Fab Font Friday | Bestlovers

I have been in a total retro mood of late. Thinkin' lots about the 70s. Heading to the Oregon Coast as kid. The clothes. The music. The style. The simplicity of it all. As a result, my font mood made me...made me...go in search of a retro 70s style font. And that's how we've come to welcome Bestlovers here today.     This is a scaled-down version of a commercial font that can be purchased using the link on dafont.com. As a result, it's missing punctuation and numbers. Many times font artists will do this so you'll fall in love [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Hello Stockholm

  Goodness gracious ladies and gentlemen! It's been quite a while since we've had a Fab Font Friday! I'm so excited to have it back 'round these parts now and again. Yay! Today's font is a really great brush script style. Take a look.     You can download the Hello Stockholm font--free for personal use--from HERE. Ordinarily I refrain from downloading fonts that require an email...because, why do they need it? But I really liked this font. It spoke to me and I kept coming back to it...and so I succumbed. I'm a little weird in that I decided to create a [...]

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Fab Font Friday | DK Abeille

  It is possible to love a font for just one letter and I love me an awesome g. Sometimes I go for an alphabet based solely on one character--or maybe a few. DK Abeille is one of those fonts. When perusing for some fonts, I changed the preview to a phrase I liked, which happened to include a ‘g’. i gasped. I loved this g!!! The rest of the font is fine...it's not particularly my style. But the g is divine! It's just fun and quirky and playful and I had to do something with it. It was begging me to! To [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Summer

It had to be done, right? A fab font called Summer when we are just days away from the official first day of summer?     What I like: The uppercase style. It has such a casual appearance and just looks really great. The lowercase style? Eh. Not so much. I'd much rather alter size in capitals like what's shown here. The handwritten, tall and narrow of it all. Helpful Hints: Use the characters from the font to create 'decoration' like the plus signs. Since the free version only comes in a Light font, use a stroke (PS), Line Thickness [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Aprillia Script

Ohhhh, who doesn't love a good brush script font?! There are so many out there available...and for free too! And today, we're talkin' about Aprillia Script. The great thing about some of these free fonts is that you can get the main alphabet for free. If you want the swirly twirlies, not only do you buy the whole font (which is usually pretty reasonable), more than likely you'll need something like Adobe Illustrator to access the extra characters known as glyphs. So keep that in mind. What I Like: The thick and thin of it all! The playful hand-written look, [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Lumberjack

Just the name alone makes me want to be outside. Is it any wonder that this came spilling out? You can pick up this awesome Lumberjack font in a few places, including dafont.com. What I like: Comes in four styles. Regular, which will be great for cutting, as well as Rough and Rough Shadow, which gives it an awesome distressed look and would be best printed. It also come in Inline. That being said, I got a 'serious error' when installing that one and so I opted not to install it because my Mac said 'Don't install it.' I take heed [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Quicksand + One-Day Only Tax Relief Sale

I love very clean sans serif fonts. I love mixing them with script or bold  fonts too. The look of the mix is dreamy. So today we take a look at Quicksand from FontSquirrel.com.   What I like: The simplistic, almost elementary look is divine. The Q. You know I have a thing for awesome letters. This one is lovely. This may sound weird, but the letters almost seem serene. Comes in different weights for easy typographic designs. Helpful hints: Sometimes using the 'auto' spacing for your lines of text doesn't create the spacing you'd think due to tall letters [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Weem

Oh boy! There is some fun to be had with today's font! Very whimsical, yet kind of clean and very 'on trend' right now. Say hello to Weem from FreeDesignResources.net.     What I like: It looks like you've handwritten your words. So many ways to use it. The lowercase g. love. I have a thing for awesome g’s. Helpful Hints: Many fonts show examples. Use them as a source of inspiration to make your own thing. Change heights and cases to make it whimsical. Add Line Colors (Silhouette Studio) or Strokes (PS/PSE)  to even out the weights, unless you like having [...]

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Brand New Stamps + Fab Font Friday!

This is no April Fool's joke, folks. We've got two very awesome things happening on the same day! Let's start off with our brand new stamp set...Go! All these words and phrases and camera and arrow? sigh. I had such great plans for using these on our now-cancelled trip back east...that we were suppose to leave for in a few days here. Of course, one really doesn't have to wait for a trip to use them. You can use them for so much more than that. But...I really wanted to use them for it. :) Hopefully we'll make plans to go again.... [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Adefebia

Today's Fab Font comes to you from dafont.com...a sweet little script of a font called Adefebia. When I saw it, I was somewhat smitten.   What I Like: The extra little swirls on some of the letters. Check out the 'n' and 'd'! The fact that it looks uneven instead of a 'perfect' script. Helpful hints: Add a stroke (AI/PS) or Line Color (Silhouette Studio) to some of the letters to make it look more authentic. Change the baseline--or placement--of some letters vertically so the words are more uneven. Make some letters larger. Some free fonts, such as this, are a [...]

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