silhouette | getting cleaner cuts

One question I get asked a-plenty is "How do you get such clean cuts?" Some of those smaller, more detailed cuts with This+That can be tricky. Here are my answers to the questions in the order of which I deem important--for me anyway. :) Double-cut the image. Use a newer mat. Use a newer blade. The blade solution doesn't seem to make as much of a difference as often for me. I find that the mat and the double-cut will always make the difference. And of course, I love using American Crafts cardstock with Bazzill as my second choice. AC [...]

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making a lace paper

I loooove lacey papers. And I looooove tone-on-tone backgrounds. You might remember this page I made quite some time ago. Did you know that you can make your own lace paper with your single-image shapes? If you didn't know, wanna see how? You know that's a rhetorical question, right? ;) Open any shape into your cutting software. ¬†For my example, I'm using the flower that came in the Every Little Thing kit.   Resize it in whatever sizes you need, copy the shapes, and rotate and place them so that the edges of the petals overlap a little. (I chose [...]

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importing GSD/STUDIO files into silhouette

I thought perhaps today would be a good day for a quick tutorial on how to add your purchased GSD/STUDIO files into the Silhouette Studio. Open your Silhouette Studio and click on the Show Library icon on the left. Expand your My Library and highlight My Own Designs. Or, right click on My Library and create a new folder with a new name. Click on File/Import to My Library Pull up the directory where your GSD/STUDIO files have been saved and select the needed file. From here you can choose Keywords to search by, add a Description, and even name [...]

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accessing your GSD files

In light of a little thread going on over at Two Peas, I thought perhaps I might share a little step-by-step on how to access the Silhouette GSD files from me or any other GSD source--not purchased through Silhouette. One note to remember, the GSD files that outside sources make to use with Silhouette cannot be used in the My Library software that comes with Silhouette. The GST files that Silhouette sells are proprietary in that they can only be used with their software--through My Library. To easily peruse and access GSD files that you have purchased via outside sources [...]

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“love always”

So the new SideNote kit I put up this week not only comes with four color choices, but, you can also customize them even more if you want!Take a look at this page (which I photographed in the early morning sunlight . . . can ya tell?).If you notice, the heart is white. But in the file I made, the heart is red. I decided I didn't want a splash of red  with such a monochromatic color scheme. Of course, if you talk to my college daughter, a splash of red is just what any outfit (page) needs. Remember those [...]

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SHUT . . . . UP!!!

This is a term of endearment and great excitement, not me being rude. :) RUN go see what Nichol Magouirk did with the brand new kit from yesterday! OH MY FREAKIN' HECK!   It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Here's a little sneak peek.   Okay, I can't stop using uppercase letters and exclamation points!!! :) And you need to go check out her latest digital cutting class on Two Peas too! Go check it out HERE. i. love. this. girl.

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excitement is in the air!

Okay, so my day started of at 5 a.m. this morning. It had been storming through the night, heard it raining from time to time, but then the thunder started rolling in. It got louder.... and louder... and louder... Dan gets up and shuts the window and two minutes later . . . the BIGGEST FLASH-BANG EVER! Scared the blankety-blank out of all of us! So we watched that for a while. Of course I coudln't go back to sleep, so I went down to do a little work. Then I get a text at 8:15 from a dear friend [...]

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“father’s day”

Okay, let's all let out a collective gasp. *GASP* I know, I'm doing the same thing . . . right there with ya. It's been weeks since I've scrapbooked anything. Yesterday I thought to myself, "I'm going to scrap a page!" However, this morning when I woke up (at 5:30 to get my daughter off to Idaho!), I was feeling less than inspired. I was just going to share the photos themselves because I just couldn't muster up the creative scrapping energy to do it. Granted, I am feeling motivated to create, but just not with scrapping. Finally. Today. On [...]

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a little t-shirt goodness

So a couple weeks ago I was chatting with my dear friend Lisa Bearnson, who's son is also serving an LDS mission right now in North Carolina. It's nice to comisserate with someone. ;) She was talking about something she was going to make with her son's mission name on it and as I was looking at her while she was talking, this image came to mind for me to make a t-shirt for my son with his mission name on the back. When I told her, she said, "You just thought of that while I was talking?!" And I [...]

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