Friday Freebie | I’m On Top Of The World

We live in the wonderful world of car-sharing. Jordan works from 10-2, so I just let her take my car unless I need to go somewhere…like a couple weeks ago when I had to go to the dentist to get a new crown. Fun times…not. But when I do get to drive in my car, it's the one time I listen to the radio or Jordan puts on her Spotify music, which is sometimes the same as what I listen to on my iTunes and sometimes not. As we neared her place of employment, the Imagine Dragons song, 'I'm On [...]

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Christmas In July | Christmas Cards and Ho Ho Ho Freebie

Today is a doubly fun day. It's Friday. It's Christmas in July. The freebie has got to be Christmas related, right? And if you follow me on social media, you'll have seen some negative space that I cut for a women's activity. The more I thought about it, the more I knew…it's gotta be the freebie. Right? I'd cut it in red originally because I needed red ho's, but of course I thought it would be so perfect in my traditional white-on-white. Yeah…loving that.  And, as someone suggested, you can turn it upside-down and it becomes a bunch of OH's. You [...]

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Friday Freebie | Flower Power

I don't know if it's the fact that I have 'Come on, get happy' in my head due to my hubby watching a few minutes of The Partridge Family a couple times recently or because it's now on a commercial, but this is what happens when that music is in your head. A freebie for you in kind of a funky retro flower in five- and four-petal fashion. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and be sure to tune in on Monday because we're gonna have an awesome week…including the reveal of July's stamps! (P.S. You might want [...]

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Friday Freebie | Feeling Patriotic

This week it's all about celebrating two amazing countries: America and Canada. Not only do we live by each other, but we celebrate many of our holidays close to each other, including the celebrations of our countries. That's kind of convenient, eh? I have a little Canadian friend that goes to a lake in the US where a lot of Canadians go to vacation. I hear it's one big party and fireworks abound all week between the July 1 and July 4 holidays. Sorry we missed it, my friend! So in honor of all the fun stuff going on, here's a [...]

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Friday Freebie | A Little Leafy Tiwggy Somethin’

Hi-de-ho their people! Friday has arrived and that means freebie time is upon us! And then I just felt compelled to whip up a cute little tag to throw on a page. Take a tag, add a little Beautiful Day sentiment…and voila! simplicity. love. And don't forget…it's June 26, which means there are just four days left to order this great class for 40% off. You will have forever access to it, but we're making way for a brand new class using all the great features that version 3 has to offer! It's just $18 until Wednesday, when we say goodbye [...]

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Friday Freebie | It’s All For Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner and this little freebie will be perfect for whipping up a sweet card or recording memories for the dad in your life.   And the perk to this design is you can use the 'you're pretty awesome' for way more stuff. :)

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Friday Freebie | Say Hello To Summer

I have to say, we went from the cold spring (upper 60s) one day and jumped right in to saying hello to summer with 85 degrees (and up) the next day! It seems we never get a consistent 'in between' weather. Oy. So in the spirit of saying hello to summer…here is today's Friday Freebie Summer design. Just a fun little retro summer sign. Cut it out or even throw it onto a 3x4 card. fun…fun…fun... And don't forget, we're getting down to the final sale days of the Here There Everywhere Silhouette class. You don't have to be going on [...]

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Let The Planning Begin!

My One Little Word for this year is Capture. Capture more love, more moments, more life. As part of my efforts toward that goal, I bought this beautiful Heidi Swapp planner. Oh the luscious black+white stripe of it all! I loved it. But it sat. and sat. and sat. And then one day…as in Friday, this girl here, finally took it out and really looked through it to get herself organized. (Don't worry, I don't talk in the third person that often.) It was time to make a plan on how to plan. But as I studied the content and studied what [...]

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It’s A Friday Freebie Summer

Monday was Memorial Day…the official start to summer. And you know what that means here at KBS!     Every Friday from now until Labor Day weekend there is a Friday Freebie every Friday! Can I get a YAHOOOOOOO…. Here is the very first one to get us *ehem* GO-ing! This little 'go' is probably one of the most asked about items ever since I made my Florida album. It may be simple, but I think there's something about that 'g'. I love this little guy. I hope you'll get a lot of use out of it for all your [...]

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