London, Baby!

2017-05-17T10:44:56-06:00September 23rd, 2015|layle koncar, pages|

There seems to be a travel theme going on here this week. No, I'm not gong to London. (I soooo [...]


Plan, Plan, Plan!

2017-05-18T07:28:27-06:00August 27th, 2015|layle koncar, planners|

It seems like everywhere you turn, there is some sort of awesomeness in the Planner world. I guess everyone wants [...]


Get ‘Er Done.

2017-05-18T14:36:06-06:00June 22nd, 2015|layle koncar, planners|

Planners have been around for a long time. Heck, I even made pages specifically for the group of people I worked [...]


Favorite Things

2017-05-18T17:13:49-06:00April 14th, 2015|layle koncar, pages|

There's nothing like enjoying your favorite things. Whether you're at home or on the road, we all have our favorites. [...]