A Year of Favorite Photos

2017-05-17T09:32:30+00:00 November 30th, 2015|layle koncar, projects|

I don't even dare admit to how many photos I've taken this year. I can't even believe how many more photos I take now that I always have a phone with me, which is really wonderful! [...]


The Boys of Fall + GIVEAWAY

2017-05-17T09:57:43+00:00 November 10th, 2015|layle koncar, pages|

It is another fine and fabulous day here during our team up week with Bella Blvd! I loved seeing all the goodness yesterday in both places, didn't you? And today, not only do we get to [...]

London, Baby!

2017-05-17T10:44:56+00:00 September 23rd, 2015|layle koncar, pages|

There seems to be a travel theme going on here this week. No, I'm not gong to London. (I soooo wish I was!) And I have to say, any time I hear London, it needs to [...]


Plan, Plan, Plan!

2017-05-18T07:28:27+00:00 August 27th, 2015|layle koncar, planners|

It seems like everywhere you turn, there is some sort of awesomeness in the Planner world. I guess everyone wants to get organized in creative fashion, eh? Well, speaking of creative fashion and awesomeness, here's some great [...]


Get ‘Er Done.

2017-05-18T14:36:06+00:00 June 22nd, 2015|layle koncar, planners|

Planners have been around for a long time. Heck, I even made pages specifically for the group of people I worked with at WordPerfect over 20 years ago. I know. Wow, right? That's some pretty high-tech work [...]


Favorite Things

2017-05-18T17:13:49+00:00 April 14th, 2015|layle koncar, pages|

There's nothing like enjoying your favorite things. Whether you're at home or on the road, we all have our favorites. And that's just what Layle is showing off today using the brand new Around Here kit! [ [...]


Escape To The Ocean

2017-05-18T17:59:12+00:00 March 9th, 2015|layle koncar, pages|

It seems like a lot of people I know have or are doing this lately. What makes the ocean so magical? It must be the relaxing and mesmerizing sound of the waves. Couldn't you just sit [...]


Just the Thought of Spring…

2017-05-18T19:08:14+00:00 January 26th, 2015|layle koncar, pages|

….makes me smile. The thought of warm weather, seeing green all around and pretty blue skies sounds ever-so lovely. So when I saw this gorgeous spread from Layle, it was like a brush of fresh air. [...]


For The Love Of Pockets….and Fall.

2017-05-20T06:48:56+00:00 October 28th, 2014|layle koncar, project life|

As you may have seen, I created my album for the Here There Everywhere class using pocket scrapbooking--Project Life style. Believe it or not, that was my first real major undertaking using pocket scrapbooking. I whole-heartedly believe in [...]


Today Is A Good Day Frame

2017-09-04T13:58:39+00:00 August 5th, 2014|layle koncar, projects|

Woooowee! We are having some fun! This party is just a-rockin'! If you haven't entered for a chance to win some yummy gift cards, do that in yesterday's post. I gave my girls the assignment to think [...]


finding joy in the ordinary

2017-06-05T12:33:04+00:00 June 30th, 2014|layle koncar, pages|

This is my motto that I pretty much live by. I don't take anything for granted and enjoy even the smallest of things or moments. It's what I feel creates a happy life because you're always [...]


Over The Moon with Layle

2017-10-17T15:18:00+00:00 May 7th, 2014|layle koncar, pages|

Last week there were some fun new designs released for the big National Scrapbook Day week. (Can I say that? ...Day week. Sounds weird.) To see it all come to life already just has me simply [...]


it’s your lucky weekend!

2017-10-17T16:01:03+00:00 March 13th, 2014|layle koncar, pages|

I love this time of year. Spring is on its way. You wait every day for more and more green to appear in the grass and in the trees. I even have new iris shoots coming [...]



2017-10-17T16:29:30+00:00 January 23rd, 2014|layle koncar, pages|

I have to say that I am indeed lucky to be out of the winter inversion in Utah--oh the air is so bad--and basking in some glorious sunshine in beautiful Florida. Okay, so maybe it's not so [...]


holiday gift extravaganza: day 1

2017-10-17T21:12:51+00:00 November 25th, 2013|layle koncar, projects|

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Do we have a fun week in store for you all! The KBS creative team has been working their little fingers like crazy to bring you some very amazing gift [...]