Travelers Notebook Tips

April 21st, 2017|photo templates, travelers notebook|

I get a lot of questions about how I use my traveler’s notebook and templates, so today I thought I might share a few of those using this little spread here.


For those of you that have been with me for a while, you know how much I love laying out my page. While I do use Illustrator to do this, you can do it just as easily in Silhouette Studio.



I also have the luxury of using my actual stamp image…’cause…well…I make them, but you can simply draw a blank rectangle where you’d want to place those type of pieces. You can do it with your photos too–so instead of seeing four real images like you see here, you could draw placement holders for the photos you know you want to put in. I’m a little strange, but I like my rectangles in light grey. ;)

And if you notice, I have a branch from This+That: Lucky that I cut on my Silhouette. You can pull up any cut shapes you want to use and plug them in just like this in Studio as well. Even fill it with a color you might like to cut from.



Now that I know how my text will appear, I can do one of two things: I can either print it on paper trim it and adhere it in my book–a full half sheet or just the text trimmed to size. Or, because I remove the staples from my albums, with placement permitting, I can pull the paper from the book (I’ll show that down a little further) and print it directly on the page.

To do this, create two rectangles side by side on a landscape letter-size format. The rectangle size I created was 4.25 x 8.25″, making my final image the size of a Midori piece of paper. You’ll want to measure yours to make sure of the size you’ll need.

Once you have this set up, you can save it as a template and use it over and over again, whether you print on paper from your album or print it to trim and adhere in the album.



Go ahead and give it a print on a regular piece of paper. As you can see the lines of the rectangle are there and we won’t want them when we print. So temporarily delete them for printing on your real paper–unless you’ll be trimming it to adhere n your book. Then you want the lines so you’ll know where to trim it. You’ll also want to remove any excess layout pieces, like the photos, title or cut file.



Next, align the paper from the album on top of your printout, adhere it with some washi tape, and run it through your printer again. Make sure you know which end is up, so to speak. :)



Now isn’t that sweet? :)



I used a tag as a little bookmark so I’d know where to put my page back in the album. Notice that nothing is stapled and there’s my giant Midori rubberband on the right (you can find these on Amazon HERE.)



Once your paper is back where it should be, wrap your rubberband around the center of your album again to secure the pages in place.



Voila! I love it! Removing the staples from your album gives you so much more freedom to do fun things like this!



Now for the photos. I opted to use a photo template from Travelers Templates #3, but only needed four spaces. I clipped in my photos in just a couple minutes and turned off the layers for the bottom two rectangles.



Since I didn’t need to print on a big piece of photo paper, and I really love my Epson PictureMate Charm that only prints 4×6, I cropped it to a 4×6 photo and then printed it. I also wanted the photos just a little closer together, so I nudged them a little closer so there was a little less white space.

You don’t have to use the templates exactly as they are. You can improvise to fit your needs, which is sweet! And I don’t say this because I make them, I make them because I say this: I love photo templates!!! They make the documenting process so much easier!



The last little bits involved cutting my branch on my Silhouette and stamping my sentiment, including this one from the Away stamp set. I would also suggest removing your book from the your main holding system to eliminate as much ‘uneven’ surface when trying to stamp. And if you’ve removed your staples, you can even pull just the one page out that you’re stamping on. I have forgotten a time or two or thought it would be fine and it wasn’t. Oh the agony of it all! :)


For me, photo templates and laying out my page makes my thought process go so much faster! I prefer to tweak my page on screen and know what I need rather than kind of randomly guess. It works for me. If you haven’t ever done it, give it a try and see if you like it.

Capturing ‘Your Squad’

April 11th, 2017|cuttables, photo templates|

In this day and age of selfies, a great many more photos can be–and are–taken of ourselves. Yay! I think the tweens+teens utilize this feature much more than us adults (haha), but I love that more and more are finding themselves in front of the camera because they can.

I love that it helps us to document life more regularly. But what do we do with all these photos?

Well, take a look at what Laura has done with all the children she tends to….her squad.



[ Designs |  Storyboard #1 / Weathered Door [all] / Borderlines #1 (flower border). Stamps | One Fine Day ]


This is so wonderful that she’s captured all these little people with herself! They grow up so fast! And for her, they come and go. What a great way to remember them all! I also adore her color choices and the mix of flower mediums!

Here’s what Laura has to say:

I was scrolling thru my Instagram photos the other day, and came across a photo of myself with several of my daycare kids. I had written something about how I ever had a “squad”, these little people would be my squad. I’ve been better about getting in the photos with the kids here and there, and I knew that some of those photos would make a great layout.

I used a template from Kerri’s Storyboard #1 kit to collage my photos together. I left one space in the template empty, knowing that I wanted to add either my title or my journaling there instead of another photo. I simply trimmed a piece of cardstock to fit over that area on the template once it was printed and adhered it in place.

I used the Weathered Door [all] kit to create my title, die cutting it from blue patterned paper, and completed the title with a few alpha stickers and Kerri’s One Fine Day stamps. I also wanted to add a little something along the left side of my photo collage, so I die cut a flower border from the Borderlines #1 kit, and tucked it under the edge of the collage.

Perfect all around!

Travelers Templates #3

March 2nd, 2017|photo templates, travelers notebook|

aka: The Alternate Route.

I am a girl that likes options….variation…making the most of my goodies.

So when it came to making this kit, I kept thinking ‘I like this, but I want that as well.’

And, when it comes to cake, I always want to eat it too.

Thus, I present to you: Travelers Templates #3!

This blend of templates is unique in that some have predesigned titles and/or alternate spaces for photos. Using the eye in the Layers palette, you can turn off the pieces you don’t want. Or, you could just delete the layer–but remember to save the file as something different first. ;)



This little ensemble of my documented week in Montana came together in minutes. Select photos, clip photos, print photos. Boom. Done. I opted to keep the sweet little title image at the bottom–which, of course, you can turn off and add your own word using your own font. You can also turn it off and include two more photos.

Options. Variation. Making the most of your goodies.

That’s what it’s all about…and cake too.


For more information on how to use photo templates, please check out the KBS YouTube channel.


All Those Photos!

February 23rd, 2017|cuttables, pages, photo templates|

If there’s one thing there seems to a lot of (besides sweets) at Christmas time, it’s photos. Pictures of family, pictures of the gifts, pictures of family opening gifts, eating…all sorts of photo ops.

That’s a whole heckuva lot of real estate in an album….unless you do it Laura’s way!

Laura has a gift for getting many photos into a couple pages using KBS photo templates. This girl rocks the photo templates!

Take a look.

[ Designs |  Out Of This World (stars) / Yuletide Greetings (hello christmas) /
Photo Strips #1 / Storyboard #7 ]

I’m sorry…it has to be said…oh my stars!  love the white-on-white hand-drawn cut stars!!!

Ack! My favorite!

Let’s see what Laura has to say:

After working really hard last year to catch up on years worth of Christmas layouts, and with Christmas 2016 just days away (when this was written), I figured I had better get to documenting last year’s Christmas photos. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m all about getting as many of my photos on the page as I can. So for something like a Christmas family get-together, I turned to one of my go-to two page designs, getting 22 photos on the spread.

If this design looks familiar, it’s because I have used it more times than I can count! I even used it on a few previous Christmas layouts. I use a full 12×12 photo collage on one side of the spread, and a smaller photo collage on the other side, leaving me plenty of room for my title, journaling, and sometimes, even a few more photos. Kerri’s Stoyboard templates are my go-to choices for creating photo collages, and the only ones I even use anymore. While I often tend to use the same ones over and over, she’s got tons of choices to fit whatever your needs are, as far as how many photos, and size and orientation of photos.

I like to keep with a white background on the top half of my first page, since the two page spread is so photo heavy. Rather than a plain white background, I die cut a ton of stars from Kerri’s Out Of This World kit, using white cardstock. The white on white adds interest, without being overwhelming. Kerri has SO many choices for Christmas titles, so it can be a little hard deciding which to use. I usually start by looking for one that fits the space I have left for my title, as that usually narrows things down a bit. I decided on the “hello Christmas”, from the Yuletide Greetings kit, and cut it both from patterned paper and black cardstock, to layer together for a little shadow effect.

Twenty-two photos on two pages.


I love this! Miss Laura is my hero.

Travelers Templates | Photo Templates in Traveler’s Notebook Size

April 12th, 2016|photo templates|

travelers ex web
I don’t know about you, but I needed me some of these! I want to be able to display photos of the week in a collage form if the mood suits me.


These Travelers Templates come in ten different styles, all measuring 4.125″ x 8.25″. Your standard traveler’s notebook is 4.33″ wide, but I decreased the width just a little so that it would fit in better. If you feel like you need to decrease it to 4″ wide while keeping your height, you can do that without really affecting any of the frames.

I can’t believe it’s been about a year since my last set of templates! I’m so excited to have this fresh set for the planner love in all of us. But, of course, you don’t have to have a planner/traveler’s notebook to use them. They can be used for any project!

And just for fun…you can pick it up on sale TODAY ONLY!

For more information on using photo templates in general, check out THESE tutorials. 

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It’s Hip To Be Square…Or Of A Rectangular Nature.

April 29th, 2015|laura vegas, pages, photo templates|

Photo templates are one of my favorite scrapbooking tools. They make placing a handful of photos together a cinch. And me, with my love for straight lines and all, adore all things clean–the kind of clean that a template can provide with multiple photos. In other words, you can get a lot of images on a page, without it looking cluttered.

So that’s why I’m so excited that today’s sale is on Photo Templates!

Buy 2 or more Photo Templates and save 30%.
Use code NSDPHOTO at checkout.

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

One of our sweet creative team members is a huge fan of using photo templates and uses them a lot. That would be our Miss Laura. And that’s who’s with us today! Now, while she didn’t happen to use a photo template for her project (what?? ;) ), the 4×6 template with 6, 2″ squares in Snapshots #3 or the 6×8 template with 12, 2″ squares from Half Pints #1 would be perfect for this too. Take a look and you’ll see just what I mean.



[ DesignsSomething To Say (Keep it real) / Just Because (favorite) / Life Additions: Backgrounds (circle background) / The History Project Class Extras (television). Stamps | One Fine Day (seriously, oh me oh my).

So much to love about these two spreads. Love the idea of showing the art of all that you love to watch. I did that with a montage of tv shows growing up too. Love all the little details going on…white on white…hello!

Let’s hear what Laura has to say about these two spreads.

I’ve had this idea to create a 6×8″ All About Me album for quite a while, but have never taken the time to get it started. Sure, I do some layouts about myself here and there. But I wanted to have a place to record a variety of different things about myself, at this point in my life. Whether those things are serious, funny, or just plain random. Kerri has so many words, phrases, and shapes that have always caught my eye, knowing they would work great for an album like this. I figured I had better get started on this album now, so that it will hopefully motivate me to add a few pages here and there over the next few months.

I will most likely create pages very randomly for this album, and that’s exactly how I got myself started. I browsed thru Kerri’s shapes for a few minutes, and went with a few of the first things that I came across. Ever since seeing the cute little television that is part of The History Project class, I knew it would be perfect for documenting some of my favorite TV shows. I looked online to find logos for my favorite shows, making sure to find ones that could also be cropped into squares, knowing I would be using a divided page protector with 2″ pockets. It was a pure coincidence that I managed to find so many photos with the same color scheme! I have a TON of favorite shows, so I ended up adding in an additional divided page protector, and trimming off one row of photos, making it a 4×8″ protector. I love the look of different sized pages mixed into these small albums.

When I came across the “keep it real” cut in Kerri’s Something to Say kit, it gave me the idea to record a few “real” tidbits about myself and my life. I think oftentimes, without intentionally trying, we can give off the illusion that our lives are a bit more perfect that they really are. So this was a chance to “keep it real” and write down a few things that others may not realize about me and/or my life. If you get up close and really, really look, there are plenty of things about me that are “real”, no matter how hard I try to come off like I have it all together.

Fantastic job and fantastic idea Laura!


Now I suppose you’re wondering who the winners are of the $15 download gift cards, eh? Well here they are:

Nashonne Newman
Cori Gillespie

Congratulations ladies! You have been emailed, so keep an eye out for it.

Photo Template Sale!

March 31st, 2015|photo templates|

photo template sale2
In anticipation of  going through the 1400+ photos that I took over the past couple weeks,
I thought it might be fun to have a little sale on photo templates!

Now through Sunday you can save 25% on photo templates
on orders over $10! Use code PHOTO at checkout.

Snapshots #3 Is Here!

February 17th, 2015|photo templates|

Each time I use my cute little Epson Charm printer with multiple photos, I wish and wish I would just make some 4×6 photo templates to make life so much easier.

Well folks, it is done and here it is!


These are all 4×6 photo templates. Some are made for putting multiples on a page and some are made for that ‘instax’ look. There are some that have the usual frame accompaniment. And on the ‘polaroid’ style, there are round and straight corner templates to make it all a piece of cake. (Note: You can increase the size of the template, but do it before you put in your photos.)

When you pull up–what I’m calling–the ‘insta’ frames, you’ll see there are some crosshairs in the file. Little lines made in Photoshop/Elements just for a visual so that you can have a better reference when determining what your little photos will look like. They do not print.


Then, with a simple set cut–in this case–at the 3″ mark and 2″ mark, you get these fun little photos! 


Photo templates take all the guess work out of cropping+placing. They are a scrapper’s BFF. If you’d like to learn more about them, check out the Tutorials/Photo Templates link in the menu above.

Two-Fer Tuesday  •  Create Your Stories Simple-y  •  Giveaway

June 17th, 2014|photo templates|


It’s a big day here on our second day of the Simple Stories and KBS team up!

When all is said and done, we are telling the stories of our photos. That’s why we do what we do. We photographically capture a memory and then need to tell the story behind it. And Simple Stories is all about helping you get the memories recorded quickly with their pocket page system.

Which is what brings us to today’s Two-Fer Tuesday.

It’s all about the photo template. 

Photo templates have, by far, been my biggest help in getting my memories together nicely, neatly, and most importantly, quickly. I love using them!

So with this big Simple Stories + KBS shindig?
Of course that’s what today’s Two-Fer had to be all about!

Let’s start with today’s brand new kit–a photo template montage. A mix of six different templates with a straight or rounded frame that you can add to it, if you so wish.



Here’s one I whipped up with our weekend trip to Idaho for our family reunion. Seriously, took me like five minutes to put together. 


Oh how I love that Idaho beauty!

And here’s today’s photo tip: When admiring a landscape, such as the one in the bottom-left corner, don’t forget to use your panorama feature on your phone to soak it all in. What a spectacular photo it can make!

And now for today’s 2.99 sale items,
that are on sale for today only!

snapshots1   snapshots2   storyboard7   storyboard8

The first two Snapshot photo templates are perfect for using with Simple Stories Pocket Pages! There are several 4×6 and 5×7 templates to choose from so you can maximize your space by getting more to a page or a photo slot. That’s what I love about templates….more photos without making a mess. :)

The other two storyboard templates are just some other great mixes of templates to play with.  All come with straight and rounded frames to turn on or off as needed.

Remember, Two-Fer Tuesdays mean that these four sale kits are available for 2.99 TODAY ONLY. 

(Note: Coupon does not apply to sale items, but they will count towards your total. All photo templates can be resized as needed, but keep it proportional if you’re using the frames and resize them before adding your photos. There are tutorials under the link above for more information on how to use these.)

And now here’s one last thing to help you on your photographic journey:

A giveaway for a seat in Big Picture Classes’ Phone Photography Project!

PPP2 Camera Roll_ Image

I took this class last year and it was loads of fun. Figured I’d best be taking it again this year too. ;) I love getting all sorts of tips and tricks in one place. For all the details on this class, check out their website HERE.

So here’s how to enter–multiple ways to enter, actually. I’ll be drawing a winner Thursday morning!

After entering, head no over to the Simple Stories blog to see what goodness they have to share today!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

easter freebie + new kit + sale ending

April 19th, 2014|freebies, photo templates|

It’s Easter weekend. I miss the days of basket-filled sweets. Tiny little surprises. Hiding baskets in unusual places the night before–like the dryer or hanging from the ceiling fan. Something fun for the kids to do that morning when they wake up.

I think I’m feeling nostalgic this week for the younger days of my kids…not that I want to go back, mind you, but they are sweet moments.

So instead, today I share some sweets with you.

Let’s start off with this cute little Easter freebie. I call it a funky bunny. I like a little quirky from time to time. :)


And of course there needed to be two–one floppy and one not.

To download these cute little fellers–forever free–click HERE.


Next up. A brand new kit. Miss Laura asked me for a 6×8 photo template kit at the same time I was working on my travel album for the Here There Everywhere class. Obviously we were on the same wave length here. :)


And you know how I like to mix things up, this brand-new kit of 14 templates is 20% off through Sunday, April 27. So be sure to get yours today while it’s on sale.


And last but not least, the sale on the Hello There Silhouette card class ends tomorrow.

We had a fabulous week with Nichol’s renditions, did we not?


Well, that’s it for today folks. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whether you celebrate Easter or not.

And I’d like to leave you with this video because it’s pretty amazing. My missionary daughter pointed me to it and not only is it a powerful message, but also, all the ‘old scenes’ with Christ were made by my hubby when he worked on ‘building Jerusalem’ a couple years ago. It looks pretty darn authentic, wouldn’t you say?

Happy Easter!