Traveler’s Pack: Paradise

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was taking a trip across the big blue ocean to the beautiful island of Kauai. She knew she wanted to write her stories of the trip and needed the prefect accessories to accommodate such stories of travels and adventure, and Traveler's Pack: Paradise was born.   The kit comes with seven cover papers sized the same as a Midori cover, which is 8.75" x 8.25". Of course you can size as needed. You can also use them as paper in the book as well as what they were intended for…covers. This kit [...]

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 + The Golden Deer Stamp Giveaway

Today we have part two from Miss Jamie Pate...because really, you can never have enough of her creative genius, right? I know a lot of you do some kind of December Daily and Jamie has sone wonderful pages that might help you get yours done too! [ Designs | Today Is a Good Day (today) / December Additions: The Pages (modern garland) / Envelopes / Snowflake / Label It (half fancy) ]   There are those snowflakes again! So awesome in so many ways, right? The pages are just amazing. Thanks for coming by our house this holiday season, Miss Jamie!     This is no longer [...]

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Wanderlust: The Print

When I was designing prints for the new Said+Done class, I felt compelled to do what made me inspired. What made me happy. For me? That's traveling. Seeing the world. Seeing our country. All my life I've looked at maps and daydreamed of far-off lands. So for the class, we use several vintage map overlays (adapted and available just for this class) to make this particular print. But whilst in my creative mode, I also came up with another idea. One that needed...excuse me...had to be available in the store as well. And that would be this: There are four color [...]

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Mix+Match | This+That School and Project Life

  Y'all know what a big fan I am of maximizing my art, right? Well for the past couple weeks or so, all I could think about is what could I do with designs from the This+That: School kit (on account-a it is the season), a few 3x4 rectangles and a little bit of text. And this is what came to fruition. (The large clock face is a printable and comes in the full kit. The rest of the designs are cuttables or PNGs and come in the full kit or the 'Just Shapes' kit.) Um. I don't think it can get much [...]

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Two-Fer Tuesday: Simply Summer + ‘Holiday’ Savings

Before we get to today's festivities, I just wanted to do a quick shout out for all of you who joined in on the webinar last night. That was crazy fun! Man, all those comments were just flying by. I can speed read, but sometimes, those just flew by so fast! Just want to thank Lain and Dani for all their efforts in helping me do what I needed to do for y'all. They are just awesome girls and they put on a good show! Okay, so let's start off with today's main kit that's brand new!   Fifteen simply [...]

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happy halloween  •  freebie

Sometimes I still find it strange that our kids are too old for the traditional Halloween activities. Sure, they may still dress up, but the door-to-door-and-school-activities of it all has been gone by the wayside for a while. They grow up fast, do they not? So, in the spirit of all things spooky+sweet, here are some decorative 3x4 cards for you to use as you a plethora of color choices as well as 'text only' in black and white. To download them forever free, click on the image or click HERE. And then, just for fun, you could do something [...]

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