My Favorite Things: Hair Care

Okay, so 'hair care' is not a usual subject 'round these parts. But after spending a few days in Florida, I felt it just had to be shared. I have naturally curly hair. It's not as curly as Jordan's, which can be worn with such gorgeousness, but it exists greatly. I've been to many a-beaches and humid cities in my time and the result has always been the same. I can literally feel the frizz + curl set in. And I'm here to tell ya….it ain't pretty folks. Hats are a must. My husband, who rarely says anything about my appearance, told [...]

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Studio Calico: Inspires | Giveaways + Freebies Too!

This is going to be one lulu of a day, but you're not going to want to miss a thing. So sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy! I have to say that Studio Calico has got to be my all-time favorite places to go for inspiration. hands down. They have the magic touch for bringing products together to create gorgeous kits each month. And then with their own products they make? amazing. I only have a handful of blogs that I check each day and this is one of them. So when they asked me if I wanted [...]

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my favorite things  •  fiskars scissors

  I can't remember exactly when I bought my first pair of Fiskars Soft Touch Micro Tip scissors. I'm thinking 12 or 13  years at least.  Maybe even longer. And I have to say, I have never and will never use another pair of scissors for crafting again. That little spring-loaded handle of perfection is ideal for precise cutting. Now granted, I don't have to do as much precise cutting as I used to. Hello? Remember when we used to cut our own titles of cardstock using stencils or reverse printing? But there's something magical about being able to hold those scissors in [...]

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