Silhouette + Minc = Gold Debossed

I have been seeing so many gold embossed/debossed pretty things lately that I decided I needed make my own debossed card! It's super simple with a craft cutter, like Cricut or Silhouette and your Minc machine. I even did this without a light box. gasp. You can probably do this with many designs, but you know I love me some polkadots, so that's what I had to do. had. Here's how: Open a pattern or create your own. Once you have the pattern for print, fill it with black so you can print it for use with your Minc. Make a copy of [...]

May 26th, 2016|tips and tricks|1 Comment

New Kit: Finger Tabs

I've been on a little 'accent' kick of late. I think that happens when you have an end goal in sight of something you're wanting to do. (All will be revealed in good time. :) ) But that's how these cute little babies came about…the Finger Tabs. These little fold-over gems are the perfect little accent to your page. Print+cut a bunch just to have on hand. And you can even create your own combinations like these: yeah. fun, right? And now for a little 'Did You Know' moment for the day. This kit comes in two color schemes--black and the [...]

February 14th, 2015|printables, silhouette, tips and tricks|3 Comments

All That Glitters Is Golden

Gold is the rage right now. Have you noticed? It seems that everywhere you turn, there's some sort of twinkle in the yellow-colored genre. In my house, I've had the MME Market Street paper pack staring at me for a couple months at least ( may have even been longer than that considering I got it from 2Peas). Yeah, I know. I haven't put it away. But when you have something like this staring at you constantly, it's just too pretty to put away. Well, constantly seeing that beautiful shiny gold combined with a recent addition to my arsenal of [...]

September 3rd, 2014|tips and tricks|3 Comments

Baby, I Got Your Number

I love numbers (and letters). It's one of my most very favorite items to use as accents on a page. It's simple--almost seems like a no-brainer--but it adds so much. It might explain why so much of what I create revolves around words and numbers. ;) So I thought perhaps I'd share a few ways of how to incorporate numbers in a little different fashion. 1  |  The Bigger The Better I remember there was a life before Silhouette--if you can call it that. It was called the Dark Ages. If we wanted a hand-cut title, we had to print [...]

August 25th, 2014|tips and tricks|7 Comments

Studio 3: Fonts Now In Inches Too? Oh Happy Day!

So a little bit ago I was helping a neighbor with her Silhouette that she's had for two years and hadn't used. Her daughter had used it for her, but that was about it. In showing her how to use the Text tool in version 3, a sweet little box caught my eye. It's funny how I'd been using the new software for a few weeks and I hadn't noticed it. I guess that's what happens when you are laser-focused on a project. :) Not only that, I'm just so accustomed to using points, I never thought anything of it. [...]

June 9th, 2014|tips and tricks|3 Comments

Scale Tool? Workin’ Cool.

There was one thing that really bothered me about the Scale tool in the previous Studio software. It didn't work right.  If you were to rotate a square 45 degrees and change the width, rather than it changing horizontally--from side to side, it still looked at it in that square form and would change it on the diagonal like this: Soooooo frustrating! But now? If you change the width of a rotated square, you know what you get? A diamond shape! Yahoo! I'm beyond thrilled that Scale now works as it should! elated. truly. On that note, have a wonderful [...]

May 16th, 2014|silhouette, tips and tricks|4 Comments

printing + color profiles

First and foremost, let me start off by saying I am in no way an expert when it comes to all things Photoshop/Elements and printing. :) But for some time my photos were printing on the yellow side. And this is strange because my Epson Photo Stylus 1400 printer tends to not print yellow. It's been something I've dealt with for years--always having to clean my print heads because the yellow gets clogged up. Well, not too long ago I decided to figure out what was going on. I brought my camera-shootin' photo-printin' daughter down to see if we couldn't figure [...]

May 13th, 2014|printing, tips and tricks|6 Comments

it’s a magicalness kind of day

So a couple weeks ago I shared a serendipitous moment that created a magical photo. Here's a peek at those photos once more.   So of course that moment spurred a kit and a video to show it off! Therefore, here is the new Magicalness kit. This kit was created with using the designs as overlays in mind. There are 3-5 versions of each style, a 12x12, 4x6 and 4.5x6 with horizontal and vertical orientations, if needed (polkadots and diagonal stripes didn't need both orientations). All you need to do is bring in your photo, pick an overlay style depending on [...]

May 2nd, 2014|digital shapes, silhouette, tips and tricks, video tutorials|10 Comments

NSD Sale + New Gradients + Video Tutorial

We have a really huge day in store, so grab your favorite beverage and be prepared to be entertained. Okay, maybe not entertained, there's no tap dancing going on here, but there's lots to still enjoy. This coming Saturday is a big day in our little scrapbooking world. It's National Scrapbook Day, which is really Inter-National Scrapbook Day, right? So to help you get ready for whatever scrapbooking fun you may be participating in this weekend, we have got the sale for you! Savings abound! All classes are already marked to their respective sale price, so just use the code NSD14 if [...]

April 27th, 2014|tips and tricks, video tutorials|13 Comments