Graduation Gift Card Envelope

Last weekend we had a few graduations in the family--a nephew and a set of twins (niece+nephew). I hadn't had much time to run out to get them something and then I thought, 'Pfffff, what am I thinking? I have the perfect thing to do!' I decided to combine two kits into one--the gift card tearaway envelope and the graduation subway art. (Plus I stole a line from Cathy Zielske's darling grad cards to use on the tearaway because my brain was too fried to think of anything else creative. ;) ) To make your own graduation adaptation--or with any [...]

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New Kit: Finger Tabs

I've been on a little 'accent' kick of late. I think that happens when you have an end goal in sight of something you're wanting to do. (All will be revealed in good time. :) ) But that's how these cute little babies came about…the Finger Tabs. These little fold-over gems are the perfect little accent to your page. Print+cut a bunch just to have on hand. And you can even create your own combinations like these: yeah. fun, right? And now for a little 'Did You Know' moment for the day. This kit comes in two color schemes--black and the [...]

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Importing Files Into Studio | From Start To Finish

In the previous version of Silhouette Studio, you could only do a mass import of files if you were working with SVG files and the Designer Edition. But all that has changed now with version 3. You can now mass import DXF and JPG/PNG files into the Standard Studio edition. I just want to get up and dance! (Okay, maybe that has something to do with So You Think You Can Dance being on right now.) ...but still... ....exciting. like way exciting. The other major improvement to Studio version 3 is the ability to easily add your own keywords and descriptions. even more [...]

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Did You Know: Adding Keywords To Library

If you haven't heard the shot heard 'round the world....oh wait, that's another story, but equally as pivotal in all things Silhouette Studio related...but if you haven't heard about the greatest thing added to the May 27, 2014 release.... You can now add search words to the library and it is soooooo easy! Take a look:

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Scale Tool? Workin’ Cool.

There was one thing that really bothered me about the Scale tool in the previous Studio software. It didn't work right.  If you were to rotate a square 45 degrees and change the width, rather than it changing horizontally--from side to side, it still looked at it in that square form and would change it on the diagonal like this: Soooooo frustrating! But now? If you change the width of a rotated square, you know what you get? A diamond shape! Yahoo! I'm beyond thrilled that Scale now works as it should! elated. truly. On that note, have a wonderful [...]

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it’s a magicalness kind of day

So a couple weeks ago I shared a serendipitous moment that created a magical photo. Here's a peek at those photos once more.         So of course that moment spurred a kit and a video to show it off! Therefore, here is the new Magicalness kit. This kit was created with using the designs as overlays in mind. There are 3-5 versions of each style, a 12x12, 4x6 and 4.5x6 with horizontal and vertical orientations, if needed (polkadots and diagonal stripes didn't need both orientations). All you need to do is bring in your photo, pick an overlay [...]

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a ‘tiny’ tip for silhouette cutting

I just made the itty bittiest of cuts using a handwritten cut file from the Happy Stuff kit and thought I'd share a couple tips for cutting the tiny things on your Silhouette. 1.  Add a slight Offset to thicken up the itty bitty parts.2.  Change your blade depth to one set higher than what you use normally on cardstcok.       (I set mine to 5, when usually it's 4.)3.  Double cut the image. I did my usual cardstock settings and it was a little more awkward to try and remove. I did all three options listed above and [...]

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friday freebie | wizarding fun

This past week we did our annual girls camp. Love this time. Love spending some QT with my daughters and my dear friends--Lisa Bearnson + Kristy Banks--and their daughters. It's always an adventure and we never seem to have enough time. Games, food, laughing, crafting . . . it's all good fun up in the mountains getting away from the cares of it all. Of course we don't rough it. Yes, there are 5th wheels with kitchens, showers, tvs and plenty of beds. But all that just adds to the glamping experience of it all. And how on earth would [...]

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thickening the handwritten words

While the handwritten words work pretty darn well because Silhouette cuts so beautifully, occasionally you may want to cut them smaller or on something more paper-like where it will require them to be thicker. Did you know you can thicken 'em up yourself? It's sooooo easy. Take a look.   ('blue skies' word is from the bloom kit)    Did I say easy or did I say easy? ;) Please note: If you are working with the DXF file like I am here, turn your image into a compound path first by selecting all parts of the word, right clicking [...]

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