Valentine's Day was just one week ago. Do you have some documenting to do? A little love to share in paper form perhaps? Well, then maybe this darling spread from Paige will help you give you the much needed inspiration!   I have a new layout to share for the Kerri Bradford Design Team featuring one of the images in her Just My Type set paired with my Pick-Me-Up collection!     I started by die cutting the title from the Just My Type set using my Silhouette Cameo 3 and the B-side of Paper 20 which is a very light blush pink ledger paper - usually I cut everything from white cardstock so [...]

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Day 10 | Oh Deer!

We are on our 10th day of Christmas folks! Can you even believe how fast this has gone? Just two more days! You guys have been so awesome. Your love for this time of year here is why I do what I do. I appreciate each and every one of you. mwah! And now I have a any of you still get excited when you see a deer? Granted, I know that many people don't live where the deer and the antelope play, but there are many that do. And you would think that seeing a deer would finally become [...]

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Day 8 | Before Christmas

There are so many activities happening before Christmas. So many place to go, people to see, food to eat, Santa...all that.  Festivities abound. Such festivities might include seeing Christmas decor around town, like lights or a giant Christmas tree, like our super creative Paige Evans here! I'm gonna let Paige tell us all about.... I've got a new layout to share today using a pretty wreath cut file from the the Kerri Bradford Studio Christmas Calendar!     First I die cut the wreath from plain 12x12 white cardstock as well as these patterned papers from Turn the Page: Paper [...]

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Day 3 | Dreaming of a White Christmas

For the most part, this fall has been unseasonably warm. Seems like there was a week in October when it was pretty cold, but last weekend? Dan and Zach went golfing. Crazy! Now it's December and I am really excited for some snow! It's hard to get into the Christmas groove when not only hasn't it snowed, but it's warm. Oy! There is snow in the forecast today and tomorrow, but I'll believe it when I see it. For now, I've been relying on my Ray Conniff to get me all festive like. And therefore, Christmas lyrics have been on [...]

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Day 2 | Trees Please

It's no secret...I am a tree lover. My dream job would be to grow trees. When I day dream, I dream of going up into the mountains and being surrounded by trees. The way they rustle in the air, the shade on a hot's so soothing. And the smell. Is there anything more heavenly then slowly breathing in the pine fresh scent, especially on a Christmas tree? Alas, this is why it's so glorious that today's 12 Days of Christmas happens to be tree-themed. :) You can never have too many trees. Let's take a look at another amazing [...]

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Home + Family Is Where It’s At

Can you believe 'Thanksgiving Eve' is one week from today? I can taste all the goodness right now. So excited for turkey, homemade stuffing, cheesy potatoes, sweet potato souffle, pumpkin and/or apple pie...oh my, the list goes on and on! Oh, and in our house on holiday mornings, we do Caramel French Toast, which is made the night before and ready to pop in the oven. Mmmmm..... This time of year brings thoughts to home, family, friends...all the love...all the grateful things in your life. And it also brings us to this adorable spread by Miss Laura.       [...]

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The Ballpark

My early life with Dan was spent at the ballpark--from the time we were dating to our early years with kids. He played both slow and fast pitch as well as when he hit thirty, he played in the Roy Hobbs league, baseball for men over 30. This guy has an arm on him, I tell ya. I've seen him gun it clear out at the back of left field to home plate. We'd go to tournaments for the weekend in other cities and we always had a good time. He doesn't really play anymore, but those were good days [...]

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Destination SF

Oh boy. I wish that title meant I was going to San Francisco. This girl could not only use a trip, but has been craving to travel. We'd talked of going to the Kalispell/Glacier area again at the end of August and it was a good thing it never came together because, hello...fires. The west side is basically closed. I just can't believe all the devastation going on right now in so many places. Fires,'s just so saddening. All the destruction in both beauty and people's lives. I think this year has had more than its fair share. Time [...]

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New Life Scripted Stamps

Sometimes ya just gotta script out your life by adding flair-ee words and phrases to photos to document it. Am I right? (just agree with me. ;) ) That's what this month's stamps, Life Scripted, is all about. (And hello? Speaking of 'this month''s September!) I love mixing handwritten items with great fonts. I think the two just go hand and hand. And our Miss Maggie has done a most excellent job at showing just how that's done with the new stamps! Take it away Maggie... Now that my kids are back in school, I've been taking a few hours each [...]

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April Showers

It's been a long time since we've had rain 'round these parts. But today and yesterday have been rainy and cool. We're talkin' upper 70s and low 80s for the high. Yay! The respite won't last long, however, as we get back up to our average mid to upper 90s in the next couple days. But I tell ya, it's been glorious and I'm enjoying the heck out of it for as long as it lasts. And it couldn't have been better timing for showing of this darling April Showers page by Paige! Here she is to tell ya all [...]

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