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Video: Changing Colors In Studio For The ‘Little Words’

With all the shininess of my Little Words of late (see THIS post from a few days ago), I’ve had a few questionsView full post »

Changing Length Or Width Of Designs

Probably the most common way of altering a design to fit the size you need in Silhouette Studio is to grab thoseView full post »

Folders for Planners and Travelers Notebooks

There is one thing that has been on my to-do list for months now–ever since I decided to use a Midori TravelersView full post »

The Pillow Box

Packaging up little gifts is quite delightful, don’t you think? And being able to create your own personalizedView full post »

Importing Files Into Studio | From Start To Finish

In the previous version of Silhouette Studio, you could only do a mass import of files if you were working with SVGView full post »

Duplicating in Silhouette Studio Just Got Easier!

Duplicating….one of my new favorite features in Silhouette Studio Version 3. I’m going to let the videoView full post »

Friday Freebie  •  Page  •  Silhouette Video Tutorial

So, a funny thing happened last week. When I was making the sunshine freebie for last week I had a song stuck in myView full post »

Did You Know: Adding Keywords To Library

If you haven’t heard the shot heard ’round the world….oh wait, that’s another story, butView full post »

it’s a magicalness kind of day

So a couple weeks ago I shared a serendipitous moment that created a magical photo. Here’s a peek at those photosView full post »

NSD Sale + New Gradients + Video Tutorial

We have a really huge day in store, so grab your favorite beverage and be prepared to be entertained. Okay, maybeView full post »

video tutorial: creating a two-tone feather

Hey y’all! Just popping in today with a quick tutorial to show you how easy it is to create a two-tone feather .View full post »

new freebie, new kit, new tutorial, new winners

It’s one fabulous day of newness here at KBS!Lots of stuff going on today, so let’s get to it. I think weView full post »

mix+match |  brackets and boxes

Today I have a really simple tutorial that makes the cutest little tag. It’s all about utilizing yourView full post »

Did You Know: Zoom+Move

Hey y’all! Just popping in with a quick video tutorial on how Zoom can affect the outcome of using Move, whetherView full post »

mix+match | from shapes to print+cuts

It’s October. I can hardly believe it! Just pulled out my Halloween ensemble that resides on my piano. Looks aView full post »

New Series: Mix+Match

I have been so excited about launching this new series of tutorials! A couple times a month or so I will be sharing aView full post »

how rad lab can rock your photo world

Our big birthday celebration is quickly coming to a close.sadness. One more day for the sale and you have untilView full post »

friday freebie: love this photo + video tutorial

Got a great little freebie for y’all today! Something that can be used for sooooo many things. just ever-soView full post »

altering the freedom circle freebie shape

As promised, here is the video on how to add your own word to the Freedom Circle Freebie that came out for the FourthView full post »

using a small piece from a large background

Today I thought I’d show you a quick way to take large background–like the fun new heart background fromView full post »

12 Days of Christmas: Day 5

Hello? Did someone say Friday? Really? It’s Friday? Awwwww, c’mon! That can’t be right . . . canView full post »

12 Days of Christmas: Day 3

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 3 of our festivities! It looks like y’all are having really great time! IView full post »

need directions?

I’m an arrow collector.I think they add such a fun element to your project.So many styles, so many designs.View full post »

new kit: recipe cards

So, like I mentioned a few days ago, little Miss Nichol had asked me to make some kind of recipe thing-a-ma-bob . . .View full post »

create your own outlined words in studio

Woooo-weee! Have y’all been taking advantage of the sale going on over at Quite theView full post »

nsd week: the madness continues

Are we having fun yet? :) Learning a few new things? Enjoying the giveaways? Lovin’ the sales? Well, folks. TheView full post »

nsd week-long celebration!

That’s right ba-by! National Scrapbook Day is this coming Saturday and I want to help you get ready for it! BIGView full post »

lovely sentiments

For the month of March I thought it might be fun to have this amazing design team of mine focus on card creations.View full post »

storyboard #6 + a video

I think I may have mentioned before . . . I can never have enough storyboards! Did I say that before?I just can’tView full post »

friday freebie | ‘did you know?’

Oh, you guys are so smart! Many times when I’m making a little accent to work in my blog or on my Facebook, IView full post »