Stamp It Up!

I am passionate about stamps. Passionate about stamps that are mostly in the form of words. I love that you can quickly add a sentiment or add a plethora to make a statement--and oh boy was I just playing with the plethora option for April stamps! So excited! But you're gonna have to wait on that one. ;) Stamps are an embellishment that's never ending and you can pick whatever color you need (if you have the ink pad, of course--haha). And the gal that brings it all together so well is none other than our lovely Melissa Morelli!   [...]

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My Motto: Get Off The Beaten Path

A couple years ago I decided I needed to reprioritize my life. I needed less 'work' and more 'life' in my days. There were way too many days in my week that I could work 12 hours and not even bat an eye. This change of attitude has made a world of difference to me! It was greatly needed after so many years. And part of this new way of living includes going outside more, going to the mountains, taking the road less traveled...all of that. Well, I had some recent experiences where we were lost-ish and off that beaten path [...]

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Celebrating Love With Love

It's a big day here in the land of Bradford. Today hubs and I celebrate thirty years of marriage.     Thirty years sure does seem like a monumental milestone in this day and age. I can't tell you how many friends of my kids have already gotten divorced after not even five years. I wish I could say we have all the answers on how to last this long, but I don't. I don't believe anyone can have a perfect marriage. There are always ups and downs--usually more ups than downs, I hope. But I think what's worked for [...]

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The End Is Here

Well, it's the last day of January--end of the month and end of my Phrase A Day endeavor. Sadly, what I'd hoped to achieve with this personal challenge did not necessarily happen. I'd wanted to learn more about the Procreate app, to explore and try some different writing styles. Unfortunately, having been sick for most of the month, I could only manage to squeak out a few here and there in their somewhat traditional sense. Don't get me wrong, practicing writing with the iPad Pro 10.5 did help, but I had wanted to get more out of the app to [...]

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Living Our Best Life

What would it be like to have a 'perfect' life? hmm.  I'd venture to say it would be pretty boring, wouldn't you? It's the downs that make the ups so sweet. The important part of life is how you approach it. Just live the best life you can and it will be perfect in its own way. Say hello to today's Phrase A Day. I thought it would be a perfect accent in my home. Just a sweet reminder that our life is pretty darn good--even with the downs.    

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Do Something Creative Today

You wouldn't think that someone who works in this creative industry would need this as a reminder, but boy, do I! I need to get more creative with my personal documenting for starters. Even this Phrase A Day personal challenge didn't even work out like I'd planned, what with being sick and all most of the month. There's just so much I want--and need--to do. Alas, here's today's Phrase A Day....    

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Find The Beauty In The Simplest Of Things

If there's one thing I'm pretty darn good at, it's appreciating the beauty in even the simplest of things. A laugh, my daily Dr. Pepper, fresh air, a spontaneous drive....there are so much beauty and things to be grateful for in everyday life--so much to be joyful for. You can find it anywhere. And that's what brings us to today's Phrase A Day.     It's just amazing how your perspective on life can change when you look for what's good in it rather than dwell on what's not going right.  

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Happiness Can Be Found

Admission time. I love Harry Potter. I own all the movies, yet when it's a Harry Potter Weekend on cable, I'm so excited! Am I the only one? My favorites are 3, 5 and 6. Although, in the 6th the movie it ends when Harry and Dumbledore go off to the island to find the horcrux, In my world, Dumbledore doesn't die. ;) We often quote this movie in our household...all of us being HP fans and all. And so I thought I'd do a Harry Potter quote for today's Phrase A Day.     Not only would it be [...]

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Always Stay Humble

If you've never heard the song Always Stay Humble And Kind by Tim McGraw, you are missing out. It is the most amazing music and lyrics. It touches me every time I hear it. The world could use more of this. And it's today's Phrase A Day.     And if you need to hear it like it is.  

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You all know what a big fan I am with nature. Even sitting here in my chair (rather than laying bed this past week) where I can see my beautiful mountains on these gorgeous clear days in January has got me loving what I'm seeing, even though I'm not out in it. It's so true, even the smallest dose can change the way you feel. Nature is the today's Phrase A Day.    

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