This Is Going To Be Fantastic

white on white. tone on tone. my faves…especially the white on white. fantastic. and this little spread from laura? fan-freakin'-tastic. [ Designs | Just Because (happy) / About Town (…fantastic) / This Everything (flower) ] I loooove the super large phrase! It's just ever-so dreamy. Here's what Laura has to say: I can count the number of 8.5x11 layouts I've created in my 20+ years of scrapbooking on one hand. But when I saw the "this is going to be fantastic" cut file in Kerri's About Town kit, it inspired me to switch things up from my normal 12x12 layouts and [...]

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The View

Nope. I'm not talkin' about all the broo-ha-ha going on in daytime television. You won't find Rosie or Whoopi here folks. What you will find is a wonderful 'perspective' coming from Laura. It's a fabulous idea! [ Designs | Pack Your Bags (the view) / Storyboard Instagram Style (photo template) ] Here's what Laura has to say: A while back, I had been searching thru Kerri's cut files in my Silhouette library and came across one from the Pack Your Bags kit that said "the view". It might have come from a travel related kit, but it immediately gave me an [...]

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Last Minute Card Idea

Nothing says joy and fun like confetti, does it? Just one look at it makes you giddy. Especially when it's wrapped up in a little 'package' and you can shake it around and see where it goes inside. Colorful. Bright. Shiny.  It's what Laura's card is all about today. [ Designs | Santa's Workshop: Toys Only (envelope) / December Twenty-Five (do not open) / Confetti (confetti) ] I adore this idea! I love that Laura stitched at transparency on the front of a petal envelope to contain all that fluttery fun. What a great idea! Here's what Laura has to say: Now [...]

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12 Days Of Christmas | Day 2 | It’s All About The Tree

Ohhh, yesterday was a glorious day, wasn't it? Did you get your freebie? Are we ready for another one? Can I get a yes ma'am!!! Alrighty then, here ya go!   You can thank our sweet friend, Miss Laura Vegas, for this one! I asked my team members if they wanted a certain design for this holiday fun and this is what she picked.  This is no longer available as a freebie, but you can get it in the store HERE And you know what's even more fun than getting a tree for free? Seeing the free tree in action! [...]

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Let’s Be Grateful

It's that time of year. One that starts making you really grateful--or maybe more conscientiously grateful-- for the things and people in your life. November just brings that out in us, right? I think it's something we need to have on our mind all the time. I feel like I try to do that on a daily basis all year long--from the smallest moment to the biggest moment. I believe it's an attitude of positivity. I try to appreciate every little thing that I encounter each day--a hug from my children, a laugh from my husband, an adoring look from [...]

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To Spook or Not To Spook

It's Friday and that means we've pretty much come to the weekend, not to mention we are just two weeks from Halloween folks! Dan's been hard at work creating spooky things for Evermore again this year. They are making it bigger and better than last year and should be loads of fun. If you're in the area you should check it out. Here's a little preview to tantalize your tastebuds. And if you're not-so-much the Halloween fan and would really love to use all the All About Fall kit, check out what you can do that's not in the spooky category. Laura [...]

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Brown Paper Packages….or Bags + Another Giveaway

Well. It's happened. Goodbye 47. Hello 48.  I've been digging my 40s. Not had a problem with them at all. It's a good time in life. Kids are a bit older. The pace of life begins to slow down a bit...kind of. It still has its moments, but that may be more self-inflicted due in large part to owning my own business. At any rate, other than this funky shoulder and getting 'older vision', I can't complain too much. It's 'turning 50' that I think will get to me somewhat. I always looked at those people in my neighborhood that [...]

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Flash Friday + Family Love

It's a fabulous Friday here at KBS! After having the summer of the Friday Freebie I was feeling a little like I was going through withdrawals or something. So I thought it might be cool to still have some Friday fun all through September! Each week there will be some kind of fun sale happenin'. So be sure to check in so you don't miss out. What's on sale today, you say?             Save $10 on these individual classes. Price is already reflected in the store.Remember, this is a one-day only sale! __________________________ And now we [...]

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Our Last Day Of The Party

Can you believe our birthday week has come to an end? Our Creative Team has shared some wonderful stuff, have they not? It's been such a fun week and we still have one bit of amazingness to share from Miss Laura today. She had a vision to create some great home decor items that you can use for your own home or make pieces for your friend and give them as a gift. She asked if I could write her some delectable words for this project and I was happy to oblige...and the Tasty kit was born. Check it out! [...]

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Thank My Lucky Stars

That's what I say all the time when I think about these amazing girls on my team. They do such wonderful things and I'm always in awe. Today's page from Laura is no exception. [ Designs | Thank My Lucky Stars / Storyboard #6 ] Love how she cut everything out of the patterned papers. So fun and engaging! Perfect for these photos! Here's what Laura has to say: I've always loved these photos of my girls with one of our favorite daycare boys, Mateo, and finally decided to do something with them. I had a lot of photos that I wanted [...]

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