New Travelers Templates Have Arrived!

There's a brand new set of travelers templates available with a 'get out there' kind of theme. Say hello to Travelers Templates: Wander. While these templates were created with trips and getting outside in mind, they can still be used for everyday life. Very versatile! And through tomorrow (Sunday), they are on sale for 20% off. Yippee! There are ten 4.125″ x 8.25″ layered PSD photo templates that you can use in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. And since the proportion is the same, also included are 6×12 templates to use in larger albums for December Daily, Project Life or other pocket page scrapbooking. [...]

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Travelers Templates in Holiday Style!

  I love having choices...variety....getting the most bang for my buck, as it were. And that's why I thought it would be awesome to have a set of templates that wouldn't be specific to one holiday, but two...and even all year long. Today I present to you, Travelers Templates: Holiday Style.   This unique set of ten templates has a variety options for text and photos. Even though these were made with Christmas and Thanksgiving (gratitude + family) in mind, many are universal and can be used all year. They are 4.125 x 8.25 to fit into a traveler's notebook. Additionally, [...]

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Travelers Notebook Tips

I get a lot of questions about how I use my traveler's notebook and templates, so today I thought I might share a few of those using this little spread here.   For those of you that have been with me for a while, you know how much I love laying out my page. While I do use Illustrator to do this, you can do it just as easily in Silhouette Studio.     I also have the luxury of using my actual stamp image...'cause...well...I make them, but you can simply draw a blank rectangle where you'd want to place those type [...]

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Capturing ‘Your Squad’

In this day and age of selfies, a great many more photos can be--and are--taken of ourselves. Yay! I think the tweens+teens utilize this feature much more than us adults (haha), but I love that more and more are finding themselves in front of the camera because they can. I love that it helps us to document life more regularly. But what do we do with all these photos? Well, take a look at what Laura has done with all the children she tends to....her squad.     [ Designs |  Storyboard #1 / Weathered Door [all] / Borderlines #1 [...]

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Travelers Templates #3

aka: The Alternate Route. I am a girl that likes options....variation...making the most of my goodies. So when it came to making this kit, I kept thinking 'I like this, but I want that as well.' And, when it comes to cake, I always want to eat it too. Thus, I present to you: Travelers Templates #3! This blend of templates is unique in that some have predesigned titles and/or alternate spaces for photos. Using the eye in the Layers palette, you can turn off the pieces you don't want. Or, you could just delete the layer--but remember to save [...]

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All Those Photos!

If there's one thing there seems to a lot of (besides sweets) at Christmas time, it's photos. Pictures of family, pictures of the gifts, pictures of family opening gifts, eating...all sorts of photo ops. That's a whole heckuva lot of real estate in an album....unless you do it Laura's way! Laura has a gift for getting many photos into a couple pages using KBS photo templates. This girl rocks the photo templates! Take a look. [ Designs |  Out Of This World (stars) / Yuletide Greetings (hello christmas) / Photo Strips #1 / Storyboard #7 ] I'm has to [...]

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Travelers Templates | Photo Templates in Traveler’s Notebook Size

I don't know about you, but I needed me some of these! I want to be able to display photos of the week in a collage form if the mood suits me. These Travelers Templates come in ten different styles, all measuring 4.125" x 8.25". Your standard traveler's notebook is 4.33" wide, but I decreased the width just a little so that it would fit in better. If you feel like you need to decrease it to 4" wide while keeping your height, you can do that without really affecting any of the frames. I can't believe it's been about [...]

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It’s Hip To Be Square…Or Of A Rectangular Nature.

Photo templates are one of my favorite scrapbooking tools. They make placing a handful of photos together a cinch. And me, with my love for straight lines and all, adore all things clean--the kind of clean that a template can provide with multiple photos. In other words, you can get a lot of images on a page, without it looking cluttered. So that's why I'm so excited that today's sale is on Photo Templates! Buy 2 or more Photo Templates and save 30%. Use code NSDPHOTO at checkout. Now, that's what I'm talkin' about! One of our sweet creative team members [...]

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Photo Template Sale!

In anticipation of  going through the 1400+ photos that I took over the past couple weeks, I thought it might be fun to have a little sale on photo templates! Now through Sunday you can save 25% on photo templates on orders over $10! Use code PHOTO at checkout.

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Snapshots #3 Is Here!

Each time I use my cute little Epson Charm printer with multiple photos, I wish and wish I would just make some 4x6 photo templates to make life so much easier. Well folks, it is done and here it is! These are all 4x6 photo templates. Some are made for putting multiples on a page and some are made for that 'instax' look. There are some that have the usual frame accompaniment. And on the 'polaroid' style, there are round and straight corner templates to make it all a piece of cake. (Note: You can increase the size of the template, but [...]

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