And the winner is….

...but   I just hate posting without a photo. And since Sunday kind of got away from me for announcing a winner, I thought I'd share a little of what distracted me during the day. So this was actually morning, but Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day! It started off by looking out my window to see the gorgeous morning light and shadows on the neighbor's snowball bush--that happens to hang over onto our side of the fence. ;) Add a little class prep for church, church, making BBQ chicken sandwiches (these turned out really good) and cabbage (ramen) [...]

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Time To Get Busy

  I feel like I've been in bed or really just out of it for way too long. And when I say out of it, my brain is really out of it. The lack of iron--or oxygen moving in my body--must affect my brain as well. It takes a lot for me to focus and think straight. Now the mess in my studio is completely out of control and all I have wanted to do was get it organized again. And today, I'm completely motivated to get this space under control!     Is it just me? Please tell me [...]

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I Am Iron Man.

  This song has been stuck in my head for daaaaaays. A couple weeks ago I'd shared  here on the blog that I'd been having health some issues. The kind that seem to happen when a woman turns 50 or so. As a result I became severely anemic--like transfusion or infusion bound. But they preferred to try treating it with iron pills first. I'd had blood work done before I went to Kauai and didn't get the results until a couple days before we were to come home. At that point I wasn't ready to start taking iron, knowing that [...]

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Death and Taxes

  As I was laying in bed and finishing Survivor last night (ohhh Malcom!), all I could think of was how my day felt like the phrase, death and taxes. I'm not dying any time soon (or so I hope), but as I shared on social media yesterday, I had quite an episode when having some blood drawn for tests. I think I scared the poor nurse to death as she went to get me some water because I wasn't feeling well and she came back to find me kneeling with my head on my hands on the floor, doing my best not [...]

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Let’s Get This Party Started!

Six years ago today I had a new baby...of the digital kind. I decided to take the plunge into the wonderful world of self-employment, creativity and endless possibilities and Kerri Bradford Studio was born Today we celebrate! And it's doubly celebratory for me because....helllooooo....the store is back to working and you can access your classes! That all came to fruition about midnight last night. I thought I was going to have to do a 'belated' birthday party. (Sidenote: Kudos to my new web guy. He needs a cape because he's my hero.) But hooray! It's 'my' birthday and I can have a [...]

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Christmas In July | A Little Gift Giving

  What would a Christmas in July event be without a little gift giving. That would just be so wrong, right? ;) There are three places for you to enter to win a $25 download gift card for you and a friend. The more the merry-er, yes? Be sure to check out the KBS Instagram and Facebook pages for more places to enter! To be entered here on the blog, leave a comment with your friend's name and tell us what you're most excited for when it comes to Christmas. Winner will be drawn tomorrow!

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Happy Fourth! And One-Day-Only Freebie!

Popping in with a quick Happy Fourth of July for you all! Here's a little one-day-only freebie too! Make it Minc. Make it large. Frame it. Put it in your planner. Or put it on your scrapbook page. Just all sorts of fun! Download it HERE today only. You can no longer get this for free, but you can find it in the store HERE. And don't forget, today's the last day of the sale! Have a wonderful holiday!  

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28 Years + Counting

When you say twenty eight years out loud, it sounds like so much! It's been an amazing and wild ride with this fella. Love ya hon! (Sign is from Letterfolk.)

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it’s the simple things

Yesterday I pulled out a fresh jar of strawberry jam from the freezer. I loved it. I loved the fact that I could go to the freezer and refresh my little stock of strawberry jam. There's something about tasting the fruits of your labor (maybe pun intended). It reminds me of pretty much every summer I had growing up on the farm. Canning. The smell of pickle brine at 10:00 at night. Slicing corn off the cob. Picking raspberries. Seeing my grandpa eat bread, milk and raspberries for dessert.  Making a plethora of jams. Snapping beans on the front porch. [...]

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last week in pictures.

Still on the crazy side of life, but thought I'd share a picture story of a few things that happened last week. My first rose of the year. A beautiful day at a wedding. Boys will be boys...will be boys trying to be acrobats.Otherwise entitled: When cousins get together.Not the best photo, but shares the story. Wish these were in my yard. [ at the temple ] Seeing this sweet face via email that I don't get to see in person for almost another year. (Okay, so this was just yesterday. :) ) Birthday dinner. My dad, sister and her [...]

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