Can’t Stop Me

Mixing up today's Phrase A Day in fine fashion (haha). Thought these words would be so fun on a t-shirt or hoodie!   If you've never tried screen printing, check out this post. You can also use heat transfer, which is a simpler process. Design in the store here. _____________ Phrase A Day is a personal writing challenge in the month of January to help me learn more about my new iPad Pro 10.5 and the Procreate app. If you have a suggestion on a phrase to write, leave a comment and if it gets written, you’ll get the image [...]

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Day 13? It’s A Baker’s Dozen.

Alrighty. We actually have one more project (no freebie, sorry) to share for our 12 Days of Christmas. A sort of Baker's Dozen, if you will. :) Marcy has this loooovely packaging idea to share today!       That color scheme and layering of this package is amazing! Like...seriously. It is absolutely divine. I never would have thought to layer all those tags in different sizes like that. I absolutely love it! Here's what Marcy has to say: As soon as I saw the word art stamp from the Believe stamp set I knew it would work great as a belly [...]

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Signs of Halloween

Alright, now before you start thinkin' I'm all jumpin' the gun for fall, just hold on a minute. like...whoa.  I actually had this mostly done last fall, but with all the [insert expletive here] that went on last year here in the land of KBS, I never got it finished much less added to a store that didn't exist. So.... Since I needed to finally get a pillow case made for a friend's birthday--who happens to be a Halloween nut, I decided to get it all wrapped up and in its final place. I present to you, Signs of Halloween. [...]

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The 1-Hour Gratitude Journal (x6)

My time has been extremely limited over the past couple weeks--well, the past month, including a trip to DC. Not only have I been preparing for the new workshop, I have two callings in church  that have kept me hopping these past couple months--the biggest one being our 'Super Saturday' in which we do several crafts all day. Whew. That one is over at least. But yesterday we had what's called Activity Days. The other leader and I meet with the ten-year old girls and do different things. It's kind of like scouts without the camps and obnoxious cheers. I [...]

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The Domino

I have this thing with numbers. I love incorporating numbers in different ways and more importantly, making them have significance. Several years ago I used a tiny domino in a frame sequence for my family. And it then translated to a diecut domino for the This+That: Love kit. One thing my kids remember about their Grandma Maxwell, who passed away ten years ago, is playing dominos with her. So is it any wonder that I would have a desire to make a large that represents the number of our family? I also thought it would be a wonderful idea [...]

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Screen Printing | KBS Style

One of the fun parts of girls camp is having some crafts. Often we make bracelets (and I still have every one of them) and last year we made Harry Potter shirts (see here) using the Silhouette Heat Transfer. While doing heat transfer is fun, cutting and weeding that many and ironing them took quite a bit of time that day. This year I was on a quest to see if screen printing would be any better. While we could have used a vinyl and fabric paint route, there were itty bitty details in the design I wanted to use [...]

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Keep It Real Pillow Case

The KBS Birthday party continues with another fabulous gift idea from Miss Nichol! And having just ventured into the art of stenciling on fabric, I was fascinated to see Nichol's way of doing things. Let's check it out: [ Designs | Something To Say ]   Perfect for the teenager in your house, right? I think it's awesome! And I love the fabric she chose for it as well. Here's what Nichol has to say on making this lovely item: I love the look of painted text on throw pillows and I absolutely adore the handwriting in Kerri's Something To [...]

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diy: banner picks

You're having a party. You're making a cupcakes. You want some festive picks to top that lovely mound of tasty confection. Picks that come in your special color scheme. And you want a personalized sentiment too. We never want much, do we. Well, I've got something that can help you with your wants.A brand new DIY Banner kit!   What's fun about this kit is that you choose a background and a design, color them, align, and make yourself a sweet little print+cut! Everything is set up as a 'cuttable' image, so it's easy to add whatever color you need. [...]

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DIY  •  Photo Puzzle

When I saw this done on another person's blog, I knew I needed to do it and send it to Jordan for a cute Valentine. I just loved the cleverness of it all. Simple. Sweet. Fun. I couldn't find a canvas bag, so I opted to work with what I had, including the paper bag shape we made in the Hello There Silhouette class. I also used the chevron design from Background Basics to create the print+cut design for the paper bag design. This is what I started out playing with.  As you can see, I loved the idea of [...]

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my home decor project

As you may have heard, I've been redoing my office--for like a year now. I was down to finding one last piece of 'perfect' furniture to finish the trio of work space and it took a while. I'd originally planned to have a piece made like I did with my cabinets and desk, but long story short--after a year--I found a piece that I thought would work. Since it was the wrong color, we refinished in distressed fashion (that's a whole other post) and placed it in our home. A blank canvas for me to decorate upon. I knew I [...]

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