

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Two-Fer Tuesday: Back To School

I can hardly believe it's time. A good chunk of kids are back in school now. Even Kass had her very last first day of school yesterday. She'll be graduating with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the end of the school year. Crazy, right? Summer is  pretty much over, I'd say. Believe it or not, the leaves on several trees around town are already changing--including the big maple tree in our neighbor's yard across the street. Yes, there is definite orangeage. Kind of strange for August. I thought I'd save the best for last and have a school [...]

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Two-Fer Tuesday: All About Family

It's Tuesday, which always mean something fun is happening here at KBS! Do you realize we only have one more Two-Fer Tuesday left for summer??? Where has summer gone? Well, this week we have a little 'family' theme goin' on. Let's start off with the brand new kit that you got a peek at yesterday. Plenty of words for all your family needs. You can even use 'love at home' individually, if'n ya needed to. FYI, you can get this kit for free--through this week only-- if you sign up for the updated Getting To Know You class--if you don't [...]

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Two-Fer Tuesday | Happy Camper + Happiness

As you may have heard, this last week I spent the week with my dear friends Lisa Bearnson and Kristy Banks and our girls camping....uhhhh....I mean glamping up in the wilderness (*ehem* five minutes from civilization) up past Midway, Utah. It was a lovely little spot and we had a grand ol' time playing games and talking and eating and even staying an extra day. Last year we made these sweatshirts, and so I thought it only appropriate that we continue our shirt-making tradition this year. Last year we used the iron-on transfer, but this year I thought I'd try my [...]

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Two-Fer Tuesday: Christmas in July

I'm still just in awe of how fast this year is going. I know it's July, but Christmas stuff is already out in Hobby Lobby. How crazy is that??? We just have a week left in this month before August starts and that floors me. Of course, once August hits that means those fall days come shortly after that, and I loooove that! September+October are my favorite two months. :) Last week I hinted that we might be celebrating a Christmas in July this Two-Fer Tuesday and by golly, we sure are! Here's a look at today's new kit. Kind of a [...]

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