Photo Templates Make Memory Keeping A Breeze!

May 3rd, 2016|pages|

I love photo templates. They allow you to gather a few or many photos and place them nicely and neatly all in a square or rectangle–without cropping, sizing and moving ‘just so’. I remember those days…cropping each individual photo and carefully laying them out on a blank Photoshop page. And then, gosh darn it, I decide I needed different size and have to start all over? gasp. What a pain!

Then I was introduced to the wonderful world of clipping masks in PS and it’s been happily ever after since. I could now bring in a photo to a template page and ‘clip’ it to a shape and size and move it around within the shape…and if I wanted more or less of the photo on second thought? No big deal! It was magical

Recently I introduced a new line of photo templates called Travelers Templates. These are designed with the traveler’s notebook in mind–my favorite way to document of late. And my philosophy is,  you can never have enough configurations.

Therefore, I bring you Travelers Templates #2.

And to top it all off….

All photo templates are on sale for 30% off for today only.

Now is great time to stock up and increase your library of configurations, because really, with so many to choose from, you’ll have a configuration for most any occasion. And be sure to check out the Half Pints (6×8) and Snapshots #3 (4×6). Those are two of my other favorites. I love the Half Pints for when I’m working on 6×8 albums. And the 4×6 templates are awesome for getting more to your photo base.

+ + + + + + + + +

Now speaking of the Travelers Templates–and the fact that they can be used for projects outside of a traveler’s notebook, take a look at how Nichol used one from the first release.



[ DesignsTravelers TemplatesPlan It: Dividers (tabbed journaling and background) / Around Here (title) / Heart Backgrounds. StampsLine By LineTagged ]


Five photos and accents on this simply stunning page! It’s very clean and simple, yet there is so much going on here! Gorgeous colors. And I love the way she accented the journaling with KBS stamps on the top and in the bottom right, with the date and phrase…beautifully blended with her journaling and KBS handwritten title.

Let’s here what Nichol has to say: 

I am a big fan of simplicity in my layouts. Receptive elements, 1-3 color scheme and photo collages. My layout today was inspired by a Facebook post after my daughter and niece recently attended high school prom. I had included recent (NOW) photos with snapshots of them playing dress up with them were little (THEN).  The greeting from the Around Here kit perfectly expressed my feelings for these photos and gave me a great starting point for my journaling. Kerri’s stamps added the perfect additional touches to the text on the page while the tone on tone die cut heart background mixed with a few peachy pink hearts added interest and texture.


Be sure to head to Nichol’s blog for her how-to video HERE.

Photo templates are layered .PSD files that can be used in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. For more information on how to use them, check out Photo Templates in the Tutorials link above.

Get Ready for (i)National Scrapbook Day with Sales, Ideas and Brand New Stamps Today!

May 2nd, 2016|pages|


Oh me, oh my! We are going to have a grand week starting today as we get ready for (i)National Scrapbook day!

And today is rockin’ it all!

First, we have brand new stamps for all those fun little trips you’re gonna be taking this summer!

Say hello to Found and Vacation!


So many delightful words and phrases on these two little stamp sets! I showed you a sneak peek of the Vacation 3×4 stamp on Friday (previous post), but take a look at some of the combinations you can do with the Found 4×6 stamps!


They look awesome when you mix them up with the Ashland and Maxwell sets too!

Those of you who have taken the Here There Everywhere class might recognize that ‘Greetings From’. You know I love a bit of retro. And the Vacation? Yup, from The History Project. I love seeing some of these designs come to life in the form of stamps!

Stamps have a tendency to go quickly ’round these parts and they are on sale for today only, so be sure to pick yours up today!

Tomorrow we’ll have something totally new up for sale, so you don’t want to miss that—and every day through Friday too. :)

+ + + + + + + +

Now I do declare we need some inspiration all this week, yes? I say we kick it off with some fabulousness from our Miss Paige!

Check it out….

Adventures by Paige Evans
Adventures Detail 1 by Paige Evans
Adventures Detail 2 by Paige Evans

[ Designs | Fanciful Phrases ]

I know what you’re thinking…wow. Yeah. Me too!

Love how Paige pairs up the KBS designs so beautifully with her own gorgeous Fancy Free line from Pink Paislee! Those letters look amazing cut in the multi-colored paper!

It’s just so bright and cheery and you just can’t help but smile.

Here’s a little ‘how-to’ from Paige:

  1. Cut the “Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures” file from paper #12 in Fancy Free and then adhere the letters down the B-side of paper #10. Leave a space for a photo in the center.
  2. Fussy cut flowers from paper #7 and layer them on the top left and bottom right edges.
  3. Add chipboard, transparency, and puffy sticker flowers over the paper flowers.
  4. Sprinkle chipboard flowers (cut apart from one cluster) over the letters.
  5. Journal on the left and drop black and white paint across the layout to finish.

It ’tis divine.

Alright folks! This is just the beginning of a grand week. You don’t want to miss a day of ideas and sales, so stay tuned to the blog and social media so you’re always ‘in the know’. :)

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A Labor Of Love

April 13th, 2016|pages|

I tell ya. I think it takes a special kind of person to do daycare…or tending of any kind. I had enough on my plate with just my own three and work. But our sweet Laura not only does beautiful work for KBS, but Bella Blvd and she does daycare.

I do not know how she does it all.

I believe it is definitely a labor of love.

Look at this beautiful page she made about her ‘day job’ and one little munchkin that requires a bit more attention than the others. ;)


[ Designs| Storyboard: Instagram Style / A Labor Of Love. Stamps: One Fine Day (absolutely) / Oh Yeah (dashed line) ]

Don’t you just love the sweetness of it all? Love the colors and how the title just pops. And the little stamp accent? swoon.

Here’s what Laura has to say:

I recently made a comment to my oldest daughter about how I don’t take that many photos of my daycare kids anymore, and she said “just all of your rocking chair photos with Derek”. I said that I take so many of those because I’m stuck in the rocking chair with him all the time and I get bored, and then said that I should probably print them all out and make a layout about it. And that’s exactly what I did, as I knew it would be perfect for my next layout to share here.

I started by collaging all of my photos together, using a template from Kerri’s Storyboard: Instagram Style kit. I tend to take photos on my phone in the square format, for whatever reason, and I have also shared each one of these photos on my Instagram, so the rows of square little photos were just what I needed. I ended up finding twelve photos, so I arranged them by date taken, leaving three spaces of the template empty, which is where I planned up placing my journaling.

As I browsed thru Kerri’s kits for a good title, I came up with several different options. I ended up going with “a labor of love”, because I don’t think I would be willing to spend so much time rocking this adorable baby boy, and helping him sleep, if I didn’t love him a ton ;) I also did a teeny, tiny amount of stamping with a few of Kerri’s stamp sets, adding the “absolutely” to go along with my title.

That makes me want ….  wellllll … a grandkid, maybe. My cat won’t let me hold it like that. My dog would definitely let me do that, but I don’t need 120 pound ‘child’ on my lap. ;)

Beautiful job Laura!


April 6th, 2016|pages|

I’ve been feeling this word of late. I’ve been cooped up just a bit too long. On top of that, today is the day we were suppose to leave for our trip back east. We had to cancel it because my husband was suppose to start a big job. Well, it was suppose to start in March and maybe even February…but as of yesterday, we found out the wait continues. Which means, of course, we could have taken our little vaca.


Oh well.

Still needing to get out of this place. Even if it’s for a couple days.

I hear Moab calling my name….

So is it any wonder why I relate so well to our Miss Paige? I have to say I’m a teensy bit jealous of her trips to far-off lands. Of course, living in Europe makes them not as ‘far off’ as it is for me. I suppose I’ll just have to live vicariously through her. ;)

That’s why I love this page!

Just Go by Paige Evans1 web
Just Go Detail 1 by Paige Evans web
Just Go Detail 2 by Paige Evans web
Just Go Detail 3 by Paige Evans web

[ Digital Stamps | Go ]

When I design things, I have a vision of how I want to use them…or do use them…and I’m constantly blown away by my team with their own vision and creativity. And this page rocks!

Let’s hear what Paige has to say about it:

t’s no secret – we LOVE to travel! So when I saw the new “GO” stamp set and coordinating digital images I decided to make a layout that will be perfect as the opening page of our 2015 travels scrapbook! I die cut the “go” from white cardstock then outlined the inner and outer edges of the pieces with a black marker to help define the edges. Next I printed a collage made from all of our 2015 travels and used that to back the die cut. I used the positive “go” shape as a template to replace the inner pieces. Then I watercolored in three places to create a visual triangle using a pink, teal, and yellow pulled from the C’est La Vie collection by Pink Paislee. I trimmed a border from one of the C’est La Vie papers and stitched it on top. After adding a few embellishments to the watercolored areas I journaled below the title and stitched “JUST” chipboard letters above to finish!

Just fabulous, right? The tiny photo collage inside that ‘go’? Hello! Love it!

And, oddly enough, yesterday I was playing with the physical Go stamp set. Just simply done. White embossing powder. That kind of thing. Always love me some tags.

And now, I need to go…somewhere.

go tag2



Easter Bunny + ‘Bloom’ Savings

March 21st, 2016|pages|

Even though a chunk of my day was spent indoors, I did manage to get out yesterday and enjoy that first day of spring and its 72 degree weather. A walk with the dog and a couple kids up to Bridal Veil Falls can do wonders for the soul. It’s pretty amazing that I have something like this just ten minutes away. Hubs also mowed the lawn on Saturday and there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of the mower.

bridal veil falls
Spring has arrived.
(And we won’t speak of the snow coming in a couple of days.)

I can’t even believe that Easter is this weekend! When it’s early, it just seems so strange. There isn’t quite enough green in the area yet. I also miss the days of buying Easter outfits and hiding baskets. The kids are a little old for that now. ;)

So when this gorgeous Easter page from our Miss Paige showed up on my ‘doorstep’, I was absolutely delighted. I can live vicariously through her. :)

Cutest Easter Bunny by Paige Evans web
Wow, right? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen my handwriting stitched. Looks pretty awesome, yeah?

I’m gonna let Paige show you how it’s done.

I love the Bloom kit — perfect for spring, Easter, April showers, May flowers, and more! On two separate occasions my kids put on the same pair of bunny ears at the store and asked me to take their picture to send to Grandma – it’d be my pleasure! I paired those photos with two of the phrases in the Bloom kit – “Easter” and “Bunny”.

Cutest Easter Bunny 1 by Paige Evans web2

In Silhouette Studio I enlarged the words, tilted them slightly, and used a pen to draw the words onto white cardstock. Then I used a paper piercer to poke a hole every 1/4″ all around the words.

Cutest Easter Bunny 2 by Paige Evans web

I painted stripes (using colors from my Fancy Free collection with Pink Paislee) diagonally across the page and then backstitched through the words with white thread.

Cutest Easter Bunny 3 by Paige Evans web

I dropped some watercolors over the dried paint to break up the straight lines and then finished the title with patterned Thickers, a cluster of photos/embellishments at the bottom, along with journaling.

Cutest Easter Bunny Detail 1 by Paige Evans webCutest Easter Bunny Detail 2 by Paige Evans web


Boy! That page knocks my frilly Easter socks right off! I love the bright happy colors and seriously…that stitched title…just wow! Will you do some for me darlin’? ;)


Now, do you want to recreate the look?

Today you can get the Bloom kit for $5!



And if you want to know more about thickening hand-written words, check out THIS post.




March 17th, 2016|pages|

Being in such the springy mood, that I’m sure most of us are, when I saw this page from Laura, I let out a heavy sigh and went ahhhhh….

It truly is beautiful in every sense–from the colors, to the accents, and to especially the girls.


[ Designs | Something To Say (beautiful) / Life Additions #2 (floral 3×4) ]

Here’s Laura to tell you all about it.

I recently re-organized some of my albums, and in the process I came across a handful of layouts that I pulled out with the intention of re-scrapping them. The original layouts were extremely bulky and took up a lot of space in my albums. While I don’t feel the need to re-scrap each and every layout that has a little bulk to it, there were some that were just way too bulky for my taste now. And quite honestly, with the massive amount of albums that I have accumulated from 22+ years of scrapbooking, I really like to be able to squeeze as many layouts into each album that I can.

These photos of my girls, from 10 years ago when they were flower girls in my cousin’s wedding, were on one of the layouts that I wanted to re-scrap. I was browsing thru Kerri’s cut files and came across the floral piece from her Life Additions #2 kit. It could be sized as a 3×4″ cut, and I knew it would be perfect for this layout, since I could print several of my photos in the same 3×4″ size and collage them all together in my favorite style – a clean and linear grid design.

I picked out the word “beautiful” from Kerri’s Something To Say kit, because – well, because I think my girls looked beautiful in their flower girl dresses and pinned up hair! I finished off my title with some simple white alpha stickers and then added a few enamel dots to the centers of the floral pieces for simple embellishing.


It’s just lovely, Miss Laura! And I can understand the desire to want to de-bulkify (yeah, it’s a word). While I did try to keep my pages fairly ‘flat’ over the years, there were a few trends and QVC products I may have dabbled in.

Good Day Sunshine

March 10th, 2016|pages|

The days are just getting so beautiful outside! 68 today…70 tomorrow? Of course, it never lasts for long when it’s spring in Utah as 42 and snow+rain are suppose to return on Tuesday. I’ll definitely take the beautiful weather when I can get it though. I may have to make outside my office tomorrow though.

loving the sunshine.

And that’s why the phrase ‘Good day sunshine’ had to be included on the Fresh Air stamps. Anything that invoked that feeling of ahhhhhh needed inclusion, yes?

Well, our Miss Maggie has a wonderful page to share with you today! More from the

[digital] Fresh Air stamps which she has combined beautifully with the actual Travelogue and Wanderlust stamps!

Can you say love?

Take a look — with commentary from Maggie:

Hey everyone! Maggie here! Spring is right around the corner and I could not be more ready. Even though we’ve had a pretty mild winter here in the Midwest, warmer air and singing birds can not arrive fast enough for me.

I found an older photo of my daughter the other day while I was trying to (ugh.) organize some stuff on my computer and it just brought back so many memories of the days I used to spend in the park with the kids. I love this photo because Kinsley looks so carefree and content…not exactly excited or overly crazy with happiness…but content. And I love it. I thought it would be cool to add a few digital stamps to some of the negative space in the photo, and immediately I thought of Kerri’s brand new Fresh Air digital stamp set.


I opened up my photo in Photoshop CC and, using the brush files included with the digital stamps, I “wrote” over my photo. (Note: you can do the same thing in any photo editing software that allows you to open up .png files…those are also included in the digital version). I used the Stroke function to outline the top stamp – “ENJOY the ride” – and I LOVE how it turned out.



Next I opened up the “Good Day Sunshine” .png file in Silhouette Studio, traced it and cut it from plain old white cardstock. A quick outlining with my journaling pen allows the white letters to stand out a bit from the whitewash background. Don’t look too closely…I’m not a fantastic outline-er.


Then I added some physical stamping to my page with Kerri’s Travelogue and Wanderlust Stamps. Oh man…these stamps. My favorites.

And finally I added a few little embellishments…some enamel dots and a chipboard flower.


I wanted to really keep the focus of this page on the photo, so I kept my colors (or lack of them) and embellishments totally simple…and I love how it turned out.

+ + + + + +

Oh man, oh man! I love all the itty bitty lovely things Maggie did with the stamps! My favorite part is how she used the dashed lines in combination with the words. Love, love, love that! I need to remember to do that next time.

Just a lovely page, my friend!

+ + + + + +


And don’t forget…today’s the last day of our Spring Fling sale! Be sure to check out THESE ITEMS and save 30% on orders of $10 or more using the code SPRINGFLING.

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Hello. Goodbye.

February 23rd, 2016|pages|

There’s a little bit of change going on here at KBS. Both good and sad.

Today we officially say goodbye to one of our design team members–Miss Naomi Atkins. She’s been a joy to have here. We’ve loved  so many beautiful creations from her and we wish her nothing but the best! You will be missed, darlin’!

And now I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the KBS Design team…

Everyone give a big shout out to Miss Paige Evans!!!

Paige has shared her talent here every now and again and I am just tickled pink to have this girl here as a regular team member! Not is she is my sister in the love of all things X-Files, but she is a genius with paper and scissors–and by scissors, I mean scissors and/or a Silhouette. The things she does! I’m so excited to see what she will do with KBS designs along with her gorgeous lines with Pink Paislee.

Before we get to her first of many pages to come, let’s hear a little about Paige from Paige herself.

I’ve been scrapbooking since I was 16 years old and love everything about this hobby! From the super cute (and must-have!) supplies and the creating process to the friends I’ve made and opportunities it’s provided, scrapbooking is my passion! I also enjoy teaching scrapbooking classes, dabbling in other arts and crafts, bookbinding, and photography. I’ve been married to my better half for nearly 9 years and together we have two cute kiddos: Fox (5.5) and Jane (3.5). We currently live on a US Army base in Germany – my husband is a dentist for the Army and that’s where they sent us – it was at the top of our list of choices given and we’re so happy it all worked out! We LOVE traveling and are trying to visit as many countries as possible while we live here – we’re up to 30! Scrapbooking is an up-and-coming hobby here in Germany and it’s so fun to meet fellow scrappers around the globe at conventions and classes. I’m thankful for this opportunity to share how to use Kerri Bradford Studio supplies with Pink Paislee products and show how wonderfully they pair together!

Thrilled. Just thrilled to have you here, my dear!

Now lets take a look at what she has to share with us today.

Love You by Paige Evans
Love You Detail 1 by Paige Evans
Love You Detail 2 by Paige Evans


Totally love how she cut out the Silly Love Songs retro art and backed it with color goodness. Everything is just so bright and cheery. Makes ya want spring, right?


Let’s hear what Paige has to say:

Since February is the month of love I wanted to create a layout about the love of my life! I quickly found a cute cut file I wanted to use, Retro Art: Love. The subway art style spoke to me! Since it’s a long column of words I decided to divide my page into three columns with the cut file on the left, a long photo in the middle, and embellishments on the right. All the scrapbooking supplies I used are from my Fancy Free collection with Pink Paislee. I painted stripes on the right column using colors pulled from the line. To finish I created a trio of embellishments to draw the eye all around the page and then I journaled a bit.

Just beautiful, Miss Paige!
So happy to have you here!

All You Need Is Love

February 18th, 2016|pages|

I love it when a plan comes together. One that you didn’t really have any intention of starting out with, but that somehow serendipitously turns into something else or a new way of doing something….as what happened with Layle’s page making story here:

Have you seen Kerri’s new XO stamps? Holy cow.  Sold out in 4 days.  WHAT?!  Since I didn’t have a chance to snatch up a set before they sold out, I thought I’d use the next best thing – the XO Digital Stamps.  And you know what?  I’m glad they were sold out.  Glad because it forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and try something on this layout that I might not have done otherwise!

all you need is love

I loved the ‘all you need is love’ stamp and thought it would be great as a title to go along with a selfie my husband and I took while in England for our 20th anniversary last year.  So I opened the digital stamp file, figured out how to trace it, cut it and….  wah, wah.  It didn’t quite work the way I expected when it cut – there was this weird double cut line thing going on – basically everywhere you see grey here it was also cutting.


After a quick Google search I figured out why and how to fix it, something to do with the automatic ‘high pass filter’ default setting.  It was super easy to fix and I was off & running – hooray!

Disclaimer – my son took one look at this layout and asked why I mixed up the words.  Do you see it?!  Completely escaped me.  I think the reason is because ‘you need’ is hooked together, so in my mind ‘you need’ came before ‘is’.  Ha ha!  It’s glued down and that’s how it’s going to stay.  Call it taking a creative liberty… :)

all you need is love - title

After the title, I was off & running and used 3 more digital stamps from the set.

all you need is love - flowers2

I cut one of the hearts from the set out of gold glitter paper – in my book, a little gold is always a good thing.  I added a bit of gold Stickles to the flowers to tie the gold in a bit more.

all you need is love - xoxo

I also cut XOXO out in the same gold paper.  One of the greatest things about using the digital stamps is that you can make them any size you want – just love that!

all you need is love - photo stamp

The sentiments in the stamps are fabulous!  I thought it would be fun to ‘stamp’ one on my photo, so I pulled it into Photoshop, changed it to the same red in the flowers so it would stand out, and then added it to the photo before printing.  Again, because it was a ‘digital’ stamp, I could easily make it the size, and color, I needed.

I always say things happen for a reason.  In this case, those stamps sold out for a reason, so I would step outside of my comfort zone and get a little more comfortable with using digital stamps.  And now I’m hooked!  And hey, don’t be sad because those stamps are sold out, you can now pre-order them here.  Because Kerri’s awesome like that…  :)


I love all the various uses of the digital stamps! Each one is unique and lovely. And when I first read the title, my mind said it like it should be anyway. It wasn’t until a second look that I went ohhhhh. ;) And that little grouping of cheerful flowers and glitter heart? Oh yeah.

Also I think the Trace encounter Layle had  is an excellent tip she pointed out. Turning off High Pass Filter is my number one thing I do when using Trace. I always start with the Threshold and no High or Low Pass checked. 90% of the time, that’s all you need.

Gorgeous page, my friend!

Oh, and one other note, the reorder of the XO has shipped (yay!) and should be here by the weekend. Our quantities are getting low again, so if you were wanting these sooner rather than later… :) And if your on the preorder list, start looking for your stamps early next week!



Love You Sweet Thing

February 10th, 2016|pages|

This month is definitely a month of expressing love. We do it so many ways–a simple little three-finger hand sign, a hug, some chocolates, a valentine, a note…or in this case…a page.

Laura has done a beautiful job at sharing some loving sentiments about her daughter!


[ Designs | February Fourteen (sweet thing) / Hello There Class Freebies (heart + you) ]


Love the big title. Love the simple, yet delightful design. Love the journaling going up the side. Love the embossed layered heart. Love that she used one of her daughter’s selfies (putting those to good use!). Just love, love, love all around. :)

Let’s here what Laura has to say:

When Kerri suggested we create love-themed projects this month, I wasn’t really sure what I would make. Then I came across this selfie that my youngest daughter, Sarah, had taken a while back, and with the colors, I thought it would make for a great love themed page. My journaling is all about how much I love her, whether she’s the sweet thing that I know and love, or the sassy, stubborn, challenging thing that I see more often than not in her teen years. She’s not always easy, but I always want her to know how much I love her.

I decided to mix the “{heart} You” and “sweet thing” for my title. I cut both the heart and the “you” three times from my patterned papers. I layered the three sets of “you” letters together, one on top of the other. It thickens the letters up and almost mimics the look of chipboard. For the pink hearts, I ran each one thru a polka dotted embossing folder, layered them together, and then machine stitched down the center to hold them together. The sides of the hearts aren’t adhered together, so it gives some extra dimension to the heart. I also added some pink enamel dots to the top heart, right up top of the polka dots.

It’s awesome Laura! Love it!