Documenting Graduation

I think when people typically hear the word graduation, they automatically think of high school. It's such a monumental occasion. But I had two nephews that graduated from sixth and eighth grades, transitioning into middle and high school. And then there's preschool or kindergarten graduations. My kids did those too. Plus, I have one college graduate (just last year). It's a big moment for sure. A right of passage from one part of your life and into another. That's why I just loooove this page from our Miss Paige on her son Fox's graduation! Look at all the detail here! [ [...]

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(i)NSD | Good Day Sunshine

Ahhh...the big (inter) National Scrapbook Day has arrived! We've had an amazing week, yes? Got lots of ideas and designs and templates to get ya goin' for today? I sure hope you're ready for this day that celebrates the awesomeness of memory keeping! Today we have one last page to showcase--to get those ideas spinning--from our friend from down under....Miss Emma! [ Designs | Good Day Sunshine ] Ohhhh, this girl is speakin' my language! There's nothing dreamier than white on white. Love how Emma popped the title up off the page too! It's all just beautiful! Let's hear what Emma has to [...]

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(i)NSD | Words of a Handwritten Nature

What is it about handwritten words? Remember when it seemed that everyone wanted to get away from the hand drawn letters and use fonts? Now, it appears, we're kickin' it old school and reverting back to all things written by hand. What goes around, comes around, eh? There are so many awesome styles out there right now too. I wish I could write like many that I see. But I believe it would require the 'p' word, and 'practice' apparently isn't in my vocabulary. It was something I used to do as a teenager. I'd write all the time--just doodling around. [...]

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(i)NSD | Just Add Color + Class Sale!

You all know I love white, right? It's just the dreamiest of backgrounds. I've been a huge fan for years and years. I love how other colors pop when combined with white, not to mention just how much your photos really stand out when paired with white. In today's world, we have more options for adding color to play our whites. Stamps and super fun things like mists! Check out what our Miss Maggie has been doing with her whites! And note the designs she used. It's the same one Emma used yesterday. I love it when our creative peeps use [...]

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(i)NSD Week| Spring and Summer…Here We Come!

After a week of gloomy, cold + rainy weather, yesterday's taste of spring and hope of summer has swept me away. It swept me away high in the mountains with my husband at Strawberry Reservoir where he went fishing and I sat in my reclining camp chair...and didn't do a darn thing, even though I'd brought work and even a book. I basked in the sunlight, feeling the warmth on my face. I listened to the sounds of the birds--particularly enjoying the Canadian geese and loons. The sound carries for long distances, so you could even hear the guys chatting [...]

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Photo Templates Make Memory Keeping A Breeze!

I love photo templates. They allow you to gather a few or many photos and place them nicely and neatly all in a square or rectangle--without cropping, sizing and moving 'just so'. I remember those days...cropping each individual photo and carefully laying them out on a blank Photoshop page. And then, gosh darn it, I decide I needed different size and have to start all over? gasp. What a pain! Then I was introduced to the wonderful world of clipping masks in PS and it's been happily ever after since. I could now bring in a photo to a template page [...]

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Get Ready for (i)National Scrapbook Day with Sales, Ideas and Brand New Stamps Today!

Oh me, oh my! We are going to have a grand week starting today as we get ready for (i)National Scrapbook day! And today is rockin' it all! First, we have brand new stamps for all those fun little trips you're gonna be taking this summer! Say hello to Found and Vacation! So many delightful words and phrases on these two little stamp sets! I showed you a sneak peek of the Vacation 3x4 stamp on Friday (previous post), but take a look at some of the combinations you can do with the Found 4x6 stamps! They look awesome when you [...]

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A Labor Of Love

I tell ya. I think it takes a special kind of person to do daycare...or tending of any kind. I had enough on my plate with just my own three and work. But our sweet Laura not only does beautiful work for KBS, but Bella Blvd and she does daycare. I do not know how she does it all. I believe it is definitely a labor of love. Look at this beautiful page she made about her 'day job' and one little munchkin that requires a bit more attention than the others. ;) [ Designs| Storyboard: Instagram Style / A Labor Of [...]

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I've been feeling this word of late. I've been cooped up just a bit too long. On top of that, today is the day we were suppose to leave for our trip back east. We had to cancel it because my husband was suppose to start a big job. Well, it was suppose to start in March and maybe even February...but as of yesterday, we found out the wait continues. Which means, of course, we could have taken our little vaca. sigh. Oh well. Still needing to get out of this place. Even if it's for a couple days. I hear [...]

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Easter Bunny + ‘Bloom’ Savings

Even though a chunk of my day was spent indoors, I did manage to get out yesterday and enjoy that first day of spring and its 72 degree weather. A walk with the dog and a couple kids up to Bridal Veil Falls can do wonders for the soul. It's pretty amazing that I have something like this just ten minutes away. Hubs also mowed the lawn on Saturday and there's nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of the mower. Spring has arrived. (And we won't speak of the snow coming in a couple [...]

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