A Birthday Surprise!

This weekend I said hello to 51. What? I surely can't be that old. I swear I'm only like 31, right? I can't believe how fast time flies! I had a lovely weekend with my family. Friday night Dan and I went out to Chilis on Kass. Saturday (the official day) we all went to see a movie. I had to work a little and prepare a lesson for church, so it was pretty much like every other day. ;) Sunday Jordan made curry for dinner and we had chocolate cream pie for dessert. And Tuesday I go out with [...]

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Time is fa-lyin' folks! Can you believe Mother's Day is this Sunday? I've been excited for the warmer weather, spending time with my family outdoors and going on adventures, but my goodness, come this weekend we'll be at the middle of May already! What plans do you have for Mother's Day? What do you give your mothers, mothers-in-law or the special women in your life? Have you ever thought about a framed layout? Perhaps something like this from Laura?     [ Designs | Background Basics #3 (floral), Grateful (happy life) ] gasp! Right? That is so pretty and such a [...]

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Christmas In July | Tag! You’re It!

Well folks...we've come to the final day of our Christmas In July event! Can you believe this week is gone? It flew by...just like summer is flying by. (Shh...you may not know, but August is about a week away. Yeah. I said it.) And Christmas will truly be here before you even know it. That's why the time to get some of your Christmas craft-ees done is now. I'm tagging you. You're it. It's time to run and and have some fun. I won't tell your husband you may have put on some Christmas music for an hour either. C'mon. You [...]

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Christmas In July | It’s A Sign

  I love vintage things. I'm an old soul art heart. I grew up on a farm with a rich history and many saved items of those years. So I had this idea to make a home decor item that fit the 'old sign' category. But I took it one step farther. If I was going to make a large sign, I didn't just want it for Christmas, I wanted something that could be kept up in my home for fall and Christmas. A two-fer, if you will. I found a large wooden tray at Hobby Lobby that was 20x13. [...]

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Christmas In July | Deck Those Halls

Before we get started, if you're looking for the Christmas stamps, including the two that are brand new this week, please use the link to the right. All is explained there. Not only did I put the challenge out to my beauty of a creative team to make items you can prepare ahead of time--like tags or cards, but I also loved the thought of Christmas decor or gift giving, even. Anything you can do now to save you time later is the best! And our Miss Laura took that challenge and ran with it! Her canvases are beyond amazing. I'm going to let [...]

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Christmas in July | Pretty Packages

Before we get started, if you're looking for the Christmas stamps, including the two that are brand new this week, please use the link to the right. All is explained there.   I think that half of gift giving is the packaging. You want to dress up that awesome little gift, but you may not have the time to do that come December and so you wind up doing what I do, which is tissue paper and a bag. Well, that's what this week is for. To help you get ahead of the game so that come the holiday season, [...]

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Some ‘Love’ly Decor

I love just having a simple little decor for Valentine's Day. Like I say, it's not a holiday we go overboard with, but it's fun to show a little love around the home, right? That's why I adore this decor by our Miss Maggie...who is in the same 'love boat' as me. :) simple. sweet. love. Maggie...take it away darlin'! Hey everyone! I'll be honest, Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday ever. I mean, it's OK...but it's not my favorite. I do enjoy having little subtle love-themed decorations up in my house this time of year, though...so I made some [...]

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Little Boxes Of Love

Valentine's Day. It's never been a big holiday in our household. But I always like to do a little something for my family. Sometimes it's candy. Sometimes it's a little gift. Sometimes it's heart-shaped cookie. Just a little something. And now I'm thinking...what 'little something' can I put into a box like these from Nichol?! [ Designs | Santa's Workshop: Toys Only (box+tag).  Stamps | XO ]   Absolutely adorable, right? Simple. Sweet. Perfect for a little something.  Here's a little something from Nichol: The gift box from the Santa’s Workshop kit is probably my favorite dimensional die cut ever. I sized my box [...]

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Retro Art: Love

Sometimes it's just time for something new. And when that happens, it must be acted upon. For several years now I've put my subway art in a wrought-iron chalkboard. I've loved it all this time. But when I recently put in the Valentine's Day art, I gandered at it a spell and decided I needed something fresh. It wasn't so much the subway art as it was the chalkboard it was in. I've had a lot of wrought-iron in my home, particularly since we remodeled in 2008, and I decided I wanted to give my home a little face lift. [...]

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 6

By now, many of you have begun checking off your shopping lists. Maybe even some of you have a few things wrapped. I have to admit, I haven't started shopping and could use a little homemade gift-wrapping idea. Luckily, we have another holiday guest stopping by today that can help us all out with that. Say hello to Miss Marcy Penner! [ Designs | Jingle All The Way ] I look at that and just see beautiful simplicity. I'm a sucker for brown paper packages. Throw white on white and a bit of the aqua blues? Oh man. Love! Thanks so [...]

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