Christmas In July | More Great Gift Giving Ideas!

Wow! We've had such an incredible week with our creative team, haven't we? So many wonderful ideas to help you get ahead of the game on your Christmas happenings. Well, we still have a couple days left in our Christmas In July event and a little more to share. Take a look at these gorgeous tags and treat bag ideas using the brand new Believe and Holiday Magic stamps from our lovely Naomi! Those tags…adorable. And the mint and snowflakes? divine.Here Naomi used the stamps as the coffee cup designs, and then used a simple tab punch that I had [...]

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It’s All About The Love, Baby.

This time of year I get to spend about three days focusing on love. One day--on the 12th…yesterday--is spent focusing on this man of mine. Yesterday was pretty low-key. Had lunch at Outback and just spent some time together.We've got some other fun plans coming up that funds need to go to. ;) And then two days later--tomorrow--I get to celebrate my family with love. I used to buy some little 'love' memento. Then as they got older, I went to Valentine sugar cookies from the bakery.But this year they are watching their girlish figures.What traditions do you have for [...]

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Loving It While It Lasts

Sometimes the slower--more picturesque--road is better than the fast get-ya-home road. This is how I felt the other evening as I made the choice to keep going straight down the slower road  rather than taking a right to head over to the 'main drag'. The sun was setting and one of my favorite tree-lined streets was all a glow with the remaining golden leaves on the trees. That nature is changing. The trees that were once full of gold are slowly fading away--literally and figuratively. Eventually those trees will be bare and I will be sad. That's why I have [...]

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Gifts for Teachers

School is coming upon us. Shut the front door. It doesn't affect me so much these days...having three kids in college...wait...maybe I take that back. It does affect me in other ways due to three college kids in college. Oh the agony of paying for it all...  Okay, so they do help out, but still........three kids in college.  Anywaaaaaay, I think some kids have started school and most will be starting soon. Crazy, right? Well, now would be a great time to start thinking of gifts for teachers--whether it's a birthday gift, a first day of school gift, a Christmas gift [...]

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time well spent

Hey all! It's a little crazy here in the land of Bradford. It's been a really weird week--and that was just by Wednesday yesterday. I'm a little nervous to see how the rest of it turns out. ;) So I'm just popping in real quick with a layout share from Miss Naomi.   [ Designs | Well Traveled (sunset) / Happy Stuff (time well spent + good stuff) ] Lots of great fun words to showcase this summery beach-themed layout!And a wonderful idea to make a border of words down the side of the page! Okay, now let's hope my [...]

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Simple Stories + KBS Team Up: Day 3

Our little extravaganza continues this fine Wednesday with more Simple Stories + KBS wonderfulness from Miss Naomi. Let's check it all out! [ Designs | Summer Lovin' ('summertime') / In Transit ('summer' subway art) / Half Pints #1 (photo templates) Okay, so seriously, all that stuff from the Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine kit goes so well with cut files from KBS. And remember in yesterday's post how I mentioned that the photo templates work amazingly with the Simple Stories? Yep. That's what Naomi did here! Does that not just make you excited for summer? I love how Simple Stories' [...]

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Love You To The Moon And Back

I can't believe we are now half way through May. It's felt more like March this past week and will feel more like June later this week. Can I just be set with some constant lovely 70s weather for a while? None of this extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum? 70s are my favorite. :) We have a bit of loveliness coming from Naomi today. [ Design | Say What (title) ] Love the wispy, ethereal  with a hint of vintage look. Perfect for that phrase! Naomi used the title really big, cut it from white, and inked it [...]

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documenting love

I love pages on love. I feel like it is the truest form of scrapbooking and recording memories that we can do for the ones we hold dearest. And the beauty of it is that it doesn't have to be a holiday, like Valentines Day, to do it. It can be done year round. Although, Valentines is a great time to have that on your mind and get one done. So is it any wonder that I fell in love with this page from Naomi. [ Designs | Photo Strips #1 / Just My Type (side word border) ] I love all [...]

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the beauty of winter

I love winter photos. The stillness of the snow, the contrast as it sits on the's magical. My  favorite memory of the most iconic picturesque winter moment was when Zach wanted to go skiing at Sundance for his 12th birthday (I think it was 12). It's at the end of November and we'd just had a major snow storm. As we were traveling up the canyon, the Heber Creeper--an old timey train--came puffing along through the snow-filled trees. It was the most beautiful serendipitous thing I'd ever seen . . . and I didn't take a picture. It will [...]

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holiday gift extravaganza: day three

Can you believe it's Wednesday already? Tomorrow...the big turkey day. Already? This past week has gone by so fast! And when I say 'past week', I mean since last Friday when we ventured down to California to be with my side of the family for Thanksgiving. And on our way down, we had some hairy weather just outside Cedar City--where we saw so many accidents, including this:  It was pretty intense for about 20 miles of this. We probably saw 15 accidents, including a couple rollovers. A lot of people had slid off the road. Let's just say it wasn't [...]

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