just in case you didn’t realize…

...we are on the final countdown! Class starts next week! And come Monday night, the sale price goes away. So if'n ya were wanting to take the class and save a few bucks, you know what to do. :)  

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we’re off to see the wizard!

Jordan and I are headed to Florida today to help Lisa with HSN and then to have a little fun seeing some of the sunny sights that Florida has to offer. Our number one place to go? Harry Potter World. We've been to Disneyland many times, so Disney World will be fun, but seeing the wonderful world of Harry Potter come to life? Very exciting. So it's going to be kind of quiet here on the blog, but if you want to follow our adventures on Facebook and Instagram (kerribradfordstudio), I'm going to do my best to post in 'real time'-ish. [...]

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in case you haven’t been….

...out to my Facebook page in a bit, here's a little look at what you've been missing. :) Just a few sneak peeks at the new Hello There Silhouette card class that starts in 2 1/2 weeks!(and it's only on sale until the start date...just fyi)

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it’s the end of an era.

I received this in the mail yesterday. The final chapter of an iconic magazine. A magazine that was a staple in so many homes in this world. It's funny how times change. You never think they will. But with this time of instant access via the internet, I can see how certain magazines can have a tough time maintaining a life when styles change so quickly and you can see that reflected currently with just the click of  a button. I know that technically they aren't 'going away', but it's different. It's just not the same flipping through the pages [...]

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because i just can’t do enough creating

In the LDS church we are asked to serve within different roles to help out. So for the past three years I have been serving in the Primary as the secretary. Lots of  'secretarial' type work in the organization that works with the children ages 3-11. Loved doing that. The children are amazing and doing secretary stuff ain't too bad as far as callings go. :) This summer I was released from that calling and was 'calling free' for a couple months...and you're never really calling free for very long. Now? I'm on a Relief Society committee (for the women) that  takes [...]

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my social media journey

I know you've been dying to hear this (ha ha). I can remember with each step that I’ve taken into the social media world that it was a big decision. I’ve never been one to be ‘first’ with anything. I’m much more methodical and watch and think and wonder . . . is it for me? My first jump into the social media world was starting a blog. While many people had blogs, I never thought I would have anything important or interesting enough to say or share. It took me a few short years before I finally started in [...]

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a little something for sunday

I just watched this video and found it utterly fascinating. The sheer talent and work that went into the making of all this. Plus, it was for John Mayer? All the more better. Yes, I'm a fan. :) And I love how he shares how he knows what he wants for his album cover, but just can't quite see anything that can be a frame of reference...but he'll know it when he sees it. I'm soooo like that! I thought I was the only picky one there. You have a vision for something (regardless of what it is) and if [...]

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you’re invited!

That's right! Today is my own little birthday party today and you are invited! This is a ONE-DAY ONLY sale, so be sure to have your friends stop by today too! The more the merrier, I always say! and in case you were wondering, i am 47 years young today.that's right. i can admit it. ;)

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fabulous giveaway!

Have you checked out Lisa Bearnson's blog yet??? Did you see this monster giveaway that she's doing? She's sending TWO lucky winners one each of the FIVE new Inspired Inc. kits–one gigantic box of happiness with Nifty gifties, 3-D Embellishments, Washi Tape, Well Versed and Favorite Layouts. Go check out her blog HERE for more details and to get entered for the giveaway! Yahoo! Here's a peek at the pretties....and I think I need to make me that chocolate cake recipe she's sharing today too!

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design secrets has started!

Hey everyone! Just popping in here to say that the brand new Design Secrets class has officially started with Lesson 1! We'll have a lesson a day, rounding out the week on Friday with Lesson 5. I'm having some email complications with this new store and can't send out the 'official welcome' email just yet. It's always something, right? So I wanted to come out here and officially welcome you to this new class where. To access your class, simply log in to your account and choose My Classes. The message board is open too! Additionally, because I upgraded my [...]

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