Life Well Traveled | Go With Your Gut

  Today, it's my turn! It's been a long time since I've added to my Life Well Traveled album with everything that's been going on the past several months. But that's not to say I haven't been writing down thoughts as they come to me. But I actually had a more recent encounter that made me want to get something in my album while it was really fresh in my mind--and that is to go with your gut, or your inner voice, or on the church-ee side of things...promptings from above. While I have had many situations that support my personal [...]

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Life Well Traveled | Beauty …. And A Freebie!

There is one thing that was instilled me from as early as I can remember--and that is a love for this land all that it has to offer. That there is beauty in everything you see, from dead trees to the bloom of a thistle, the drifts of snow or the colors of sunset. There is beauty everywhere. It's something I never take for granted. I have my grandpa--and my mother--to thank for that. And I hope that I have instilled that in my children as well. I think I have. ;) That's what's been on my mind of late. One [...]

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Life Well Traveled | God Bless America

Today's Life Well Traveled is more a current events thought. I think with all the unrest in this beautiful country, I've had Washington DC on the brain. It was one of my very favorite trips we've ever taken. My most favorite moment was sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at night and talking all about history and Martin Luther King, Jr., and so much more. It's a moment that I will always remember. Seeing monuments to those that have sacrificed in war or defending the country--both in and out. Police officers, fire fighters, all those that help keep our [...]

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Life Well Traveled Journal + Freebies

A journey can mean many things. It can be a literal trip from one destination to another or it can mean a path that takes your from one part of your life to another. I’m coming up on my 50th birthday. Yes. I know. It’s hard to believe when you look this young. ;) But it’s true. I’ve lived hopefully only half my life, but it is definitely quite a few years and quite a few years of experiencing hard times, good times, beautiful places and the comforts of home. I don't know about you, but I have random thoughts [...]

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