Long Story Short

I think one of the main reason's why I love a travelers notebook is because you can document a bit of time in a small amount of space. I love the idea of keeping things small and efficient. At least that's how I've been feeling the past two or three years. We'll see what happens in two or three more. ;) I like the idea of keeping the long story short. Not every 'story' needs all the details. It's more about documenting a slice of life. Sometimes, less is more. And I love what our darling Marcy has to share with [...]

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Travelers Templates in Holiday Style!

  I love having choices...variety....getting the most bang for my buck, as it were. And that's why I thought it would be awesome to have a set of templates that wouldn't be specific to one holiday, but two...and even all year long. Today I present to you, Travelers Templates: Holiday Style.   This unique set of ten templates has a variety options for text and photos. Even though these were made with Christmas and Thanksgiving (gratitude + family) in mind, many are universal and can be used all year. They are 4.125 x 8.25 to fit into a traveler's notebook. Additionally, [...]

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Happy Stuff

One of the things I love so much about word stamps is that with one little stamp you've so quickly and simply kicked your page up a notch. You add some visual interest to your page while saying something. Text has been and always will be my favorite element on a page. Take a look at what Marcy has done here in her traveler's notebook.         Here's what Marcy has to say: One thing I love about little stamps that KBS does so well is that they can be so easily combined.  For this spread I combined a [...]

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Pretty Paper Swatches

I love keeping memories in my travel journal. Love the blank canvas. I've been a white background girl for many years and this format is so up my alley. But just because I love that blank (neutral) canvas, doesn't mean I don't like splashing a bit of color. In fact, that's why I love the blank canvas--because it makes that splash of color, photos and journaling shine. And my girl Marcy? She does this in most excellent fashion in the neutrals kraft and white. Take a look.     [ Stamps: Side By Side (good stuff) and Ashland (numbers) ]   [...]

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Plan It: Fundamentals

  Well. It's finally happened. I officially had to join the ranks of the planner world. It's not like I've never had a planner or used one. Heck I even designed specific planners for our team at WordPerfect back in the early 90s. But overall, I've always been able to keep track of things in my head. I'd write some of the kids' events on the calendar over the years, but really, I've never had a need for a planner. Not to mention, I always felt like it took more time than it was worth for me. These days, planners [...]

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Weekly Summer Freebie | Olive Branch

This week I felt like being leafy. And any time Kass and I use the word leafy, we have to say it in our Phoebe Buffay voice when they are playing a game to win the apartment back. She asks each team what their favorite thing about trees is, and one answers they're green and one answers they're tall. "Both are good answers," she says, "but we were looking for leafy, leeeaafy," one of the best episodes. Anywaaaaay... :) So my mind immediately went to an olive branch. I love the thin and delicate look of an olive branch. And it doesn't mean you need [...]

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Stamps Add The Perfect Touch

My favorite embellishment on a page are words. It's true. Shocker, I know. ;) They are an graphic extension of your photos or journaling. And that's why I love creating the stamps that I do. Tiny little graphical nuggets that you can add to your page and give it that character. It's an easy way to mix your handwriting with a little visual goodness. And that's pretty awesome in my book...and like my literal book...and in Marcy's book--or planner. Check it out.     [ Stamps: Fresh Air (good vibes only) / Oh Yeah (yes-no) / Travelogue (ate this) ]   I [...]

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Weekly Summer Freebie | Take A Picture

Confession time. I take too many pictures. But is there really such thing as too many photos? I'd rather have too many than not enough. It helps me remember the moment. We're not even at the end of June, and I can't tell you how many photos I've taken! I've been doing a little thinking on that...and that's why today's freebie is a camera with one of the most typical sayings associated with photo taking.     This fun little design can be cut on your Silhouette or Cricut, or print it as a card for Project Life or to include in [...]

What Way Of Memory Keeping Works?

I love that there are so many ways to document your life. It can be as simple as writing in a journal to Project Life + putting photos in pockets to getting artistic and painting on a page. There's a style for everyone. I definitely side on the simple, but I love adding a bit of flair here and there. That works for me. And so when Marcy shares her pages, it resonates with me on so many levels. Take a look at what she has for us today.   I love how she combines her daily planning with a [...]

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Guest Designer | Sheree Forcier

This is a mighty fine day folks! We have a visitor in our little KBS world and I'm just a bit excited about it! Everyone say hello to Sheree Forcier! I've been admiring her work on Instagram and was so excited when she said yes to wielding her magic with KBS goodies. Take a look and ooh and ahh just like I did. Love this TN spread!           Here's a bit from Sheree: Traveler's Notebooks have become one of my absolutely favourite ways to record moments I want to remember.  This spread is all about Mother's Day this year. I [...]

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