Day 12 | Our Last Day

Oh my! I can't believe it's our last official day of the 12 Days of Christmas! It's been quite a ride, hasn't it? Our creative team has knocked our socks off, our holiday guests have wowed us to the tippy tops, and thousands of freebies have found their way to your homes. It's been an incredible time and I thank you all for making it so great. A huge thanks to our creative girls for sharing their talents too. They are just remarkable! So now we are at our last freebie, our Merry Little Christmas Cars print.     You [...]

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Day 7 | Home For The Holidays

This is the first year of our lives where we have children that live away and are coming home for the holidays. Seems like such a weird concept. But how exciting is it to have people come to your home for the holidays? Parties, dinners, family, friends...there's nothing like being at home for the holidays. Can ya feel the love? So today we have a little bit of home-ee type items going on. Let's do something in the party realm with our darling Miss Maggie!         How stinkin' cute are these invitations?! My creative team constantly wows me. I [...]

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Day 6 | That’s A Wrap

Whoa. Whoooooaaaa. Don't get your knickers in a twist. We're not ending our 12 Days of Christmas here on Day 6. All is well. We just seem to have a little theme a-goin' on here. It's all about wrapping up those gifts! And here to show us some gift-wrapped amazingness is Melanie Blackburn! She's showing off some stamped tags in very fine fashion. Take a look.         Oh sweet figgy pudding, those tags are awesome! I particularly love the combo of stamps on the sleigh ride tag. That dimension is divine. Let's hear what Mel has to [...]

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Let the KBS Twelve Days of Christmas Begin!

The KBS Twelve Days of Christmas is seriously my favorite time of year. And yes, I know that technically the real '12 Days' doesn't start now, but I'm a bit of a rebel and in my little starts December :)     If you're newer here and haven't been 'round for one of these, you're in for a real treat! Each day--for twelve days-- we have amazingly creative people popping in for the holidays and we have a freebie available for that day only. And you never know what else will come our way. ;) So what should we [...]

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Brand New Christmas Calendar

This has literally been a year in the making. You might recognize some of the designs--like the Santa, reindeer and trees--from the Happy Christmas stamps that were released last year. I had created some designs before all heck broke loose on my site last year with the intent of using them in a brand new advent calendar as well as stamps. Long story short, the brand new kit, Christmas Calendar, is finally here!     Originally, I had intended to purchase a frame. Then I thought I could use a gold frame that has a painting that my grandma made [...]

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A Birthday Surprise!

This weekend I said hello to 51. What? I surely can't be that old. I swear I'm only like 31, right? I can't believe how fast time flies! I had a lovely weekend with my family. Friday night Dan and I went out to Chilis on Kass. Saturday (the official day) we all went to see a movie. I had to work a little and prepare a lesson for church, so it was pretty much like every other day. ;) Sunday Jordan made curry for dinner and we had chocolate cream pie for dessert. And Tuesday I go out with [...]

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Time is fa-lyin' folks! Can you believe Mother's Day is this Sunday? I've been excited for the warmer weather, spending time with my family outdoors and going on adventures, but my goodness, come this weekend we'll be at the middle of May already! What plans do you have for Mother's Day? What do you give your mothers, mothers-in-law or the special women in your life? Have you ever thought about a framed layout? Perhaps something like this from Laura?     [ Designs | Background Basics #3 (floral), Grateful (happy life) ] gasp! Right? That is so pretty and such a [...]

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Christmas In July | Tag! You’re It!

Well folks...we've come to the final day of our Christmas In July event! Can you believe this week is gone? It flew by...just like summer is flying by. ( may not know, but August is about a week away. Yeah. I said it.) And Christmas will truly be here before you even know it. That's why the time to get some of your Christmas craft-ees done is now. I'm tagging you. You're it. It's time to run and and have some fun. I won't tell your husband you may have put on some Christmas music for an hour either. C'mon. You [...]

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Christmas In July | It’s A Sign

  I love vintage things. I'm an old soul art heart. I grew up on a farm with a rich history and many saved items of those years. So I had this idea to make a home decor item that fit the 'old sign' category. But I took it one step farther. If I was going to make a large sign, I didn't just want it for Christmas, I wanted something that could be kept up in my home for fall and Christmas. A two-fer, if you will. I found a large wooden tray at Hobby Lobby that was 20x13. [...]

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Christmas In July | Deck Those Halls

Before we get started, if you're looking for the Christmas stamps, including the two that are brand new this week, please use the link to the right. All is explained there. Not only did I put the challenge out to my beauty of a creative team to make items you can prepare ahead of time--like tags or cards, but I also loved the thought of Christmas decor or gift giving, even. Anything you can do now to save you time later is the best! And our Miss Laura took that challenge and ran with it! Her canvases are beyond amazing. I'm going to let [...]

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