Time To Get Busy

April 18th, 2017|everyday|


I feel like I’ve been in bed or really just out of it for way too long. And when I say out of it, my brain is really out of it. The lack of iron–or oxygen moving in my body–must affect my brain as well. It takes a lot for me to focus and think straight.

Now the mess in my studio is completely out of control and all I have wanted to do was get it organized again. And today, I’m completely motivated to get this space under control!



Is it just me? Please tell me there are more of you out there that move piles from one location to another just so you can work in this spot or that spot. See that little space above? Yeah, that was  my current spot to do a couple things.

It’s pretty ridiculous to let it get this bad, but folks…this is reality sometimes.

Mess can get the best of us–especially when you’re not well or so completely busy that cleaning up the last mess isn’t a priority, which results in the mess continuing to pile up.

I’m coming back to that simplify word again. I believe the phrase, ‘A stitch in time, saves nine.’ applies to messes, does it not? If we’d just clean up the current mess, it wouldn’t turn into as big of a mess that takes way longer to clean up.

I am 50. You’d think I would have applied this to my life by now.
If I would just clean as I go, life would be much simpler.

What tips and tricks do you have for keeping organized and clean?

I Am Iron Man.

April 13th, 2017|everyday|


This song has been stuck in my head for daaaaaays.

A couple weeks ago I’d shared  here on the blog that I’d been having health some issues. The kind that seem to happen when a woman turns 50 or so. As a result I became severely anemic–like transfusion or infusion bound. But they preferred to try treating it with iron pills first.

I’d had blood work done before I went to Kauai and didn’t get the results until a couple days before we were to come home. At that point I wasn’t ready to start taking iron, knowing that it could cause issues. Last thing I wanted to be was iron-made ill on an airplane coming home.

Strange thing is, while at sea level, I was never out of breath, but walking around was slow-going, especially if a small hill–okay, incline–were involved. I’d get to the top, pause, let my body reset, and then continue on. It’s hard to describe how your body feels as it’s trying to get oxygen around inside over a little exertion. Those of you who have had anemia before know what I’m talking about.

When I came home to this almost mile-high city of mine, it was a completely different story. I would be winded after slowly taking the six steps up to the next floor of my home.

It was very interesting experiencing anemia at two different altitudes.

And other than being Vitamin D deficient (thanks winter), all other blood tests–like thyroid, cholesterol, diabetes, etc., came back normal. Yay me!

Lucky for me, I’m pretty sure my anemia is a temporary situation, for which the cause has been controlled, but I’m still healing with a double-dose of iron every day for two months (seven more weeks, ugh).

You’re probably wondering why I’m sharing all this.

Well, the other day I’d hit a major accomplishment….I’d made it through the day without a nap. I know, right? Considering all last week I was either in bed most the day or taking naps on the other days, this was big for me.

I’d shared the great news on Facebook and it started some conversations that I never expected! Many people shared their experiences on being anemic and it was amazing. I didn’t want to lose them into the abyss of Facebook. So I thought I should house these thoughts here on my blog in a more permanent environment.

Here are some of the things people shared about their anemia issues.

  • Iron infusions occurred for many.
  • Some have to do it for long periods…even years.
  • Iron infusions turned one person’s veins orange.
  • Nettle helps another person (see THIS article). Funny, because we avoid Stinging Nettle like the plague in the mountains here. ;) But it is really fascinating!
  • Beet roots and juice work great as a home remedy. Not a beet fan, so that will never work for me. haha
  • One person had a liver transplant and can now absorb iron. Oh man. Now that’s not a solution anyone would want to have to have.
  • A glass of stout once a week (doctor’s orders) helped another person. (If I only drank. ;) )
  • Someone suggested cooking with cast iron.
  • In her doctor’s quest to find the cause of her anemia, one person found out she had Celiacs’s disease. Once they discovered that and changed her diet, her body was able to absorb the iron. Wow!

That last one I think is incredible. I really wanted to make sure that one was shared. I don’t know why, but it struck me so.

It’s funny. I just associate lack of iron with blood loss. I think my small battle with anemia has really opened my eyes as to how big of a deal it is for many people. While my body does seem to be adapting to the iron–getting stronger every day, I can’t imagine being on it for an extended period of time, much less have infusions of it. You know me and needles. We don’t get along.

One other thing I’d like to point out is the iron pills I’m taking. I know nothing about vitamin brands or anything like that. The only thing I was instructed was to take 325mg of Ferrous Sulfate twice a day. When I went to the pharmacist to pick up my Vitamin D prescription, I asked him about iron pills. Having read a little, I figured I wanted time-release pills so that I wouldn’t get the full force of an iron pill all at once. He told me that you don’t get as much iron that way. That taking the regular pills were better. These particular pills in the photo were not prescription, but he did have them behind the counter. I think all in all, they’ve been pretty decent. After about a week I started feeling much better. But even taking them with food made me nauseous-ish from time to time and I was tired a lot. That seems to be subsiding.

If you’ve had issues with anemia, I’d love for you to share your story here. I think it’s really important for us to hear and learn of ways of dealing with it. You never know, what might work for one person might work for you too.

Death and Taxes

March 23rd, 2017|everyday|


As I was laying in bed and finishing Survivor last night (ohhh Malcom!), all I could think of was how my day felt like the phrase, death and taxes.

I’m not dying any time soon (or so I hope), but as I shared on social media yesterday, I had quite an episode when having some blood drawn for tests. I think I scared the poor nurse to death as she went to get me some water because I wasn’t feeling well and she came back to find me kneeling with my head on my hands on the floor, doing my best not to pass out. She was so sweet and kind as she grabbed a coke and then ran to the cafeteria for a piece of bacon and a couple potatoes. Weird that they don’t have juice on hand there.

Many factors came into play for that moment to happen. I couldn’t eat that morning for one of the blood tests and I am most likely anemic. Wrap all that up into the fact that needles are not my favorite thing and voila. You get me on the floor hoping to keep control of myself.

I actually haven’t been feeling well for a couple weeks due to ‘prolonged + excessive’ womanly issues for the past month. When you’re pretty much a clock-work kind of gal and all this happens, all you want to do is get things to stop. It got to the point where I actually made a womanly doctor’s appointment.

And you have to know, this girl never goes to the doctor. The last time I had a checkup was after the birth of my last child 22+ years ago. It takes a lot for me to even take pain medication. And with the exception of an occasional cold and a hernia, I’m a pretty healthy gal.

So for me to actually admit that I need an appointment is kind of a big deal. ;)

And luckily all the stars aligned for me so that I could do a real exam and not just a consult. I figured that if I didn’t get it done now then who knew when I would actually get in there again. It would probably be another 23 years.

Yeah. It’s like that.

So of course it involves blood work to make sure that every aspect of my body is fine. And again, I figured I might as well do the other set of blood work for cholesterol, diabetes…all the stuff outside the realm of the main womanly issues, like thyroid. If I’m gonna be there, I might as well do it all, right?

And that is where yesterday all comes into play. Taking four vials of blood from this already weak gal? I felt like death.

That kind of thing takes a lot out of a gal. The only problem was, it was time for the tax man that afternoon and I still had work to do. So I sat in my chair and just slowly chipped away at the figures. I managed to sneak in a little nap–in the chair–as I could see that I was pretty close. Figured I could wrap it up after a few winks. I was just so tired after the blood draw. And when you don’t feel well, all you want to do is sleep and hide yourself in the comfort of your bed.

I thought about canceling, but in the end I was just like, buck up kid…just get ‘er done.

I did have my daughter drive me there though as a precaution. (Dan was working.)

And for the first time in I don’t know how many years, we actually get a small (teeny tiny) refund! That is the silver lining to my business not being in business the last quarter. Not that I ever want to find myself there again, mind you. :)

The happiest of news followed by pjs and climbing into bed for the rest of the evening. More happiness. I’d been waiting all day.

So I’m wondering, am I the only that avoids going to the doctor? My husband and I both never go. I feel like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But we’re both in our 50s now. I’m sure we should be more attentive to our health.

What do you do?