Lilac Obsessed

April 26th, 2017|cuttables, stamps, travelers notebook|


They are one of the most gorgeous, fragrant, short-lived, springtime pleasures. And last week I just couldn’t get enough of them….which was why it was such a focus in my journal for the week.


The smell. Oh my goodness! I had to bring some in since it’s been too cool to open the windows. I strategically planted the bush by the window where I sit most often and usually get to benefit from them, but this year…not so much.

And my white-edged lilacs, which corner the the other end of our house, inspired the four-petal flower design in the all-new April Showers kit.



I copied four of the original open design, then released the compound path on one of them and removed the center petal pieces to give me a solid background and copied it–cutting four of each style. I adhered the the solid pieces on my page with mini glue dots in the center and layered the open pieces a little less evenly using mini glue dots as well. I liked how they sat just a little off and how, by using glue dots, it allows the petals to be ‘loose’ on the page giving it more dimension. I finished the look with some enamel dots.

Another tip is to have one set with smooth side up and one set with the texture side up. That adds even more dimension to the ensemble, particularly when white-on-white is involved. The flowers were cut at 1″ using my favorite American Crafts cardstock. Works great on my delicates!

I stamped the word LILACS using the Maxwell Outline stamp and layered ‘I Love Right Now’ from the Fresh Air stamp set under it. I love mixing stamps to create your own unique titles! You know me and words. :) I also stamped the ‘wonderful world’ phrase from the Found stamp set onto an Instax photo.

Keeping it simple. Getting it done. This spread came together so fast!

And now, I’m afraid I’m going to lose my lilacs by the weekend. That will be a sad day. I’ll just have to enjoy the iris as they come and then my favorite–yellow roses. :)

Everybody Needs A Big Pineapple

April 25th, 2017|stamps, travelers notebook|

So a funny thing happened after my Sunday afternoon nap. I wasn’t really even thinking of my Kauai album when the thought of this giant pineapple popped in my head.


And so yeah…this is what happens when a large pineapple pops in your head! As always, my objective in my traveler’s notebooks is to keep things simple so I can get them done. And this one came together in about thirty minutes. Sometimes I have a tendency to over-think and mull things over. With this….I just let it ride.

Here’s how:

  1. Cut pineapple by tracing the PNG image from the Beach Vibes Digital Stamps in Silhouette Studio.
  2. Trimmed already printed accents (flowers+yellow word strip) from Traveler’s Pack: Paradise and stapled to left edge of pineapple–not the paper. Adhered to page.
  3. Opened palm tree photo (amazing patio view, yes?) and Beautiful View PNG file from the Go Digital Stamps. This is a left-aligned set of words that I removed the periods and aligned the text at the right by moving each line over. It didn’t look as good being left aligned over the building. Printed and adhered.
  4. Stamped the lines and numbers from the Nowadays stamp set and wrote five key points about being there.

Done, baby. Done!

Here’s a little closer look.


Now what are you going to do with your big pineapple? ;)


Here’s a little tip. Because I remove the staples from my albums and use a Midori rubberband around the center, I can remove the page I want to stamp–or write–on so I have a flatter/harder surface underneath.

Travelers Notebook Tips

April 21st, 2017|photo templates, travelers notebook|

I get a lot of questions about how I use my traveler’s notebook and templates, so today I thought I might share a few of those using this little spread here.


For those of you that have been with me for a while, you know how much I love laying out my page. While I do use Illustrator to do this, you can do it just as easily in Silhouette Studio.



I also have the luxury of using my actual stamp image…’cause…well…I make them, but you can simply draw a blank rectangle where you’d want to place those type of pieces. You can do it with your photos too–so instead of seeing four real images like you see here, you could draw placement holders for the photos you know you want to put in. I’m a little strange, but I like my rectangles in light grey. ;)

And if you notice, I have a branch from This+That: Lucky that I cut on my Silhouette. You can pull up any cut shapes you want to use and plug them in just like this in Studio as well. Even fill it with a color you might like to cut from.



Now that I know how my text will appear, I can do one of two things: I can either print it on paper trim it and adhere it in my book–a full half sheet or just the text trimmed to size. Or, because I remove the staples from my albums, with placement permitting, I can pull the paper from the book (I’ll show that down a little further) and print it directly on the page.

To do this, create two rectangles side by side on a landscape letter-size format. The rectangle size I created was 4.25 x 8.25″, making my final image the size of a Midori piece of paper. You’ll want to measure yours to make sure of the size you’ll need.

Once you have this set up, you can save it as a template and use it over and over again, whether you print on paper from your album or print it to trim and adhere in the album.



Go ahead and give it a print on a regular piece of paper. As you can see the lines of the rectangle are there and we won’t want them when we print. So temporarily delete them for printing on your real paper–unless you’ll be trimming it to adhere n your book. Then you want the lines so you’ll know where to trim it. You’ll also want to remove any excess layout pieces, like the photos, title or cut file.



Next, align the paper from the album on top of your printout, adhere it with some washi tape, and run it through your printer again. Make sure you know which end is up, so to speak. :)



Now isn’t that sweet? :)



I used a tag as a little bookmark so I’d know where to put my page back in the album. Notice that nothing is stapled and there’s my giant Midori rubberband on the right (you can find these on Amazon HERE.)



Once your paper is back where it should be, wrap your rubberband around the center of your album again to secure the pages in place.



Voila! I love it! Removing the staples from your album gives you so much more freedom to do fun things like this!



Now for the photos. I opted to use a photo template from Travelers Templates #3, but only needed four spaces. I clipped in my photos in just a couple minutes and turned off the layers for the bottom two rectangles.



Since I didn’t need to print on a big piece of photo paper, and I really love my Epson PictureMate Charm that only prints 4×6, I cropped it to a 4×6 photo and then printed it. I also wanted the photos just a little closer together, so I nudged them a little closer so there was a little less white space.

You don’t have to use the templates exactly as they are. You can improvise to fit your needs, which is sweet! And I don’t say this because I make them, I make them because I say this: I love photo templates!!! They make the documenting process so much easier!



The last little bits involved cutting my branch on my Silhouette and stamping my sentiment, including this one from the Away stamp set. I would also suggest removing your book from the your main holding system to eliminate as much ‘uneven’ surface when trying to stamp. And if you’ve removed your staples, you can even pull just the one page out that you’re stamping on. I have forgotten a time or two or thought it would be fine and it wasn’t. Oh the agony of it all! :)


For me, photo templates and laying out my page makes my thought process go so much faster! I prefer to tweak my page on screen and know what I need rather than kind of randomly guess. It works for me. If you haven’t ever done it, give it a try and see if you like it.

Get More Into Your Planner

April 20th, 2017|planners, travelers notebook|

Space is a precious commodity. The more and more we save of our memories, the more and more space we occupy in our albums and by extension, our homes. I was just thinking about this red buffet of mine, full of scrapbook pages that I’ve done over the years and how much space they take up. Not that I regret doing them or the space they occupy, but in the grand scheme of things, I know I’m much happier condensing my life into smaller–and just as meaningful–pages, whether it’s 8 1/2 x 11″ or my much loved TNs (traveler’s notebooks).

So when I saw what Maggie had done to extend her planner to include a trip into the windy city of Chicago, I was ecstatic! She packed so much into just a little space and it looks amazing!

Take a gander….




[ Designs | Travelers Pack: Splendid (papers) / Travelers Templates #3 (photo templates) ]


Um…okay. Don’t you love it?!! I love how clean it all looks. I love that an entire day’s worth of photos takes up very little space in her planner by using templates.

I always thought ‘bigger was better’ when it came to photos and I’m finding it’s so not the case. Do you remember many moons ago when it was ‘the thing’ to do like a single 8×10 or so photo on a 12×12 page? Talk about taking up a lot of precious real estate! And with photo templates you can quickly pop photos in and be done in a few minutes.

Maggie’s project is amaaaazing!


Here’s what she has to say:

I’ve figured something out over the past few years. I’m not good at day-to-day documenting. It’s true. I can’t keep up with Project Life…or with filling my full-size Memory Planner with the events of the day…or even with keeping a journal full of daily entries. The days just move too quickly…and I can’t seem to stay on top of everything.

So, this year I’m trying a new way of recording our daily activities. This year I’m keeping a daily to-do/planner/Memory Planner. And so far, it’s working! Yay!

I’m using a personal-sized Memory Planner – with spaces that are small, so I don’t feel like I’ve got to write a whole lot down every day. I’m filling the days with short lists of “to-do’s,” or rather, “what-we-did’s…” and I’m adding photos here and there when they help tell my story. 

There are days, though, that really do require a little more documenting…days that have a bunch of photos, all of which I’d like to add to my planner. And because my daily spaces are so small, I can’t easily just add them straight onto my pages.

So I’ve found a better way.

Enter Kerri’s Travelers Templates #3.

We recently spent the day in Chicago and I snapped a lot of photos…most of which I really liked and wanted to print. 

I opened up the Template designs I thought would work best for me and simply added all of those photos to them. Easiest thing ever!

Then, because the Templates are a little bigger than I wanted to use for my planner, I resized them…just a few clicks of the mouse and they were done!

I printed my 3 pages – now complete with photos from a very full day – and set them aside. 

I decided I didn’t want to keep the backs of each of these pages plain, so I opened and printed 3 of the different cover designs from one of Kerri’s new Traveler’s Packs…the Splendid collection. I cut down these papers and simply adhered them to the backs of each of my new photo sheets. 

To ensure that my planner hole punch didn’t make holes in any of the important parts of my photo pages, I added a strip of washi tape to both the front and back of each of my pages…then I added my holes to this. Perfect.

Now I have our entire day added to my planner…and I didn’t have to sacrifice any of my photos. I love that. 

yup. love.

Simplification = Ahhhhhh.

April 17th, 2017|travelers notebook|

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday. I miss dying the eggs and preparing the baskets. Two of my children did come home for church, but sadly I’ve been battling my health issues again and have been in bed the past few days–missed church and the big family dinner. Do you ever get sick and tired of being sick and tired? I was just starting to feel good again and then bam…more stuff goin’ on. Such a pain. All I want to do is clean my house, organize and simplify! I’m craving it!

And it appears that I’m not the only one in a simplification mood. Check out this traveler’s notebook spread from Miss Marcy.



[ Stamps | Decisions Decsions (you can almost…) / Away (here) ]


Here’s what Marcy has to say on simplifying.

My brain has decided that multiple books just don’t work for me.  I waste SO much brain power trying to figure out the “perfect” system that it just became too much.  On a daily basis I plan in this notebook and then jot down random thoughts or things that happened.  I pretty much consider this my planner/journal combo. 

I don’t always add a photo… usually only once a week or so.  On this day I had used up most of my space already so I used washi tape to allow it to lift up and reveal the journaling.  I stamped the word “here” on a piece of cardstock, cut it out and stapled it on to create the tab.


Oh girl, you are sooooo speakin’ my language! I am amazed at those that can do these multiple planners, but it doesn’t work for me either. I need easy. I need simple.

Totally diggin’ this spread and the whole simplifying thing!
Now if I could only feel normal and get to simplifying my house. ;)

Traveler’s Pack: Paradise

April 5th, 2017|planners, pocket page scrapbooking, printables, travel, travelers notebook|

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was taking a trip across the big blue ocean to the beautiful island of Kauai. She knew she wanted to write her stories of the trip and needed the prefect accessories to accommodate such stories of travels and adventure, and Traveler’s Pack: Paradise was born.


The kit comes with seven cover papers sized the same as a Midori cover, which is 8.75″ x 8.25″. Of course you can size as needed. You can also use them as paper in the book as well as what they were intended for…covers.

This kit also has two sheets of a variety of printables. All easily trimmed by hand or paper trimmer. The files come in JPG and PDF files.

This theme is perfect for a beach getaway of many kinds!

Here’s a little peek at the goodies in this kit, many of which can be used for themes other than beach too.

All these items are easily trimmed using scissors or paper cutter. I do like cutting them before hand but leaving some elements in tact, like the word strips and alphabets–less to keep track of.

This set also works marvelously with the Beach Vibes stamp set (shown above)!

My intent was to use all this on the trip…took it with me and everything. Alas, my health wasn’t up to par while I was there plus I was having too much fun to take the time to document this way. But now that I’m home and my health is slowly getting back to normal, I can’t wait to put this album together!


For printing, I use an Epson Photo Stylus 1400 printer with Epson Premium Presentation Matte Paper. To read more tips about the Traveler’s Pack line, please check out this post.

Beach Vibes

March 31st, 2017|digital shapes, stamps, travel, travelers notebook|

I’ve been feelin’ the beach vibes for a about a month now and have been living them all week long on Kauai. So is it any wonder that there had to be a new beach-themed set of stamps for this month?


Say aloha to Beach Vibes! All these tropical cuties are perfect for all sorts of beach occasions. My favorites? Gotta love the pineapple, right? And those beach umbrellas? Oh my!

And through April 2 you can save 10% on the digital or physical stamps.

And now I’m off to watch the sunset on the beach, so aloha!

Keeping a Daily Journal

March 21st, 2017|travelers notebook|

The way I keep a journal now as opposed to a teenager is like night and day. I don’t feel the need to go into detail with every bit of my day like I did as a teen. Oh the angst and drama of it all. ;)

For almost two years I have regularly written little snippets about each day in my ‘journal’. It is a little slice of who I am. My great grandfather and great grandmother did it and it is a true treasure and a ‘slice of life’ as to what they did each day, or what the weather was like, or you name it. That’s what I want to leave behind more than anything. I wish I would have done it sooner.

Today, we have Marcy showing us her daily writings. She has a system. She keeps it simple. She gets it done.



[ Stamps | Escape (adventurous spirit) / Time Again (weekdays) / Yesterday (one for the books) ]


I love this so much. When you take out the need for a bunch of fluff–not that there’s anything wrong with that :) –your mind is free to focus on what really matters: the words and a couple photos. It’s more a visual journal than a scrapbook in today’s modern use of the term.


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A New Line: Travelers Notebook Themed Kits

March 10th, 2017|printables, travelers notebook|

As part of this fresh, new KBS direction– live. write. repeat.–I personally want to focus more on documenting simply and share those ideas with you. And part of that is creating components as part of a system to help you–and me–to do that.

A couple months ago you may have seen the ‘Instagram-minute’ video I shared on what I’m doing with my traveler’s notebook (and a little peek at this new kit). I’m actually going to do something a little more in-depth here soon, but one of the fun techniques I’m doing is binding my book with  a Midori rubber band rather than the staples.. It will allow me to change covers, add typewriting to a page, add a vellum or pocket page, all sorts of things. In other words…I will have flexibility.

Additionally, I love having bits and pieces of themed or coordinating items at my finger tips. I’m always reaching for the pre-printed and pre-cut ‘Little Word’ strips or a stamp or some washi. Simple, everyday items that make the process quick and effortless.

One more thing, you may have heard I’m a huge yellow rose fan. I don’t know why they strike my fancy so, but they do. I think it’s a childhood thing. I always loved the beautiful color of yellow on the miniature rose, but large bush on the farm. I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with that perfect paper and then I was like Duh. I can make it myself! (Sometimes I just have to be knocked in the head.)

So you take all that and wrap it up into a little neat bow and you get a brand new series of traveler’s notebook kits called A Traveler’s Pack, with this first theme being Splendid. It’s all the essentials you’ll need to document your journeys.

The kit comes with seven cover papers sized the same as Midori cover, which is 8.75 “x 8.25”. Of course you can size as needed. You can also use them as paper in the book as well as what they were intended for…covers.

This kit also has two sheets of a variety of printables. All easily trimmed by hand or paper trimmer. The numbers are .75″ so you can use it with that size circle punch. These files come in JPG and PDF files.

The theme is perfect for this time of year. Very home and outdoors related.


I took maybe ten minutes to trim out most of the items here. However, I did leave some items uncut. The reason being, I prefer to have something like a card of letters rather than all those itty bitty pieces. It doesn’t take much time to hand cut the pieces a little more when needed.

And if you look closely here, you can see the black rubber band I have that goes around the entire book for the binding.



I cut out a bag out of glassine paper using the all-new Paper Bag: Flat design that’s available in the store. There are two versions, a regular one like you see here and one that’s a little longer, that would house the decorative strips a little better.

The glassine I purchased HERE. Super cheap and fun to use!

The reason I like the glassine bag is that you can see immediately what’s in there. You can keep the themed kits in their own bag and use them as needed. Of course, if you fancy a different organizational system, that’s groovy too. You do what makes sense for you.

You can tuck this into a pocket or into the back of your album that you’re working on. Always available to you.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new series of kits! I love the idea of changing covers throughout the year to match the season–if I want to, that is. I also love the idea selecting a few of those covers to work together for different subjects in my main book.

Lots of ideas and possibilities!


For printing, I use an Epson Photo Stylus 1400 printer with Epson Premium Presentation Matte Paper. 


And to top it all off, you can save 40% on this brand new kit during our Spring Fling sale! You can find all the spring items HERE and use the code SPRING at checkout.