12 Days of Christmas: Day 11

On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me . . . 11 pipers piping . . . Okay, that one isn't too bad. If you ask my girls--who just went to see The Nutcracker ballet this past weekend because they'd never been--they'd prefer not to see any 'lords a-leaping' in tights. Jordan asked if the men could wear shorts. Enough said. We're getting down to the wire folks! Christmas is soooo around the corner! Need a fabulous last minute neighbor gift idea?Check out these cute little subway art gifts that Robyn made! [ Subway Art: Christmas [...]

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a place to write your gratitudes

I'm in love with this idea. I love having a little place where your family can write down what they are grateful for . . . in an open place for all to see. Take a look at this marvelous frame that Robyn made!  [ Shapes | Giving Thanks ] Here's what Robyn has to say: I have always been so inspired by a framed project that Becky Higgins has shown on her blog before of a frame and the kids write what they are grateful for on the glass throughout the month. I wanted to re-create that great idea [...]

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a quick card idea

Need to send a quick 'hello' to someone? Want to make a cute set of 'hello' cards for a gift? Maybe wrap 'em up with a little bow? Well the darling Miss Robyn has come up with a fabulous idea! [ Shapes | XOXO + Summer Lovin' ]  simply. adorable. Here's what Robyn has to say: When Kerri released the 'Summer Lovin' kit, I was so excited about some of the great words that could work perfectly for cards! I took the darling 'hello' and the great heart square shape from the 'XOXO' kit and made some cards. They are colorful and [...]

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kids say the darndest things

Kids do and say the darndest things, don't they? I can remember when Zach was around 2 and we were trying to teach him his full name. We asked, 'What's your name?' 'Zachary.' 'Zachary what?' 'Zachary Daniel....' 'Zachary Daniel what?' [insert moment of pondering here on Zach's part] 'Zachary Daniel Be Nice?' Umm. Yeah. At least no swear words followed it or anything. ;) But these are the quirky little things that we need to capture as our children grow up....or even when they are older too.I wish I could remember forever, but--gosh darn it--brains just weren't meant to remember [...]

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nsd week: the madness continues

Are we having fun yet? :) Learning a few new things? Enjoying the giveaways? Lovin' the sales? Well, folks. The madness continues today! Here's what's on sale for today only:  good stuff. Just look for the items with sale tags in the store! And remember, these are on sale for today only! _______________________________________________ So today we get to hear from the wonderful Robyn Werlich!Take a look at this darling page.... [ Shapes | Happy (title) / Life Additions: Backgrounds ]Looove that she used that title. It's my new favorite! And speaking of favorites....here's Robyn's: _______________________________________________ Now here's a handy dandy [...]

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‘negative’ cards?

Ohhhhh no, it's not what you think! I love using negative space. It's kind of like a 'die cut' way to emboss.It just adds a whole other dimension to a project. Take a look at Robyn's cards: [ Shapes | Signed.Sealed.Delivered. ] Loooove how she added the sentiment right into the envelope! Brilliant idea! Aaaaand, she used my most favoritist (yeah, it's a word) envelope!The pull-tab adds so much fun to your ensemble.And adding a stamped sentiment to the pull tab? Love it! Here's what Robyn has to say: When Kerri came out with this fabulous card kit, I was [...]

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love you.

Still feelin' the love here on the blog during this lovely month of February! And our little Miss Robyn is too!Check out this ever-so lovely page! [ Shapes | XOXO / Love: Every Little Thing ] I love her great mix of titles and colors....not to mention those arrows!FABulous, just fabulous! Just a little secret here: I love using words as my design element on a page.That's why this page really *ehem* speaks to me.Oh, who am I kidding...that ain't no secret. ;) Here's what Robyn did in Studio to create that great title. And this is what she has to [...]

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tickled pink . . . again.

I think that 'pink' is the new black right now. It's such a happy color, isn't it? I'm just loving it right now. So you can only imagine my delight when Miss Robyn sent me these darling Valentines . . . made with the Background Basics series! [ Shape: Background Basics + More Background Basics ] Does that just say happy to you???*sigh*love.   Here's what Robyn has to say: I love anything that has to do with Hearts! Valentine's is such a fun holiday to decorate for with the fun pink and red colors, hearts, love and more! I wanted to [...]

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last minute gifts blog party | day four

Wow. I am just having a great week! And by the looks and sounds of things . . . it appears you are too! We are seeing some amaaaazing ideas all over our little blog land. We are getting to hear some amaaaazing last-minute gift ideas in Monday's giveaway post. The one that takes the cake so far? The Spam. Love that. Hey, I used to eat Spam when I was a kid. lol It's been a really great week so far! And we still have a little more to come! Yahoo! The phrase from 'Beauty in the Beast' just [...]

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ornaments | homemade style

I can remember making ornaments as a child. Gluing pieces of colored construction paper together. Carefully using my Elmer's glue to create lines where I could dump the plethora of shiny glitter onto it. It was a proud moment in my little life. Wow. Believe it or not, I actually have a little pink garbage can with mod-podged Christmas cards that I made when I was five that I should find and take a photo of (and then throw away ;) ). The seventies didn't have much--we were simple crafters . . . especially at such a young age. And [...]

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