My Motto: Get Off The Beaten Path

A couple years ago I decided I needed to reprioritize my life. I needed less 'work' and more 'life' in my days. There were way too many days in my week that I could work 12 hours and not even bat an eye. This change of attitude has made a world of difference to me! It was greatly needed after so many years. And part of this new way of living includes going outside more, going to the mountains, taking the road less traveled...all of that. Well, I had some recent experiences where we were lost-ish and off that beaten path [...]

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Celebrating Love With Love

It's a big day here in the land of Bradford. Today hubs and I celebrate thirty years of marriage.     Thirty years sure does seem like a monumental milestone in this day and age. I can't tell you how many friends of my kids have already gotten divorced after not even five years. I wish I could say we have all the answers on how to last this long, but I don't. I don't believe anyone can have a perfect marriage. There are always ups and downs--usually more ups than downs, I hope. But I think what's worked for [...]

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Always Stay Humble

If you've never heard the song Always Stay Humble And Kind by Tim McGraw, you are missing out. It is the most amazing music and lyrics. It touches me every time I hear it. The world could use more of this. And it's today's Phrase A Day.     And if you need to hear it like it is.  

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Hello Clothes

What is it about new clothes that make you feel so good? I mean, the 'old' clothes were new once too. They should make you feel good still, right? Some may, some may not. All I know is I've been down that 'feel good' road a bit myself after getting new jeans into the wardrobe...daughters approved jeans even. It may have snowballed from there, but I will neither confirm nor deny that. And it looks like our darling Laura has been on the 'feel good' road trip too recently! Only I wish my road trip was for the same reason [...]

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I Want To See The World

Oh boy. My Phrase A Day goal has hit a rough patch due to this darn cold that apparently ihas started a round 2--and much worse than it's beem. Feeling pretty miserable and sleeping very little the past two or three days. But I did finally manage to get another phrase done. Yay!     Today's phrase, I Want To See The World, comes from one of my very favorite songs by Jason Mraz. These words just speaks volumes to me. There's something magical about experiencing travel or life with someone else. To be able to see it through someone [...]

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And When You Smile

For today's Phrase A Day, I thought I'd try more of a 'normal' writing style using some amazing lyrics from Bruno Mars.     Don't you feel like that sometimes? You look at your spouse or your child smiling and you just get lost in it? Love this sentiment! And it would be awesome in your Project Life or pocket page scrapbooking. In the store here. _____________ Phrase A Day is a personal writing challenge in the month of January to help me learn more about my new iPad Pro 10.5 and the Procreate app. If you have a suggestion on [...]

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Twenty Eighteen

The holiday hangover, so to speak. Does anyone else not want to go back to work today? ;) I've so enjoyed having the last week or so off, but it's back to business for reals today. I've got some emails to get to today for sure. I still can't believe we've reached a new year. Last year went by so fast! And right now it's not even feeling like January with these unusual 40+ degree temps. Feels more like spring. We better get some good snow soon. We need it for sure. Today's Phrase A Day had to be the [...]

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Day 11 | Words Are The Best Element

I've said it a bazillion times (okay, maybe not a bazillion, but close), words are truly my favorite element. They are the perfect way to accent your page while 'saying' more about your page. What can be better than that? If a photo speaks a thousand words, at least more words can help it along, right? So when I saw this final project from our holiday guest, Kim Jeffress, I was in heaven! Words everywhere!           perfection. I don't even know where to begin. Just look at all that eye candy! All the details. The mix of [...]

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Food, Glorious Food.

I do love me some glorious food. And with the holidays just around the corner, I can't wait for all those tasty bits that only seem to come 'round this time of year. We often take pictures of the big Thanksgiving feast or Christmas dinner. But I also love documenting about food all through the year. I often include what we make for Sunday dinner or where Dan and I go to eat out--I think it's incredibly important to include in your story. It gives your posterity a little 'taste' of your life. ;) That's why I'm totally in love [...]

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