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March 27th, 2013|cards, shari carroll|

So I’m trying to recoup from the past week of all the HSN craziness, but I thought I’d take a quick moment to share this great little card from our Miss Shari!

[ Shapes | Life Additions #2 (chevron+tabbed folder / This+That: Lucky (flower+vase)

Love the chevron design on there! Shari made the chevron background larger than the tabbed folder shape, adhered it, and then trimmed off the edges of the chevron background. Perfect placement of the chevron. Sweet!

It’s just ever-so happy and springy! Perfect to go along with the mood of the spring weather we are having here. (Sorry, if it’s snowing where you are. ;) Apparently it snowed in Utah this past weekend too though.)



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the month of loooooove

February 4th, 2013|cards, shari carroll|

It is February. I can hardly believe it! Officially, we are now in the month love….and warmer temps, I’m hoping. :) Not only is it Valentine’s Day next week, but it’s also hubby’s and my 25th anniversary.

Holy cannoli! 

We talked about doing something extra special–like take a trip to Hawaii (I was sooo close to hitting buy when looking at plane tickets)–but I thought that if I was going to spend a chunk of money to do that, then I’d much rather put it towards a trip to Europe with the family a little later in the year. Our family loves to travel and take pictures and we talk of going to France (speaking of love) and Amsterdam quite often (among a million other places to go). We’d love to do London too, but don’t know if that will be in the cards. We are dreamers here in the Bradford house and I’m hoping that dream will come to light for us, because we’ve been talking about a trip like this for two years now. Since Zach speaks French and his bestest missionary companion lives in France, he really wants to go see him.

So, to help us get started in our ‘loverly’ month, here’s a gorgeous card by Queen of Cards herself, our sweet little Shari!

[ Shapes | This+That: Love (printables)  / Background Basics (flower background)

oooooh la la!

i. love.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 2

December 11th, 2012|projects, shari carroll|

Welcome to Day 2 of our 12 Days of Christmas event!

Finally, the weather outside is (more or less) frightful! I say . . . let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! It’s the perfect tone for today’s post–a very wintery mood, I must say. What should we start with first?

I say we start with this lovely little banner from Miss Shari!

[ Shapes | This+That: Winter (mittens, snowflake) / This+That: Christmas (‘ho’) / Christmas Countdown (holly, star)]

Soooo love! I think this would be a wonderful craft project to do with your kids! Cut out some shapes, give them some glue and glitter or whatever, and let make something with them together!

And I love that you could make this more ‘winter’ oriented so that you could leave it up past Christmas as well.

So, with that being shared, how’s about we do this for our 50% off sale today?


(Click on the image to go to it in the store.)

Weather . . . uhhhh, I mean whether or not (i know, i’m sad) you are creating a tray next month
or just have some wintery pages to do, these are for you!

These two kits are no longer on sale….the day is over. :)

If y’all remember National Scrapbook Day, I had my creative team give me their ideas on what they would like to have for a shape. I loved doing that–to see what they are wanting to play with. So of course with an event like this, we just had to do it again!

So today’s shape comes from the wishings and wantings of the lovely Nichol Magouirk.

To download this cute little guy, click HERE.
It’s available for free today only. 

This little feller is no longer available as a free shape. You can buy him HERE.

I gotta say, I’m lovin’ doin’ these one-day freebie shapes! :)

thanksgiving ideas

November 13th, 2012|cards, shari carroll|

So. Are ya havin’ the big food party at your house next week? Gotta be the one cookin’ the turkey? Have ya got all the tables and chairs ya need? Am I stressing you out now?

How’s about  place cards? No? Don’t have any ideas for that? You know Thanksgiving is next week, right?

Well rest your pretty little self, Shari’s gotcha covered there! Take a look at these!

[ Shapes | This+That Autumn (leaves) ]

That girl has got a way with her inks and sprays and mists . . . oh my! Those leaves are amazing!

Now, have you taken care of an Thanksgiving cards or invites that you need to send out? Need yourself an idea for that one too? Well, Shari’s got that one covered as well! Check it out:

[ Shapes | This+That: Autumn (leaves) / Giving Thanks (title)

Another fantabulous card! Love how she’s coordinated the leaves and banner of the card with the place cards so that you can keep a repeating theme. And how cool would it be to make a little banner with just those leaves and string them up like garland? Or sprinkle them on your table? Maybe write a little message on the flipside of the leaf so that when people pick them up they can read a little message of gratitude. So fun!

Some amazing ideas here Miss Shari! Love ’em!

[For more on how Shari made these cards, check out her blog HERE.]

And now I thought it might be fun to show off some fun ideas that we’ve seen in the past here at KBS.

Right now a lot of you are thinking about preparing an advent calendar or your December Daily. You might remember this fun little *ehem* number from last year. And there may be those of you who weren’t around last year and may not have seen this one. Hence, the flashback. :)

This is the Christmas Countdown kit that you can use in box or tag form or both! If you want to read all about it, check out this post HERE. And no, I still haven’t bought my frame, wire and clips to hang these cute little boxes. I knew I wouldn’t get it done this week either, so I’m sharin’ it anyway. :)

And see that snowflake there on day 16? Yeah, see what Shari did with that snowflake here.
(I think that snowflake is one of my favorite shapes….)

Wouldn’t that make a simple holiday gift or decoration?  Totally love. As you can see, the kit is so versatile for any holiday project!

a couple very chilling cards

October 4th, 2012|cards, shari carroll|

The ‘Queen of Cards’ is at it again with something very thrillering (yeah, it’s a word)  for Halloween!
There’s no escaping their fabulousness.
They just send chills up+down my spine.
This mortal just can’t resist them.

(I think my continual listening of Thriller has affected my thoughts today.)

I do love ’em so . . . truly.

[ Shapes + Printables | This+That: All Hallows’ Eve ]

Okay, I think that creepy hand is becoming my all-time favorite from that kit! I looove seeing all the different uses the girls have done with it! Additionally, I love how Shari used the printable elements from the full This+That kit to create her card. You can always use those babies for more than just the kit. Remember what Laura Vegas did with her printables? At the tip of your brain? Maybe checking it out again HERE + HERE will help refresh your memory. :)

create. print. trim. save.

September 10th, 2012|cards, shari carroll|

We’re always looking for quick cards, eh?
Something that you can keep on hand and whip up when you need to send a note?

You know that the KBS shapes are good for cutting. 
But did you really ever think about using them digitally?

Check out this card from our little  Miss Shari.

[ Shapes | Best Thing Ever (title and flourish) / Recipe Cards (patterns/card base)

In Photoshop, Shari cropped the recipe cards to size and added the flourish to create the base.
Next she created a white panel with the greeting.
Then she added text to the label.

Once it was all created, she printed the components, trimmed them, and assembled them.


You could then save this as a card and have it on file for the next time you just need to whip something up!

love it!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3  . . . oh, and 4. :)

designer edition freebies in awesome form

June 4th, 2012|cards, classes, shari carroll|

As you may have heard, I’ve got a new Silhouette Designer Edition class that just started today
on jessicasprage.com.

And those freebies that I shared a sneak peek of just a day or two ago?
Yeah, well, Shari Carroll had a bit of inspiration to use them in the most fabulous of ways!

Check it out.

[ Shapes come from the freebie set offered only in my Silhouette Designer Edition class. ]

Love it!

Shari is my card goddess. :)

accentuate the positive…and negative.

May 8th, 2012|cards, shari carroll|

The Queen of Cards is here again!

Look at these fabulous cards she made!
Loooove the positive- and negative-space way she made these!


[ Shapes | Happy (title) / This+That: Summertime (butterfly)]

Shari printed these–including the aqua patterned background paper–and then ran them through her Silhouette to cut out the butterflies. I love how she used the phrase as a printable image for this rather than cutting it out. So versatile, wouldn’t ya say? :)




And I just realized that I forgot to include Shari’s tip from last week!
Goodness gracious. So much goin’ on and all….

Here it is: 
“I will just say that I usally cut out all my elements with white cardstock first and test fit them onto my projects.  Only when I have the sizes I need do I load my printed paper up for cutting.  I love my printed paper and never want to waste it by cutting out something that won’t work.”  



happy national scrapbook day!

May 5th, 2012|projects, shari carroll|

Boy! This week sure went by fast, dontcha think?

We’ve seen some amazing stuff by our creative team.
Had some pretty awesome sales.

I can’t believe it come to an end….
…well, almost to an end…
we still got today ba-by!

Here’s what’s on sale!

Just look for the items with sale tags in the store!
(or use the ‘this+that’ tag in the sidebar)

These are on sale through the entire weekend.


So we all saw the freebie yesterday that Shari wanted.
Look at what she made with it!!

[ Shapes | Flower 3D / Happy ]

Hello! I see Mother’s Day written all over that!!

And here’s a few of Shari’s faves:


I just want to do a quick shout out to my fabulous design team…they did such an amazing job this week! I am constantly wowed by everything they make….every single time.

love them.


Now, we’re all done with the freebies for the week, however I know that some of you were having a hard time downloading the files, so I’m givin’ ya one last chance. :)

If you had problems, please try a different browser.

I understand there was a particular problem with Safari and Google Docs. Apparently Safari isn’t playing nicely with Google Docs since Safari updated. So try using Chrome or Firefox to get the files.

To get the ones you missed, just click on the image below.

Now, with this being NSD and all, you might want to let all your friends know
that these freebies go into the vault and become a kit once Sunday is over.


Hello. It’s past Sunday. They are no longer free, but will be available shortly in a kit. :)


We’ve got one more of these today!

I’m giving away THREE $50 gift cards to three lucky people! 
Woo hoo!

To be entered, just leave a comment with your name and where you’re from 
and I’ll draw a winner Monday morning.

The beauty of this one…everyone can play no matter where you are!


I hope that whatever you’re doing this weekend that you just enjoy the heck out of it! :)

gorgeousness for sure!

April 23rd, 2012|cards, shari carroll|

Sooo totally love this card from Shari!.
The colors, the composition, the everything!

I’ve been dying to share it!

love. love. love.



I have been having internet problems today so, this is just a quick post from my daughter’s computer and her phone ‘hotspot’. I’ll come back and edit with all the links and such. :) But Shari does use the Life Additions Background kit. :)