Fabulous Fall Sale + Winners!

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The leaves are whirlin' around in the wind these days...even though it's going to be 80 today. What??? I'm going to be really sad when all those glorious colors are no longer in the beautiful trees [...]


Flash Friday • Handwritten Words

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Friday is upon us and that means it's a great day for handwritten words! Save 30% on orders of $10 or more on all handwritten goodies.Use code WRITE at checkout. This is our last Friday in [...]


A Birthday Surprise • Studio Calico Giveaway!

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Now, you just know we couldn't have this massive birthday week without a birthday surprise, right? We may be done with the Brown Paper Packages, but... ...we still have one more giveaway to...well...giveaway! Those fabulous folks [...]

Flash Friday | Buy 2 + Save

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It's Flash Friday and the perfect time to stock up on some This+That kits. Buy any two or more kits from the whole line--full or just shapes--and save 35% on the bunch. Use code THISANDTHAT at [...]


in comparison.

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[ source ] Soooooo digging this thought right now. What is in our nature that we feel like we have to compare ourselves to others? To be better than, to be skinnier than, to be smarter than, to [...]


my son: the wildlife photographer

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So Zach just went to Yellowstone this past weekend--with the intention of doing a lot of fishing. Instead, he and his friend were having much more fun watching the wildlife in the park. They saw probably [...]

The Mysterious Case of the Runaway Contact

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So a weird thing happened a couple weeks ago. I've worn contacts for 30 years now and never in my life have I not put a contact into its case. But one morning, with my out-of-focus vision, [...]



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Two kids living outside the home. One kid teaching photography to high school students on the Native American Reservations. One husband spending 10-12 hour days working on creating a new AMC television series 'movie' set. I [...]


allergies. say what???

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I've heard the tales. I just couldn't ever believe it. I've never had allergies in my life. I mean, heck, I practically grew up on a farm, spent many summers there as well. Never had a [...]


and the winners are…

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Thanks so much for all your comments. I loved reading about your favorite or dream vacation destinations. Some of them are the same as mine. :) And now for the randomly drawn winners! They are:   Judi [...]


a giveaway + new kits

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Well now, last Thursday was a big day with the announcement of the new Here There Everywhere class. I have so many exciting designing techniques to share...I'm just plain excited! So I thought it might be [...]

a little quiet here

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I know it's been a little on the quiet side of things here. I've got something fun up my sleeve. Won't be long now. Thought I'd give you a tiiiiiny sneak of what's been going on [...]


you got this

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This weekend I've been playing with my brush script skills...or rather, learning some brush script skills. And the first thing I wanted to make was some words of encouragement for my daughter who's out in Florida [...]

president’s day sale

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Hey everyone! Just popping in with a quick how do you do and let you know that there is a President's Day Sale going on through today and tomorrow . . . 30% off all This+That Kits! [...]


lovin’ the love sale

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Hello February. Haven't seen you for like a whole year now. It's funny how this month makes you start thinking about how spring will be coming next month. Well, supposedly it comes. It's usually sprinter 'round these [...]


hsn coming this friday!

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Big day on Friday! Lots of crafting to be shared for sure. Going to enjoy some warmer temps and fresher air. :) If you haven't seen this yet? Project Life Cinnamon Edition is on sale for [...]


i blame this thing

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Meet Tweety. My cute little baby bird of a Mac. This sweet little thing came into my life last February when the downstairs became a shell of its former glory (pfff....not glory...outdated mess). I always felt [...]

and the winner is…

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The randomly drawn winner of the Studio Calico Life Scripted class is:    LAURA G - JANUARY 10, 2014 - 1:05 PM Congratulations Laura! Email me at kerri@kerribradford.com and I'll get you on your way!


True Scrap Pocket Pages + Giveaway

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Pocket page scrapbooking. You may also know it as Project Life scrapbooking. It is something I whole heartedly believe in, yet I don't do it. I don't know why.  Maybe it's a mentality thing. Maybe it's [...]

one day more

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I've had this song in my head this morning...you know...the one from Les Mis? My theatrical singing daughter would play this (over and over and over) and sing along at the top of her lungs. And [...]


now that christmas is over

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wow. I feel like Christmas was the final exclamation point to my year. When I started off 2013 I had no idea the kind of year it would bring. I had big plans and big ideas. Some [...]


Our very last Twelve Days of Christmas

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I thought it would only be appropriate to end our 12 Days of Christmas event by sending you off with some Christmas Cheer. I have thoroughly enjoyed these past couple of weeks and hearing from all [...]

Twelve Days Of Christmas | Day 11

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Oh my! We are down to the final two days of our Twelve Days of Christmas! *gasp* That actually means that Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Holy cannoli! Are you ready? I've got a few itty bitty [...]